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Dear Friends,


Love it or hate it, the pink ribbon is an iconic symbol, breast cancer's internationally recognized icon. And in October, it is everywhere - on the football field, food items, cleaning products, cosmetics, and many more. Many of us who work in this field are inundated by the public interest in raising breast cancer awareness in October. 


And while it can be overwhelming, it is an amazing opportunity to educate the public that while our tools for early detection - self and clinical exams and mammography - are not perfect, they are the best tools we have and should be used. Early detection does make a positive difference in breast cancer survival rates. VBCF's focus is on educating Virginians about breast cancer and advocating for improved public policy. Help us, not just in October, but all year round! Together, we can make an impact.


Wishing you good health,

Katy Sawyer's Signature 

Katy Sawyer

Executive Director

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Calendar

VBCF publishes a statewide calendar full of activities, educational opportunities, and events held by many different organizations, but all focused at raising awareness of breast cancer issues during the month of October.


We hope that you will have an opportunity to participate in some of the planned activities and will help spread the word. We also hope that you will help educate and advocate for breast cancer issues, by whatever means possible - in your family, your neighborhood, your workplace, your faith community, and anywhere else you happen to be.

[Download Calendar]
Thank you!

Why Younger Women Could Benefit From Mammograms After All

Women should get screened for breast cancer in their 40s, a study concludes, because they face a greater risk of death when cancers aren't found early.


Women who were diagnosed with cancer in their 40s and died of the disease were more likely to have never had a mammogram than were older women, according to the study.



Doctors search for vaccine to prevent breast cancer


Forty years ago, women who had abnormal results on a Pap smear often wound up with a hysterectomy. Doctors removed their uterus because they had no other way to prevent women from developing cervical cancer, researcher Susan Love says.


Today, she says, doctors can prevent cervical cancer with a vaccine.


That has led some to ask: Could researchers develop a vaccine against breast cancer?



A Shockingly Small Amount Of Money From Pink NFL Merchandise Sales Goes To Breast Cancer Research


It's October and the NFL is once again covered head-to-toe in pink accessories and equipment as part of the league's Breast Cancer Awareness initiative.


While fans can also purchase pink clothing and accessories to support the cause, a shockingly small amount of the fans' money is actually going towards cancer research.