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Destination News
Guess what?? Exciting things are happening all over Latin America, including:
  • Panama
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Dominican Republic
  • and more!
For news on the latest infrastructure projects, new hotels and everything else you need to know, read  our Quick Hits in this month's issue of CommuniQuest Magazine. Read More...
Feature Destination: Argentina

As the 8th largest country in the world, Argentina is as diverse in its geography as it is in its weather, food, and culture. For travel events like no other, look to Argentina's sense of adventure, culture and hospitality to make your trip complete. Read more...

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Welcome to CommuniQuest Magazine.

Busy travel planners need every resource they can get. CommuniQuest magazine is committed to bringing you the latest industry trends, breaking news, and expertise in group travel.  Our goal is to inform, share ideas and together with our readers, take over the world! read more...

A Bright Future for the Nayarit Riviera
Although  you might first think of Cancun or Los Cabos when you think of Mexico, the government and the travel industry is quietly building this secluded paradise into a modern tourist getaway, and the world is taking notice. Read more... 
Cancun - Foward Thinking

As the 14-mile long island of Cancun ap-proaches 100% development, government and industry leaders are eager to tap new areas for development in this scenic area. As the Mayan Riviera, a few miles south of Cancun, continues its rapid growth, the focus is now turning to the area just north of Cancun, the oceanfront across from Isla Mujeres.


In a quiet way, development has already begun here.  Since  read more...

New Convention Center in Panama

The 194 million USD project that began in 2011 will be up and running this year. The Amador Convention Center consists of a covered 15,500 square meter Convention Center/Exhibit Hall, 16 meeting rooms totalling 3,700 square meters, a 2000 seat auditorium, a separate ampitheater, office space and  Read more...

Like life, the Travel and Hospitality Industries seem to move at the speed of light.  As a committed B2B partner, we aim to help you keep up with the latest industry news and opportunities.  CommuniQuest magazine is a valuable tool that brings you the timely information and analysis that you need, with a flair for what's hot, relevant and interesting.  No matter where your group is heading, we look forward to making YOU LOOK GREAT during your next event.



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Quick Links

Business Sense
Corporate Responsibility - 
What It Means (and Doesn't Mean)


George Costanza's boss (the infamous "Mr. Kruger" of TV's Seinfeld) was emblematic of the view some have toward "giving back".  His accountant told him he needed to throw twenty grand at a charity, so he did.   Arbitrarily picked, support is often given without purpose or passion, with the banal end result of a healthy tax deduction.


Corporate responsibility, is more than a trendy catch-phrase.  Although read more... 

The Joy of Serving


"I'm sorry sir, but I must place you on hold. It's company policy that I answer the next call within 3 rings."


I remember biting my tongue and silently submitting to what seemed like an eternity of  Read more...

Great Restaurants - Mexico and Beyond


No vacation is complete without great food!  Of all of the great choices out there, a few have found a special plates in our hearts (and stomachs) for their quality food, excellent service and ambiance.  Read more...
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