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Game Changers:  2014's Top Products for Physics, Defense, and Many Other Applications



Of all of the VadaTech innovative embedded computing solutions released this year, which will be the winner?   There were several space-saving chassis such as our VT812 2U MicroTCA.4 chassis, specialty AdvancedTCA products like the ATC121 PCIe Gen 3 Carrier, and industry-leading Storage AMCs announced in 2014.  But, these will have to settle for Honorable Mention.   The top 3 products are....


#3 -- FPGA suite and FMCs




OK, we are cheating a bit here talking about several products, not just one.  But, the Xilinx suite of all programmable FPGAs were a hit.  The AMCs ranged from Virtex-7, Kintex-7, Zynq-7000, and Artix-7.   There were also several FMCs released, including leading-edge ADCs, DACs, and more.  


#2 -- 1U Rugged MicroTCA Chassis




For any Mil/Aero or other customer requiring ruggedization, this solution offers the best Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) and performance in the industry.  Competing rugged chassis in an open COTS architecture are at least 3U high.  The 1U VT950 not only is much lighter and more compact, it has integrated shelf management and IEEE1588/SyncE/GPS for precision timing.  This unit has been a huge success for many RADAR signal processing applications -- see our white papers and solution briefs  for more details. 


And the Winner is...............


#1 -- 3rd Generation MCH




The MCH is the heart of any MicroTCA-based system and the UTC004 has many unique features.  It offers 40GbE/PCIe Gen 3/SRIO Gen 2 and a crossbar switch for any fabric.  The board has precision timing features (including PLL and jitter cleaner), time stamping, clock holdover options, and much more.   Versions of the UTC004 especially for Physics applications are coming soon.  With so many features and as the key to MicroTCA systems in all applications, the UTC004 is the 2014 VadaTech Product of the Year!


We look forward to 2015 and a wealth of exciting innovations from VadaTech! 


2014 Top White Paper  productnews
RADAR Signal Processing & Data Recording White Paper
This white paper is one of the newest, but already one of the fastest downloaded.  It shows a powerful signal processing and storage solution all in a 1U chassis platform!



2014 Top Video rugged
"About VadaTech" Video
Simple in name, but deep in substance.  This video is a great introduction to VadaTech if you are just starting to learn about the company or would like to see parts of the new state-of-the-art location opened in early 2014.  



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