DS|Manage360 v3.10 Update
Your DS|Manage360 site will be automatically updated to the latest version starting tonight at: 10:30 PM EST October 4, 2016We expect this update may take up to an hour, during which time your site may be unavailable.
New Feature! Workflow Task Manager
Manage your team's entire workflow, whether it is how a lead is captured, how the Opportunity is followed through the Sales Pipeline, or every moving piece of the puzzle for a construction job. The Workflow Task Manager allows you to set up a repeatable set of tasks and invoke them each time a lead comes in, a new opportunity exists, or working on a new job. The Workflow Task Manager will make sure you never forget to do something again AND you can assign these tasks to someone on your team so they don't forget to do it!

Workflow Task Manager is available for Accounts, Opportunities, and Jobs (both Construction and Maintenance). Change the responsible person and date on the fly. Also add notes about the task!

To create as many Workflow Task Sets as you like go to Settings > My Company Settings > Workflow Task Sets.
What's been added, improved, and changed:
  1. Multiple suppliers can no longer have the same name. Existing suppliers sharing a name have been merged if the address, city, state/province, and zip/postal matched. If duplicate suppliers could not be merged then their names have been made unique by appending the city name, street address or a number in brackets.
  2. Work Orders can now be rescheduled on the Calendar. Moving on the month view will change the date of the work order while keeping the current time. Week view will change the date and time to match where the work order is dropped. Both the crew and start date and time are adjustable by dragging and dropping between crew columns in Day view.
  3. Route Occurrences can now be rescheduled on the Calendar when none of the visits are Closed or are on Timesheets.
  4. The Sales Performance Summary will now report Change Orders based on the date that they are approved rather than the outcome date of the Opportunity.
  5. The Opportunity detail page has received a visual refresh. 
  6. Status has been added as a column to the Construction Estimates list page, which indicates whether an estimate is Active, Approved, or Archived.
  7. The Maintenance Jobs section of the application has had speed improvements made to the data retrieval and modification.
  8. Construction Estimate search has been improved to allow for searching using the version numbers.
  9. Added a button to the Route Detail page to add all services from a Service Category to the Route.
  10. Whenever a service is added to a non-contract or time and material Work Order, the crew instructions from the service are added to the work order's crew instructions. 
    • When services are removed from a Work Order, the crew instructions will be removed, if they haven't been modified.
What's been fixed:
  1. Importing a drawing into a Construction Estimate will no longer fail when the DMX file contains a plant that was matched to Horticopia in the online plant database and then deleted.      
  2. Setting a fixed price item to $0 on a service or Maintenance Estimate will no longer throw an error on save.
  3. Generating Maintenance Proposals with $0 services will no longer crash.    
  4. Fixed a bug which would prevent the user from losing a Maintenance Estimate when estimate locking was enabled. 
  5. As Needed and On Demand services billed per visit will no longer show the number of visits or total price in the summary section of the default Maintenance Proposal. Since the number of visits is unknown, the total price is also unknown in advance. 
  6. Fixed a bug which would prevent the user from accessing the services tab on the kit screen and the plant size merge feature. 
  7. Fixed an issue with Construction Estimates when creating a new version or using a template when the original has a payment schedule. Removing a Work Area or adjusting the estimate price and then immediately generating a proposal no longer results in negative or incorrect payment amounts.
  8. Implemented setting correct Sort Order on services within Optional Groups on Maintenance Estimates.
  9. Change Orders will no longer allow multiple kits with the same name in the same Work Area.  If the same kit is added twice, it will get a numerical index included as a suffix in order to make it a unique name.
Special Note:

Some of the updates in this next release of DS|Manage360 are for clients who have added the Maintenance module. If you are interested in adding the Maintenance module, please contact one of our account managers 1.800.710.1900 x2 or sales@dynascape.com.

The DynaSCAPE Software Team
1.800.710.1900 | accounts@dynascape.com

Your feedback is important to us, so please let us know if you experience any issues or would like to suggest any enhancements or new functionality.