Jan 2016
A New Look for a New Year!

Same tips and trends in digital marketing and marketing communication, but in a new format! As always, please let me know any subjects you might like covered in future issues! Expect this monthly in your email box!  Happy New Year!
In This Issue
5 Social Media Resolutions for the New Year

  1. Update your website.  If your website is not mobile responsive, correct that immediately. The vast majority of people now carry their inbox in their pocket. Make sure your information is accessible. Are your SEO tools up to date and is the information accurate? Are your images still relevant? Have you changed personnel or service offerings? January is a great month to take stock and make minor revisions.
  2. Review your social media platforms. Take a look at your analytics. If you have been diligent about working your social media strategy and are not gaining traction on certain platforms, they're probably not for you. It's okay to focus your efforts where you are seeing the most return. Don't be afraid to back off or even opt out of a particular platform that isn't working for you.
  3. Set a new social media strategy.  If you don't have a defined social media strategy, set one! This doesn't have to be complicated: decide how often you'll post and set up a schedule. Set aside an hour to plan an editorial calendar that outlines the subjects that you'll cover, and then decide whether you will curate content or create original content (a mix of the two is optimal).
  4. Try new toolsIf you are having trouble keeping up with everything, try scheduling tools like Hootsuite, TweetdeckSproutSocial or Agorapulse. Don't forget that you can also schedule posts on your company Facebook page. 
  5. Experiment with new media. If you've been doing the same thing for a long time, try out some new options. YouTube how-to videos, Animoto videos, infographics. Perhaps move from traditional powerpoint presentations to Prezior HaikuDeck. There are new options available every day - look around for a new way to convey your messages.
Color Trends 2016

Yes, people are paid to determine the Color of the Year. For 2016, it is Rose Quartz and Serenity (if they just called it pink and blue, it wouldn't be FASHION!) Apparently these colors are to be used together so that it qualifies as a "color" of the year rather than two colors....

At any rate, according to the powers that be, these colors represent tranquility and peace, and coincide with the societal movement toward gender equality and fluidity.  Now you know!