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Awareness Is More Than 'Thinking Pink': Standing UP For Your Breast Cancer Prevention Rights


It's October...and we all know what October has come to mean.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Many of us are right now wearing pink, buying pink and thinking pink. We're walk-a-thoning, run-a-thoning, bike-a-thoning, dance-a-thoning and any other kind of "a-thoning" imaginable, all in the name of raising both awareness and necessary funding for breast cancer research, support and services. The breast cancer conversation dominates our airwaves and brainwaves. Even major league sports have jumped on the awareness bandwagon (though I wish those same leagues truly understood that concern for the health and welfare of women -- those who are, for example, victims of domestic violence -- goes beyond wearing pink ribbons on suit lapels and players donning pink-accessorized uniforms...but that's another article).




The Cost of Cancer Drugs

Lesley Stahl discovers the shock and anxiety of a cancer diagnosis can be followed by a second jolt: the astronomical price of cancer drugs. 




As medical imaging moves from 2-D to 3-D, FDA rushes to keep up

At the Food and Drug Administration, a small team of scientists is investigating how 3-D imaging - the technology used to create more realistic animations in video games and movies - could transform medical screening devices.




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