Oct 2013 Issue
Upcoming Events
MILCOM (Mil/Aero) 
Nov 18-20 - San Diego, CA

MTCA Workshop for Industry & Research (Particle Physics) 
Dec 11-12 - Hamburg, Germany

Global News

Asia office

VadaTech's APAC (Asia Pacific) division has opened the new office.  They are attending the Defense & Security Conference in Bangkok, Thailand November 4-7.


UK Office  

The VadaTech EU team will present 2 papers at the MTCA Workshop for Industry & Research in Hamburg, Germany.


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MicroTCA Selected for Key MIL/Aero Projects 


MicroTCA is being adopted in several Mil/Aero projects including satellite, vetronics, airborne, and ground-based applications. If MicroTCA is rugged and reliable enough to be selected to go into space, shouldn't you give it a look for your application?  The architecture was also selected over VPX in a ground mobile, hard-mounted application and for a major European radar processing sub-system.  The radar program will see MicroTCA deployed in both ground and airborne applications.


To learn more about MicroTCA for various applications, review the PICMG MicroTCA Application Guide.


Product News productnews
6U ATCA SlotSaver Chassis
By combining the shelf manager and the switch functionality, the VT830 is able to utilize 2 extra payload slots.  This offers 50% more computing density. 
New Mil Sensor Processing Application-Ready Platform - VadaTech is introducing new application-ready platforms from our full ecosystem of MicroTCA-based products.  The first ARP is a 6-slot 7U compact cube with 5 FPGAs, 1 PrAMC, MCH, and power module standard with various options (V-7, V-6, Kintex, Artix, Zynq) depending on your requirements and budget. 



Rugged Corner rugged

MicroTCA.2 Specification Ratified

The MTCA.2 specification, which provides hardened hybrid air/conduction-cooled modules, has been ratified.  Contact VadaTech for our roadmap of MicroTCA.2 and .3 products.
Coming Soon soon

The 100G Revolution is Coming!   Stay tuned for new 100G AMC line cards from VadaTech.   






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