DS|Manage360 Change Order Update
Your DS|Manage360 site will be automatically updated to the latest version starting at: 5:00 AM EST on Monday November 17, 2014We expect this update to take 30 minutes, during which time your site may be unavailable.

Server maintenance is also required, but we will take care of this at 5:00 AM EST on Tuesday November 18, 2014. We expect the server maintenance to take approximately 30 minutes, during which time your site will be unavailable.
What's New
Included in this update: 
  1. Added flexibility: Editing Work Areas, Kits, and Items within a Change Order is now possible. 
    • Previously, you needed to remove the item, and re-add it back in with the correct numbers in order to make a small change. Now you can update the names, quantities, labor hours, prices, totals inline with the item itself. You can also edit kit details such as lead item, or descriptions. Work Areas descriptions can also be edited. When item quantities, labor, prices, totals are changed, the change is rolled up and down throughout the Change Order to recalculate totals and related items as well.
    • Some of the editing is restricted to certain scenarios. For example, if you are removing an item from a contract via a Change Order you can't edit that, but if you are adding (as new or via a substitution) you can edit what you want. If you are using the "change quantity" feature, you can only re-edit the quantity, not the price as that would affect existing item prices on the current contract. 
  2. Distribute General Conditions Among Work Areas in Change Orders.
    • In prior versions, General Conditions applied to Change Orders as a separate work area called "General Conditions" that handled all the general conditions across all the work areas included in the change order. This has been changed to work similarly to how the estimate's general conditions work. The general conditions get split across the work areas into kits. Only work areas that are set up to be "Included in General Conditons" will get this kit.
    • Existing Change Orders will not be affected, unless you choose to re-apply them. If you do that, it will remove the general conditions work area from the change order, and then add it correctly as kits within the various work areas.
  3. Prompt for Unsaved Work.
    • You are now prompted to confirm your decision to leave the Change Order you were working on, if you have unsaved changes. 
  1. Customer import from Quickbooks no longer fails because of CustomerTypeID.
    • Importing customers from Quickbooks should no longer fail because of a problem with the CustomerTypeID and will also have Sales Tax set correctly, i.e. If "Account Type Default" is set to Commercial and "Default Sales Tax for Commercial Accounts" is set to HST then imported accounts will be Commercial with Sales Tax set to HST. 

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