Sept 2013 Issue
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IBIC (Particle Physics) 
Sept 16-19 - Oxford, UK

TWEPP (Particle Physics)  
Sept 23-27 - Perugia, Italy

MILCOM (Mil/Aero) 
Nov 18-20 - San Diego, CA
Global News

Asia office

VadaTech's APAC (Asia Pacific) division is opening a new office in Taipei in the coming weeks.


UK Office  

The EMEA office headquartered in the UK is continuing to expand. They also have a more user-friendly Web site available until the new VadaTech site is ready     


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MicroTCA.4 Provides Dense, Powerful Architecture with I/O and Signal Conditioning Provisions

The MicroTCA (µTCA) open-standard architecture provides a dense, high-speed, managed technology with built-in high availability options. The newer µTCA.4 sub-specification adds functionality in the provision of µRTMs for signal conditioning and I/O. This makes it attractive for I/O-intensive applications and those requiring mixed-signal capabilities in a single chassis. (MORE)



Product News productnews
ATCA Carrier Boards - VadaTech has over a dozen configurations of AdvancedTCA carriers for AMCs, PMC/XMC/PrPMC, VME cards, cPCI cards, PCIe modules, and more. Contact Us for more info.
AMC FPGA AMCs - The new AMC515 joins the list of FPGA Carriers for FMCs and FMC modules from VadaTech in various configurations. The AMC515 features a Virtex-7 chip in a 1925 package.



Rugged Corner rugged
Conduction Cooled Family

Conduction Cooled ATR Family

- VadaTech Offers ½ and ¾ ATRs and MCHs and Power Modules in conduction-cooled formats. Ask about ruggedizing our standard AMCs into conduction-cooled wedge locks.
Coming Soonsoon

Stay tuned for MicroTCA.4 (High Energy Physics) Chassis that redefine computing density for chassis with double-width modules and MicroRTM provisions.


New Web Site - VadaTech is working on a new Web site that will be easy to navigate, provide more product details, and where the user can configure their product configuration. The site is due to launch in January of 2014.






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