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MicroTCA.4 Ecosystem Expands to Offer Wealth of Options for High-Energy Physics Applications 



The MicroTCA hardware ecosystem continues to expand, providing more functionality to the High Energy Physics market and those that require rear I/O.  This includes various DAQs, ADCs, processors, power modules, and chassis.


VadaTech is unique in the marketplace as the only provider of the full MicroTCA.0 and MicroTCA.4 ecosystem.  Below is a compilation of our newest MicroTCA.4 products: 




AMC725 -- Intel Xeon processor, PCIe Gen 3, MTCA.4 


Chassis Platforms 


VT813 -- 8U Chassis Platform, 4400W, N+1 power, MTCA.4

VT812, VT814 -- 2U Horizontal Chassis Platforms, MTCA.4


ADC, Data Processing AMCs


AMC522 -- 250 MSPS ADC, 500 MSPS DAC, MTCA.4

CM045 -- Kintex-7 Data Processor, PCIe Gen 3, MTCA.4




UTC004 -- Gen 3, 40GbE, low skew, low jitter, low latency 


Power Modules


UTC020, UTC019 -- Approx 1000W DC and AC power in single module size




MRT520 --  RTM for AMC520 ADC, MTCA.4


Coming soon


VT816 -- 1U MicroTCA.4 Development Platform, 2 AMC slots, and integrated MCH.

AMC500 -- 40 Channel ADC, Zynq FPGA


With the UTC004 MCH, new AMCs, and innovative chassis platforms, the Physics market continues to look to VadaTech for the complete MicroTCA.4 solution.  Contact Sales for questions on our MicroTCA.4 and other products.


Product News productnews
2U Horizontal Mount MTCA.4 Chassis Platforms
VadaTech has released its 2U MicroTCA.4 chassis.  The VT812 has 4 MTCA.4 slots and 4 MTCA.0 slots with dual MCH and Power Modules (PMs).  The VT814 is similar, but offers 6 MTCA.4 slots with 1 MCH and dual PMs.



MTCA.4 Documents rugged
MicroTCA.4 Flyer
Check out our MicroTCA.4 Flyer for details on VadaTech's products for HEPP and other applications requiring rear I/O. 



MicroTCA.4 Video Archive rugged

Video: About MicroTCA.4

Video from VadaTech providing a background on MicroTCA.4 and technical details on our early products. Click here for video.

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