DS|Manage360 v2.34 Update
Your DS|Manage360 site will be automatically updated to the latest version starting at: 5:00 AM EDT on Thursday September 19, 2013.

We expect this update to take 30 minutes, during which time your site may be unavailable.
What's New
Included in this update:

Estimates - Improvement

For Estimate > Items tab > Edit View, the drop down list of suppliers that appears on the estimate detail screen is now in alphabetical order.


Jobs - Improvement

For enhanced functionality and clarity the following changes have been made for Jobs:

  • In Settings, Job Statuses has been renamed to "Job Phases"
  • On the Job screen, Job Status has been renamed to "Job Phase".
  • On the Job screen, the "Is Active" checkbox has been removed and replaced with a drop down list called "Job Status". The "Job Status" drop down list now has the options Open/Closed instead of Active/Archived.
  • All views have been updated accordingly.
  • All reports referencing job status have been converted to now reference job phases.
  • New journal entries created for jobs will now refer to the new phases and statuses (existing journal entries have not been altered).

Estimate Templates - Correction

When an estimate is created using a template, the Account's sales tax will now be used instead of using the sales tax that was originally saved with the template when it was created.


List Pages - Resolution

Sorting by clicking on the headers, on all list pages, works once again (e.g. by clicking on the "Date" column header of Production > Timesheets page the list will be sorted by date).


Change Orders - Resolution

When tracking Labor by Cost Code, General Condition items from the Change Order no longer appear as duplicates in the Labor section of the Job Actuals. [Previously released in a hotfix]


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