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On behalf of VBCF's Board and staff, Happy October! It is officially National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we are excited to have breast cancer in the spotlight this month. We strive to have this focus continue year round and hope that you will help us do the same. Be sure to check out our website with new dropdown menus to make navigation easier - Find Help for those with breast cancer, learn more about Our ProgramsGet Involved with VBCF, find out more About Us, or Donate Now to help us continue our activities - we can't do it without your support! 


And be sure to check out our October Calendar where we list educational breast cancer events happening around the state. In addition, a huge thank you to the many local businesses and organizations around the state that are hosting events to benefit VBCF - we are grateful! Events are being added weekly so be sure to check back often.


Wishing you good health, 

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Katy Sawyer

Executive Director

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Calendar

VBCF publishes a statewide calendar full of activities, educational opportunities, and events held by many different organizations, but all focused at raising awareness of breast cancer issues during the month of October.


We hope that you will have an opportunity to participate in some of the planned activities and will help spread the word. We also hope that you will help educate and advocate for breast cancer issues, by whatever means possible - in your family, your neighborhood, your workplace, your faith community, and anywhere else you happen to be.

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Breast Cancer Vaccine Moves Forward

Cleveland Clinic Innovations has created a spin-off company to develop a preventive breast cancer vaccine based on research from the Cleveland Clinic's Lerner Research Institute.


The new company, Shield Biotech, will complete preclinical development and seek permission from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to test the vaccine as an investigational new drug in proof-of-concept, first-in-human clinical trials. The trials are expected to start within two years and will take about three years to complete.



F.D.A. Panel Backs Pre-Surgery Drug for Breast Cancer


A federal advisory committee cleared the way on Thursday for the first approval of a cancer drug that would be used to treat patients before surgery to remove their tumors.


The advisory committee to the Food and Drug Administration voted 13 to 0, with one abstention, that Perjeta, a Genentech drug approved last year for late-stage breast cancer, could also be used at the disease's earliest stage.



UVA Offers One-Day Breast Cancer Treatment


There is no easy way to fight breast cancer but doctors at the University of Virginia Cancer Center say they now have a way to treat people in a single day for what once meant weeks and weeks of appointments and discomfort.


The UVA Cancer Center is one of the first in the country to offer this type of care. The process allows physicians to use three-dimensional computerized treatment planning to provide more precise therapy to the tumor site.



New hope for treating cancer? Patterns seen in 12 types of tumors 
Examining the molecular profiles of tumors from 12 different types of cancers, scientists working with the National Institutes of Health-backed Cancer Genome Atlas said Thursday they had found striking similarities between tumors originating in different organs.