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We recently received notice that telemarketers are calling Virginians to request donations on behalf of VBCF or the "breast cancer foundation." VBCF DOES NOT solicit funds by telephone nor do we employ third-party telemarketers.  



VBCF is offering Mini-Grants up to $1,000 to non-profit organizations to provide breast cancer health education for Virginians in their local communities. Priority will be given to projects in areas of the state with breast cancer incidence or mortality rates higher than the state average and/or to projects serving low-income, un- or underinsured, medically underserved, or other marginalized populations in need of targeted, customized breast cancer educational approaches. Applications are being accepted through April 10th - please help spread the word.


Watch the HBO Vice Special Report: Killing Cancer on YouTube - an in-depth documentary that focuses on therapies that go far, far beyond chemo. It takes a look at how doctors use HIV, measles, and genetically-engineered cold viruses to strengthen patients' immune systems and wipe out cancer cells without damaging their bodies the way chemo normally does. Viewer discretion advised: Graphic medical images


Invitation to FDA Public Meeting on Breast Cancer: The FDA is hosting a meeting on Breast Cancer Patient-Focused Drug Development on Thursday, April 2, 2015 from 1-5 p.m.  The purpose of the meeting is to gather patient perspectives on their condition and its available treatments. Remote access will be available via live webcast for those unable to attend in person. Please note that registration for in-person attendance and the webcast closes on March 23, 2015. A public docket is also available, which will give patients and stakeholders an opportunity to submit comments to FDA online or through the mail up to 60 days after the meeting is held. 





The 2015 Virginia General Assembly completed its work in 44 days on Friday, February 27th. VBCF did not seek any breast cancer specific legislative action this session, but was actively involved in supporting a number of measuresThe General Assembly will return on April 15th for the "reconvened" session to act on bills either amended or vetoed by the Governor. Read More. 


Mark your calendar now to join advocates from around the nation on Tuesday, May 5th in Washington, DC! Each year, VBCF provides training, transportation, and refreshments to Virginians to participate in National Lobby Day, hosted by the National Breast Cancer Coalition. Participants meet with our state's national legislators to improve breast cancer public policies. VBCF asks you to show up and be counted! 


If you'd like to take your own advocacy skills to the next level, check out VBCF's Karin Decker Noss Scholarship. This $5,000 scholarship program is available to the awardee for a 24-month period to attend nationally recognized breast cancer training and conferences and to bring this knowledge back to Virginia through VBCF's breast cancer advocacy program. Applications are available now.  The deadline to apply is April 10.


Thank You GMS Gymnastics!
Thanks to GMS Gymnastics in Manassas for hosting the 6th annual Flip for the Fight Invitational on Feb. 20-22 to benefit VBCF! We appreciate your continued support.

A Faster Way to Try Many Drugs on Many Cancers


Chemotherapy failed to thwart Erika Hurwitz's rare cancer of white blood cells. So her doctors offered her another option, a drug for melanoma. The result was astonishing.

Within four weeks, a red rash covering her body, so painful she had required a narcotic patch and the painkillerOxyContin, had vanished. Her cancer was undetectable.


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Chemo before breast cancer operation increases likelihood of breast-preserving procedure

Patients with larger malignant tumors of the breast who undergo chemotherapy before a breast cancer operation are more likely to opt for a breast-preserving procedure and forgo a mastectomy (surgical removal of the breast), according to a new study published online as an "article in press" in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons. the study will appear in a print edition of the Journal this spring. 




Drug May Help Some With Breast Cancer Stay Fertile

Breast cancer chemotherapy can trigger an unfortunate side effect for some patients -- early menopause. But a new study suggests that adding the drug goserelin to chemotherapy cuts the odds of that happening in women with certain early-stage breast cancers.



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