IVI DMC2 utilized IMEX America tools to transform a successful three-day event into a year's worth of business. The Online Appointment System was the top tool for keeping booths busy with record numbers of one-on-one and group appointments. We also registered more walk-ins at our booths this year. Making contacts, booking revenue, and attaining top ROI on trade show investments are always major goals. Post-show reports validate that the business-focused atmosphere of IMEX America was conducive to achieving these major goals. Additional feedback testifies to the advantages of gaining insight, learning, and camaraderie with colleagues and new friends at the industry's liveliest event of the year.




The hosted buyer program made it easy for buyers to attend the trade show, maximizing the sales potential for all exhibitors. All hosted buyers were pre-qualified and on average they were on the show floor twice as much as trade attendees. They arrived with pre-arranged appointment schedules and experienced three days in a fast-paced and exciting business enviornment. We would like to thank all hosted buyers for stopping by and taking note of our company and destinations for your future projects.
The participation of Brazil in IMEX America allowed a direct promotion to professionals who will be travelling to the country during the World Cup.   
The World Cup is the largest one-sport event in the world. Thirty two teams will kick off the event in Brazil beginning June 12, 2014 and only one team will prevail. Will it be your team? Will you be there? What makes Brazil so amazing? Is it its sunny beaches? Yes. Is it the delicious food and drinks? Yes. Is it the culture, the music, and the nightlife? Yes. It is all of these things and much more. But above and beyond the previous mentioned, Brazil's most amazing asset is its people.

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Jose-Manuel GARCIA
Visionary, Founder and President