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New Smartphone App Seeks to Uncomplicate

the Lives of 42 Million Caregivers



Unfrazzle explained
Unfrazzle Explained


Washington, D.C. (Nov. 30, 2012) -- 42 million Americans, from teens to octogenarians, spend an average of 20 hours a week caring for their family, friends and neighbors, at an enormous cost to their own health, wealth and happiness.

Unfrazzle, a new app for iPhone and Android, helps to uncomplicate the lives of caregivers by providing mobile task management and coordination for family caregivers - it helps caregivers remember and track the full range of their caregiving tasks, and stay in-sync with other caregivers.

"Caring for friends and family is a natural and beautiful part of life, but it can also be overwhelming and lonely," says Silicon Valley technology veteran and developer Rajiv Mehta, "With Unfrazzle, I'm giving caregivers space for joy, warmth and life."

Everyday family caregivers face a wide variety seemingly mundane but constantly changing and never ending caregiving tasks, which together can be overwhelming. In addition, multiple caregivers are often involved, and keeping everyone informed and coordinated can be very difficult.  Unfrazzle addresses these widely felt challenges of everyday caregiving by helping users remember and keep track of all of these tasks: medications, exercises, chores, observations, appointments, ... anything. And, Unfrazzle enables co-caregivers to see each other's activities to stay constantly connected.

Unfrazzle will be demonstrated publicly for the first time at booth 235, in the EngAGE Pavillion at the mHealthSummit at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center just outside Washington, D.C., this coming Monday through Wednesday (Dec. 3-5).

The EngAGE Pavilion, sponsored by AARP and Aging2.0 will showcase engaging and innovative wellness and lifestyle companies serving the 50+ market - the biggest, wealthiest and fastest growing group of people in the US, and globally. The pavilion will highlight how sensors, smartphones and wireless technology are supporting connected independence and meaningful lifelong engagement.  Attendees will have the opportunity to engage directly with these forward-looking innovators and see live demos of their products which are redefining the aging experience.

More about Rajiv Mehta

While there are many career paths that a NASA scientist with degrees from Princeton, Stanford and Columbia and experience leading innovation for Apple, Adobe, Paul Allen and Symbol could have chosen, Mehta has devoted himself to developing technologies that help people take care of themselves and their families. He is on the board of the Family Caregiver Alliance, is a leader in the Quantified Self movement, and led the development of Zume Life and Tonic, ground-breaking products that led to Unfrazzle.

The Unfrazzle Team

Rajiv has pulled together a team from the frontlines of caregiving to help him create the Unfrazzle app and a social network of caregivers. Members include:

  • Hugh Dubberly. Award winning designer and educator, who's firm Dubberly Design Office advises some of the world's leading technology, media and health companies. Dubberly has worked closely with Mehta for many years, and together they have written about and lectured on designing for health.
  • David Bunnell. Media entrepreneur and founder of PC World, Macworld and ELDR, David is an expert social media community organizer and architect.  
  • Mary Beth Sammons. Nationally renowned health and wellness journalist and co-author of "We Carry Each Other: Getting Through Life's Toughest Times" based on CarePages, the hugely successful online community she helped to launch.   
  • Ashvin Radiya PhD. At the forefront of multi-platform, hybrid app development, his firm, AvantSoft, develops software and provides development training on cutting-edge technologies for leading corporations around the globe.
Unfrazzle is developed by Brageera Inc, led by Rajiv Mehta. Bhageera Inc also provides consulting services to help companies evaluate and commercialize radical innovation, with a focus on consumer health innovations.

Photos and screenshots available by request.

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