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Are you looking for Breast Cancer Education and Awareness Events in Virginia? Check out our Calendar of Events to find out what's happening in your area.


October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Get ready for it now by requesting FREE educational materials to share with your networks through faith-based organizations, community events, health fairs, local businesses, etc. Each pink ribbon is attached to a bilingual card with information about breast health - in English and Spanish.  The brochures include information about breast cancer in the United States and Virginia and facts for both women and men about risk factors, symptoms, screening, and lifestyle choices in one concise handout. Both handouts give information about the VA Department of Health's Every Woman's Life program.


Newly Diagnosed Resources: VBCF has recently updated our online and print Newly Diagnosed Materials. The focus is to provide local and state community resource connections and information about support groups, financial assistance, patient navigators, clinical trials, lifestyle product vendors and more. Please check it out and pass it on to those who would benefit!


CVBCC Survivorship Conference: The Central Virginia Breast Cancer Coalition and other local cancer organizations are proud to present The Survivorship Journey: Embracing Your New Normal - a conference for survivors of all types of cancer and their caregivers. Attendees to this FREE conference will learn about helpful topics to include Understanding Emotions, Genetics and Risk Assessment, Dealing with the Financial and Legal Impact of Cancer, Diet and Nutrition, the Role of the Immune System in Cancer, and Let's Get Moving! (an interactive physical activity session).  There will also be a special break-out session dedicated to the needs and care of caregivers. Conference takes place November 1, 9am-3pm at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. Register today!





Join the National Breast Cancer Coalition for its Virtual Lobby Day TODAY - Sept. 16th from 10:30a - 5p EST urging Congress to pass the Accelerating the End of Breast Cancer Act (H.R. 1830, S. 865), before the 113th Congress ends. Learn more about 5 simple actions you can take NOW to help at NBCC's website


State Action on Medicaid Expansion: Governor Terry McAuliffe announced his 10-point "A Healthy Virginia" plan to improve access to health care in Virginia on Sept. 8th. You can find the full press release and a description of the 10 initiatives hereWhile this 10-point plan expands important health care services to Virginians in need, it does fall short of providing all Virginians with coverage for routine cancer screenings. The General Assembly has a special session starting on September 18th to discuss Medicaid. If you believe that it's time for the General Assembly to take action to close the coverage gap and bring back the federal tax dollars we have already paid to help Virginians and Virginia's economy, 

please contact your local legislator now and make your voice heard.

Battling breast cancer: UVA pioneers image-guided, high-dose approach


An experimental approach to treating breast cancer being tested at the University of Virginia Health System allows doctors to administer significantly higher doses of cancer-killing radiation where it's needed at the same time as tumor removal while sparing healthy tissue, an initial research study suggests. 




Researcher Urges Wider Genetic Screening For Breast Cancer

A prominent scientist has started a big new debate about breast cancer. Geneticist Mary-Claire King of the University of Washington, who identified the first breast cancer gene, is recommending that all women get tested for genetic mutations that can cause breast cancer.




Bras are blameless for breast cancer risk

When it comes to breast cancer risk, women's bras are off the hook, a new study says.

To determine if concerns that have surfaced in the past over whether wearing bras might increase the chances of tumors, the researchers looked at types of bras women wore, when they began wearing them and how long they wore them each day. 



Dueling studies: The 'Angelina Jolie effect' is influencing women fighting cancer - but the influence may not do much good

Angelina Jolie is leading more women to get tested for genes that can cause breast cancer, according to new research. And not just any women, but women who are actually in danger.


But if that leads them to get double mastectomies, as Jolie did, the benefits may be limited at best. Another study released this week suggests that removing both breasts does not improve survival chances compared with surgery that just removes a tumor followed by radiation.

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