Faith, Family & Friends - In the Right Order
Donor Establishes a Scholarship Fund for Bishop DuBourg High School
"Without faith, you have nothing," says Robert (Bob) Gau. These words speak to Bob Gau's approach to life. Now 75 years old, Bob's journey has included his loving wife Kathy of 47 years, ten children, 26 grandchildren, four great-grandchildren, a successful business, and very importantly, an opportunity to make a lasting impact in the Catholic Church. "Faith will get you through crises in life," he says. This faith includes a belief in the importance of Catholic education.  
Kathy & Bob Gau
The "Kathleen Ann Gau Memorial Scholarship Fund," through the Foundation, will provide scholarships for students to attend Bishop DuBourg High School for generations to come.   
Bob believes in endowments for Catholic education. His most recent fund memorializes Kathy, who passed away in 2008. Bob's commitment to the Catholic Church has deep roots. From his birth, he was a member of St. Andrew's Catholic Church in Lemay. "I was baptized, went to school and married there. Our first two children were also baptized at St. Andrew's," he says. He realized early on the importance of Catholic education. "I think children in Catholic schools have a better opportunity of success both personally and professionally," he says. 
Building Relationships: the Future of Our Church 
 More than 85% of St. Louis area Catholics surveyed believe that strengthening and growing 
Catholic schools is critical to the future of our Church.

The Foundation embarked on a six-month journey in 2014 to gain insights about how Catholics throughout the greater St. Louis area feel about Catholic education. The results were clear. Catholic education matters to our Catholic community. In fact, more than 85% of those surveyed believe Catholic education is critical to the future of our faith.
Catholic school students are more likely to graduate, attend college, be civically involved, vote and remain active in their faith. These facts support the idea that Catholic education is good for the future of our faith, and society as a whole.  
The information gathering process featured interviews and surveys with a sampling of Catholics throughout the region, including almost 1000 people. This effort will assist the Foundation with its goal of establishing long-term, lasting support for the local Church in the Archdiocese of St. Louis.  The Foundation doesn't just look at the local Church's success this year, instead it seeks to have continuing stability in 25, 50, and 100 years.

Turning Hope Into Reality: A Call From Within
 As human beings, we spend relatively few years on earth, compared to the age of our
 world. Our earthly bodies will turn to dust and our work, while significant in our time, will often be forgotten within a couple of generations. One can take steps to preserve family portraits for posterity, but how many details of an individual's life will be remembered in 100 years, or 200 years? We too will go the way of hundreds of generations before us.
The Foundation provides an effective way to create a lasting legacy that will continue well beyond your lifetime.  
Through the Foundation, you can provide ongoing support to the Catholic ministry that has made an impact on you or a loved one's life. The local parish, school or agency that helped solidify your faith in God can benefit from the creation of an endowment (fund), either while you are still alive, or as part of your last will and testament.

Witness Your Life in Christ
"Faith is not a light which scatters all our darkness, but a lamp which guides our steps in the night and suffices for the journey."
Pope Francis 

Stewardship: A Donor-Advised Fund Tailored for Catholics
Students at St. Joan of Arc work with IPads
If you like the idea of recommending what Catholic parishes, schools or agencies should receive charitable contributions on an ongoing basis, along with personally securing a significant tax deduction, a donor-advised fund (DAF) may be perfect for you.   
The Foundation offers DAFs as one of its many charitable giving options. DAFs are sometimes referred to as "charitable checkbooks." Donors receive an immediate tax deduction upon establishing a DAF with an irrevocable gift to the Foundation. Then, they can recommend grants from the DAF to the charities of their choice. DAFs are cost effective, flexible and may be a good alternative to private family foundations. Best of all, the privilege to make charitable recommendations from a DAF can be passed onto children, creating a legacy of giving within a family.

A Generous Response - Philanthropy, Your Way

Dear Friends,
Charitable giving has evolved over the past few decades to an enlightened place where donors have become empowered to direct or designate their donations to causes or needs that mirror their interests. This era of "philanthropy, your way" has heralded a new level of sophistication among charities that now offer customized opportunities to donors, based on their personal preferences.
The Foundation provides these personalized giving options. We enable donors to designate specifically how their money will be utilized. Whether their passion is upgrading the quality of science instruction at a specific Archdiocesan high school, or they want to ensure sacred music continues to play for generations to come in our Archdiocese's many churches, the Foundation can fulfill their giving desires, both today and in the future.  
Donors can also have peace of mind of knowing that their contributions will be safe, not only in the short term, but also far into the future. The Foundation was created as a 501(c)(3), public benefit charity, providing legal protection for funds. We operate with good stewardship, giving donors confidence that their charitable intentions will be honored for generations to come.

The Foundation is here to assist you in achieving your charitable vision for the parish, school or agency you choose. We look forward to serving the local Catholic community. Please let us know how we can help you.  

Best Regards,
Mark Guyol
President & CEO

FaithFaith, Family & Friends - In the Right Order, continued   
Through his own initiative he raised the funds to attend St. Louis Preparatory Seminary for three years, and Bishop DuBourg his senior year. He credits his Catholic education as the key foundation to the good life he has enjoyed. Now he gives back. "I feel it is hard for people to afford to send their children to Catholic schools," Bob says. When he attended grade school, his parents donated regularly to offertory collections, but in no way would their contributions have covered the cost of his education. Later, eight of his ten children attended Catholic elementary schools tuition-free.  
"People who have received a Catholic education have an obligation to give back," Bob says. His last two children did require tuition to attend Catholic elementary school. When they finished, he began to donate what had been their tuition fees, in addition to his regular Church contribution. The Catholic Church, as well as the school, had earned his ongoing support. Bob, like so many Catholics, understands that Catholic education is the future of our faith.
With the declining Catholic school enrollment, he believes we all need to do our part to stem that tide. "In an ideal world, Catholic education would be free. I think it is the best form of evangelization. We should all be looking at the deficit our parishes face to offer Catholic education to all families who would like to attend, and, as a parish family, raise the funds to meet that need, " says Bob.  

That vision is inspiring, but it is part of a lifetime of giving back to the faith that he and Kathy made the priority in their lives. Members of St. Margaret Mary Alocoque (SMMA), Bob has served on the Parish Council, the Finance Committee, and was part of a group of six members of SMMA who over breakfast forged the idea of building a new church. He served as chairman of the capital campaign that successfully raised the funds to build the church, which was completed in 1992. It was a family effort. With Kathy securing treasures from decommissioned parishes, they were able to, through a dedicated committee, build a church that combined modern Church design with tradition. Bob also served on the board of the "Friends of the Cathedral Basilica." As his last initiative as a board member, he led the effort to secure funding for new pews.

Bob and Kathy not only helped build a church, but they were also Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion in the parish. Kathy began a pro-life organization at SMMA's grade school. Along with her friend Jane, she started the perpetual Eucharistic Adoration at SMMA. Both of these initiatives continue today. In addition, Kathy was a member of the Marthas.

"When my wife died, I was very sad. I cried, but it did not break me because I had my faith," he says. "We were regular church goers. Our friends are also Catholic, which is important because we share the same values. We became friends because of our involvement with our kids," says Bob. Putting things in perspective does make a difference. Faith, family and friends, in the right order, will make life fall into place.
FutureBuilding Relationships, the Future of Our Church, continued 

The feedback provided quality information about how to best strengthen this vital institution of Catholic education. We learned that Catholics in the greater St. Louis area care about their local Church. In fact, the research revealed that one of the local Church's greatest strengths is the solidarity of Catholics, united in their faith and dedicated to fulfilling the mission of the Church. This fact is supported by the 184 parishes, 114 elementary schools and twelve Archdiocesan and parish high schools that comprise our communities. The parishes often serve as the community center, pulling people together in times of peace and in strife, but work to ensure their sustainability must continue.


Catholic education must adapt to a changing landscape. It must strive to offer innovation and academic excellence to ensure families choose Catholic education, over other educational options. Academic competitiveness must remain in the forefront of Catholic education, providing opportunities for gifted children to excel, and for all children to achieve their full potential. According to the University of Notre Dame's research, Catholic school students are more likely to graduate, attend college, be civically involved, vote and remain active in their faith. These facts support the idea that Catholic education is good for the future of our faith, and society as a whole.


Having money to pay for Catholic tuition was identified as a challenge facing Catholic education, not only for families identified as lower income, but also for middle class families. Providing scholarships both today and for generations to come is one focus of the Foundation.

The people have spoken. Education is the foundation on which we must build a bright future of our faith. With changing demographics, uncertain times and a generally turbulent world, the local Catholic Church has a lot of work to do to continue its critical role of building and sustaining the family and the community. And the need for its stable force has never been so important. Join the Foundation in its commitment to the future of our faith, Catholic education.   
CallTurning Hope Into Reality, A Call From Within, continued
You can personally name the fund after yourself, a loved one or in the name of your family. You can also designate the fund to support the particular Catholic cause(s), which may be your, or a loved one's, passion(s). Very importantly, you can have peace of mind that the fund will last until the end of time, with only interest and dividends distributed to provide ongoing support of your worthy cause(s), while the principal remains intact. Through the establishment of a fund with the Foundation, you can:
  • Fulfill your charitable giving goals.
  • Establish a lasting legacy.
  • Designate the gift for a specific purpose.
  • Have confidence your gift is secure.
  • Know investments are screened for Catholic moral values.
  • Create a legacy of giving within your family.
The fund can be unique to you. Recently, a gentleman created a fund at the Foundation in memory of his deceased wife, who was dedicated to teaching Parish School Religion (PSR). The fund now bears her name and all recipients will benefit from her passion for generations to come. Through her husband's generosity, parishes will be able to expand faith formation training to aspiring PSR teachers. These teachers can carry on the donor's deceased wife's good work, long after her death.

Funds also enable a person to teach their children about the importance of giving back to a cause they love. Giving can be instilled as a legacy of the family, providing a gift to children, worth far more than material wealth.

Finally, funds enable us to do our part to sustain the local Church. Imagine a future without Catholic parishes, schools or agencies. We each can do our part to see that these important institutions are able to continue their work as long as the sun continues to shine. For more information about funds, please contact the Foundation at 314.918.2890.
DAFStewardship, Donor-Advised Funds Tailored for Catholics, continued
Now Catholics in the greater St. Louis area seeking to create a DAF can have the peace of mind of knowing the money will be invested in accordance with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' socially responsible investment guidelines. "Catholic donors can establish donor-advised funds at the Foundation knowing their money will be part of investments that coincide with their beliefs," says Mark Guyol, president and CEO of the Foundation.

Benefits of establishing a donor-advised fund include:
  • Receiving an immediate tax deduction.
  • Maintaining flexibility to recommend charitable distributions to a number of charitable causes over time.
  • Having the peace of mind that your donation will be invested in accordance with Catholic beliefs and teachings.
  • Maintaining the privilege to make charitable distribution recommendations that can be passed to the next generation, establishing a charitable legacy within your family.

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