September 2016
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Time Management Tips!

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, right? Why are we SO much busier now that we have all of this time-saving technology?!

We've gathered some time management tips for sales professionals from a variety of experts to share here:
  • Schedule everything. Time for appointments or meetings of course, but also administrative tasks, prospecting or research, follow-up calls, planning, email and even free time! Then commit to your schedule.
  • Only check email a few times a day.  This is a tough one, but just try it! Many time-efficient salespeople do NOT check email first thing in the morning. They use that time for pressing projects (scheduled from the day before!). If you only check email during the scheduled times, you'll be less likely to be distracted from your current tasks.
  • Structure your day around your customers. If there are times when you know you can connect with your customers (early morning or late evening works for some...), schedule your follow-up or prospecting times accordingly.
  • Be prepared to call an audible.
    When meetings get cancelled or end earlier than expected, don't waste that time. Be prepared with tasks or activities that you can accomplish during that "bonus" time.
  • Adopt the 2-minute rule.  While you're checking email, handle anything that takes less than 2 minutes immediately. For the rest, create a separate folder or inbox so you'll have them all in one place it's time for administrative or follow-up tasks.
  • Prepare a concise value proposition. Your customers are looking for ways to save time, too! The faster you can articulate exactly what you can do for them, the sooner you can close that sale.
We're all familiar with time-management advice to delegate and cut back on all non-revenue-producing activities; all easier said than done. When you can't completely get all of these tasks off of your plate, you can at least be more productive by scheduling time for these activities and sticking with your schedule!  (Don't forget to schedule time to read our newsletter each month...).

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Thanks to all of the suppliers and attendees at our Metro Incentive Show!

Hope you came away with some new ideas.  Call us for complete presentations on  any of the new lines or products of interest!

1. Make a good first impression. (Dress for success; know your value proposition.)

2. Have a positive attitude. (Enthusiasm is contagious; many people are shedding the negative people in their lives!)

3. They take notes. (Don't trust your memory - make sure you capture your customer's comments.)

4. They keep their commitments. (Sounds basic but people who do what they say are a rarity.)

5. They know their stuff. (Be prepared with product & service info; if you don't know the answer, know where to find it!)

6. They welcome complaints. (Effective salespeople know that complaints or objections are opportunities to show how they handle problems.)

7. They never give up. Even after losing a big sale or project, successful salespeople stay focused on what they CAN accomplish.

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