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Thanks for choosing to participate in the USA Volleyball (USAV) Puget Sound Region Tryouts. We wish you luck in finding a team that will provide a fantastic experience for you this season. Here is some information that you may find helpful as you navigate the tryout process.  


Here are a few definitions that you need to know:

Incumbent Player- A player returning to the same club they played with the 2012-2013 USAV Season.  An incumbent player must have had a full junior membership for the previous season.   

Non-incumbent Player-
Any player that did not play for that club the 2021-2013 USAV season.

Incumbent signing date-
The date on which players who played for that club the year before can sign a club contract.Incumbent players may sign a club contract on the first available date of tryouts in their age division.  |
U14 and under Incumbent signing date- November 5, 2013
U15 and over Incumbent signing date- November 19, 2013

Non-incumbent signing date-
The date on which non-incumbent players can sign a club contract.

U14 and under Non-incumbent signing date - November 11, 2013 
U15 and over Non-incumbent signing date- November 25, 2013

Club Contract- A signed legal binding document committing the player to play for the club offering the contract. A club contract contains the whole of the agreement between the club and the player and is not in force until the contract is signed, on or after the signing date, and not before.


What Clubs Must Do:

  • Ensure that you are a registered member with USAV.
  • Confirm you have your completed Medical Release and completed Lystedt concussion form with you.
  • Inform you that if you have signed a club contract with another club, you may not try out for their club.
  • Provide parents with a copy of the signed club contract after it is legally signed.
  • Clubs must maintain copies of all signed club contracts.

What the Clubs May Do:

  • Clubs may charge a fee for their tryout up to $30 to cover the cost of their facility and coaches through the tryout process. This fee is in addition to the registration with USAV and varies from club to club. This fee is in addition to the mandatory $5.00 tryout membership registration fee with USAV.
  • Clubs may make a verbal offer to any player at their tryout. This agreement is non-binding until the club contract is signed.
  • Clubs may offer a contract to a player that did not attend a tryout.
  • Clubs may give a new player an unsigned contract as part of their verbal offer and request the player return the contract signed on the signing date.
  • Clubs may have incumbent players sign a binding club contract at or after their tryouts.


What Clubs Cannot Do:

  • Clubs cannot require a non-refundable deposit before a club contract is legally signed .
  • Clubs cannot sign a player who has already signed a club contract with another club.
  • Clubs cannot have players sign a post-dated club contract.
  • Clubs cannot sign a player before the player's signing date.

What Players Must Do

  • Register with USAV before trying out for a club.
  • Bring proof of USAV registration, completed Medical Release and Lystedt concussion forms to every tryout.


What Players May Do

  • Incumbent players may sign with their previous club if they are offered a contract at tryouts.
  • Non-incumbent players may verbally agree to play for a club at the tryout, but it is not binding.
  • Players may attend as many club tryouts as they like provided they have not signed a club contract.
  • Players may attend another tryout after they have received and agreed to a verbal offer from a club.


What Players May Not Do

  • Players may not attend another tryout after they have signed a club contract with another club.
  • Players may not enter into a club agreement before their legal signing date.
  • Committing and/or Signing with a Club:
  • A club contract contains the whole of the agreement between the club and the player and is not in force until the contract is signed, on or after the signing date, and not before.
  • As stated in the Recruiting Policy, once a player has signed a contract with a club during the PSR sanctioned season, club directors and coaches from other PSR clubs shall not contact that player, or their family for reasons of recruitment to their club or team.
  • Players who have signed with a club are committed to play with that club for the entire season. Transfers are possible in situations where contract terms have been violated by either party. Players must follow the PSR Procedure of Player Transfer, available in the Girl's Division Handbook.


If you have any questions about the information below or any other part of the tryout process, please contact the Puget Sound Region Office Manager Mati Bishop at or 425-673-4103.


Thanks and Good Luck 

The Puget Sound Region Staff


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