DS|Manage360 v2.40 Updated Videos
Work Orders | Timesheets
What's New (videos with properly adjusted audio)
Included in this update:

Work Orders

Added functionality to create, manage, schedule, and invoice:

  • Time and Material based work
  • Ad-hoc work
  • Warranty work
  • Punch out work
Work Orders allow for quick jobs that do not exceed 1 day to be created and scheduled rapidly. You don't have to go through the estimation process to create a Work Order. Because this, users will not be able to compare Estimated vs Actuals in reports. There is a Work Order Analysis where users can view Cost, Break Even, Profit..etc...This will be the only place where this data is captured.

We've enhanced Timesheets in DS|Manage360. Users will now experience the enhanced functionality of 1 Timesheet per day per crew. A list of Contract Jobs, Work Orders, and Non-Billable Time will be displayed showing start and stop times, duration and totals. Users are able to drive into the Job Log of Contract Jobs and details of the Work Order. Tracking Non-billable time like: lunch, lateness, sick time, repair time, weather delays is now possible with enhanced Timesheets.

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