DS|Design v6.3!
Enhancements, Windows 8.1 Compatibility, and Bug Fixes 

Update now and see the new enhancements we've added!

  • Raster Improvements: Handling of rasters in DS|Design v6.3 has been improved, using less memory which enables the use of larger rasters. These changes will also improve PDF import limitations. 
  • Turn off Constraints for "Blue Dot" tools: When choosing a hatching tool that has the "blue dot" in it, Constraints will be turned off, as this previously adversely affected the ability to find the containing area. 
  • Additional Performance Option Settings Added
    • There are now 4 performance Options (Environment > Performance Settings):
      • Default (uses hardware rendering if possible, falling back to software rendering)
      • Hardware (uses hardware rendering)
      • Software [NEW] (uses software rendering)
      • Legacy (uses old GDI-style rendering)
  • Raster Quality Performance Option added: Added a Raster Rendering section to the Performance Settings dialogue with options for High Performance, Balanced and High Quality. This affects the quality of how the rasters are displayed and also affects the amount of computer resources that Design uses.
Bug fixes:
  • Installation on Windows 8.1 - Popup Indicates that .NET is Required:  DS|Design plugins now run on .NET 4.0. However, all prerequisite .NET Framework versions are installed by the DS installer.
  • Closing DS|Design on Windows 8.1 results in a Windows error: This issue has been fixed with v6.3.
  • Starting DS|Design after Manual Activation fails on Windows 8.1: This issue has been fixed with v6.3.
  • Cursor not showing after minimizing: While using the offset tool, if you minimized Design, the cursor would not be visible in DS|Design. This has been fixed with v6.3.
  • Legacy Quote / Manage Issue: Cannot switch between Design and Estimating Labels: User Interface issues have been fixed with v6.3.
  • Figures appear empty after updating from v5.4: This issue has been fixed with v6.3
Get these enhancements, Windows 8.1 compatibility, and bug fixes by updating DS|Design now! This update is free for DynaSCAPE users with Active Subscriptions. If you would like to upgrade, but don't have an Active Subscription please contact our Sales Team (sales@dynascape.com or 1.800.710.1900) to find out how.
How to get the update:

Using DS|Design v5 or v6 already? If you are currently using DS|Design 5.0 or higher, this update can be downloaded by going to Start > (All) Programs > DynaSCAPE > Design > Check for DynaSCAPE Design Updates

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