DS|Manage360 v2.73 Update
Your DS|Manage360 site will be automatically updated to the latest version starting at: 10:30 PM EDT on Wednesday April 15, 2015We expect this update to take 30 minutes, during which time your site may be unavailable.
What's New
Included in this update:
  1. A significant speed improvement has been made when winning or copying estimates. This will reduce the likelihood of timeout errors occurring during these procedures - especially with estimates that contain hundreds of items.
  2. An issue with editing Costbook items on the Add General Conditions shopping cart has been fixed.
  3. Last year, time from Work Orders and Non-Billable work was added to the employee hours report. However, the grouping and filtering that was used in the report was mainly working properly for contract jobs only. We've improved the report to better handle work order time and non-billable time.  We've also fixed a number of other known issues with this report.
    • Division filtering and grouping has been split into Employee Division and Job Division.
    • State/Province filtering and grouping has been split into Employee State/Province and Job State/Province.
    • Cost Code and Labor Type filtering and grouping has been changed to include sections for work orders, non-billable work, and unspecified.
    • The Job filter has been split into 3 - Jobs, Work Orders, and Non-Billable work
    • Work Order status filtering will now allow you to include Job and Non-Billable time regardless or not.
    • The report has been sped up considerably.


Proposal Enhancements & Fixes 

  1. A new item descriptions checkbox has been added to the Proposal layout which determines whether the item descriptions are shown on the proposal or not. 
  2. Proposals are now viewable on Android devices if the phone or tablet has an application that can open .docx files.
  3. Proposal doesn't show empty sections if all the items within that section are hidden. 
  4. Layout changes made to the default proposal. For a residential client, the contact names appear above the address. Also, for residential clients, the account name doesn't appear on the proposal above the address any more.
  5. Company phone, fax, license number now hidden on the proposal if left blank.
  6. Rich text with special characters (such as " ' ™)  in estimate notes, work area notes, or kit notes were not always rendered correctly on proposal word documents. We've fixed this so that they now show correctly.
  7. The DS|Manage360 default proposal now uses the "Normal" style font instead of hardcoding Times New Roman 12pt. This makes it very easy to switch the font of the entire proposal. 
  8. When printing proposals using IE10, the rich text editor successfully loads and the proposal headers & footers are printed on the proposal.
  9. When modifying a proposal's layout, the work areas checkbox is checked by default & is disabled. The visibility of work area descriptions on the proposal is based on the work area descriptions checkbox in the layout.


The DynaSCAPE Software Team
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