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Asia office

VadaTech's APAC (Asia Pacific) division has opened the new sales and engineering office.  They have recently announced a new project for the AMC515 FPGA and other wins in industrial computing and high-energy physics.


UK Office  

The VadaTech EU team presented 2 papers at the MTCA Workshop for Industry & Research in Hamburg, Germany.  They also won a large Mil/Aero application using MicroTCA.3  

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Embedded Industry:  100G Line Cards Are Here!


Bringing a new level of performance to the embedded industry, VadaTech now offers 100G line cards.   The first units are AMC-based FPGAs (AMC534) and PrAMCs (AMC738). 


The boards utilize zQSFP+ or CFP2 connectors. The ability to provide 100G out the front panel, combined with VadaTech's powerful A/D conversion products and 40G backplane capability is a game-changing level of performance.  Compare this to the VPX architecture which has not yet reached 40G levels.  As a true COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) specification, MicroTCA stays on the leading-edge of performance via Communications companies, but is easily utilized in Mil/Aero, Physics, Industrial, or other markets.  VPX on the other hand is MOTS (Military Off the Shelf), limited to the requirements of one market. 


Contact VadaTech to learn what our 100G and other leading-edge products can do for your application.

Product News productnews
1000W AC Power Module
The UTC018 comes in a double width, 12HP size. This is a convenient power and size option for many MicroTCA.4 and other applications.
MIL Sensor Processing Application-Ready Platform - VadaTech is introducing new application-ready platforms from our full ecosystem of MicroTCA-based products.  The first is an ARP200.  It includes a 6-slot 7U compact cube with 5 FPGAs, 1 PrAMC, MCH, and power module standard with various options (V-7, V-6, Kintex, Artix, Zynq) depending on your requirements and budget. 



Rugged Corner rugged

VT875 Rugged Development Chassis

The VT875 is a rugged, conduction-cooled development chassis, ideal for prototyping and testing MTCA.3 applications.
Coming Soon soon

Express Platforms are coming soon!  Ideal for prototyping & development, these 1U units are available within 1 week.  They come in various combinations for your convenience. 




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