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VadaTech Offers Full Hardware EcoSystem for AdvancedTCA Products



VadaTech is known for the industry's largest offering of MicroTCA products.  But, did you know that the company also offers the full ecosystem in the AdvancedTCA architecture?  This includes processors, switches, carrier switches, carrier FPGAs, graphics processors, RTMs, shelf managers, and chassis platforms.


We have several creative designs in AdvancedTCA, including Switching Shelf Managers that combine the switch and shelf manager.  This provides an extra two payload slots in a horizontal-mount ATCA chassis.  The ATC806 is a 40G or 10G Scalable Carrier Switch with Dual AMC slots.  The ATC133 is a 10G carrier switch with Quad AMC slots with a Virtex-7 FPGA, and a crossbar switch.  The company also has several exciting ATCA innovations underway!  Ask to see our roadmap, which is available under NDA.


Some lessor known products are the wealth of RTMs available to various configurations, as well as the test products for ATCA.   The latter includes an IPMI Test Suite, a board for shock/vib test, a power module for development, and more.


As shown below in the VT820, VadaTech offers ruggedized versions of AdvancedTCA chassis.  Contact the company for more information on our ruggedized 6-slot ATCA chassis with front-to-rear cooling and other configuraitons.   


Product News productnews
MicroTCA.4 Processor AMC is Released 
VadaTech's AMC725 is a double module per MTCA.0 and MTCA.4.  It includes a Gladden Xeon E3 processor with a Cave Creek PCH.



Rugged Corner rugged
VadaTech Continues to Expand Rugged AdvancedTCA Offering 
The VT820 is VadaTech's first Rugged AdvancedTCA chassis.  The company is also developing 40G and horizontal-mount versions with special front-to-rear airflow designs. 



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