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 March 2016

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From Our I-Pastor
BIrthdays and stuff 

Recent Presbyterian Church services on DVD will be shown at The Knolls on March 8 & 22.  We will be in the Assisted Living dining room at 10:00 A.M. and anyone who wishes to join us is welcome. 
Becky Quay
All are welcome!

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From Our Interim Pastor
The Spirit of Easter
Pastor Hart Edmonds

Easter is the joy and celebration of the Christ-life. The stone is rolled away-the tomb is empty and hearts are full.   Jesus lives!  Easter ushers in a time when we realize that you may kill God's love in Jesus Christ, but you can't keep his love dead and buried.  Love rises to life again and again in Christ!
The Easter season is "The Great Fifty Days" of revelation when all creation sings for joy, and the whole panorama of salvation through Christ unfolds before our wondering eyes.    During the seven weeks of the Season of Easter, we rejoice in the victory of love, which is revealed in the resurrection of Jesus, in the transformation of Jesus' followers, and in the biblical vision of Christ as harmony for all of creation.

Worship Schedule for March: From Lent to Holy Week
March 6                                                   
Communion Sunday                                                                  
Theme:   "Choices"                                                                 
 Installation of Church Officers
March 13                                                 
Theme:  "Solutions"                                                               
 Daylight Savings Time Ends
Assembling Health Kits for Mission Project
March 20                                                     
Palm/Passion Sunday                                                       
 Reader's Theatre Presentation of the Passion Story
March 24                                      
Maundy Thursday Service at The Knolls  5:15- 7p.m.
Dinner at The Knolls  followed by Maundy Thursday Communion
Cost for Dinner about $6  (More information coming to RSVP)
March 27                                         
 One Easter Sunday Worship  Service at 10 a.m.
One Great Hour of Sharing Offering Received
Fellowship time afterward for all ages in the Courtyard

Many thanks to all who helped to make the Taize prayer service happen in such a wonderful, inviting, and beautiful way.  Special thanks goes to Kent Peterson, Lynn Jacobs, OPC choir members, and the musicians Kent recruited to lead us in prayer.
Warm hospitality and a great meal were provided by Robert Smith, Marjorie Smith, Paula Foltz, Ginny & Dale Layton, Lisa Brunckhorst, and Pastor Hart Edmonds.
The sanctuary was prepared and people welcomed to worship by Pat Gifford, Amy McGoldrick, Nancy Moeckel, Carol Klumb, Janet Ziegler, Jenny Bailer, and Ben Baughman.
Additional thanks goes to John Bailer for assisting any and everywhere he was needed. And to college interns, Ben Baughman and Mitch Hardy for assistance with cleanup.
The contribution of many hands made this whole experience possible!
Cheryl Edmonds 
And many, many thanks to Pastor Cheryl, for her leadership and for presenting a moving service. 

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The 45-56 Club will meet on Sunday, March 6 from 1:30 -3:00p.m at 6751 Brown Road.  The activity for the afternoon will be to make a keepsake box using recently collected Gulf of Mexico seashells.  Besides making the box we will also learn the various shells and classify them according to their structure.  All materials will be provided.  Please contact Dick Munson at 372-2118 or at beaver1948@juno.com if you can attend.  As always, parents, siblings, grandparents and guests are welcomed.  



 Keep these friends in your prayers:
Marilyn Young, Genee Hesse, Robbie Wells, John Reller, Stacey Winn, Betty Barnhart, Cathy Fey, Marilyn Rettig, Sarah Soika, Bob Douglass

Lord in Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayers
We celebrate on March 16th with parents, Laura and William Ellison, and grandparents, Kim and Russ Logsdon, the second anniversary of Ali's baptism.

To behind the scenes work by Kim Logsdon.  Kim has spruced up the church webpage by aligning and cleaning and adding and deleting and just caring.  This will be a great place for our prospective New Pastors to check out OPC.
(check it out yourself-- oxfordpresbychurch.org

All our best to you, Jean Hitsman.  We will miss your skill, knowledge, kindness and PATIENCE.  We know you will succeed in your new position.

We're Presbyterians and we WANT YOUR BLOOD!
Donate it; DON"T make us TAKE it!
Save the date: Deacons Blood Drive March 29th.
The Deacon's Lenten Food Drive will be Sunday March 13, 2016.  Please leave the donated items in the Narthex, the front entrance to the Sanctuary.  Monetary donations can be made by writing a check with a note in the note field Deacon's Food Drive or placing cash in a pew envelope with the Deacon's Food Drive on the pew envelope. 
Items needed by the Oxford Choice Pantry include cereal; pasta (but not spaghetti); peanut butter; tuna; fruit and vegetables (canned, not fresh, they might spoil) toilet paper, personal care items such as body wash, shampoo, conditioner and deodorant (but NOT bar soap)
All members registered with the Community Rewards program through their Kroger Plus Card will need to re-register in the Community Reward Program in April!
If you previously had the Deacon's Kroger Reward Committee register you in the program, you will be re-registered by the Deacon's for 2016.
If you would like the Deacon's Kroger Rewards Committee to register you, please give the following information to Molly Todd or Matt Lykins (you can leave it in our mailboxes located at the church) or Bridgite Dickerson, the OPC administrative assistant:
Kroger Plus Number:
Phone Number:
If you are not yet registered and would like to register yourself, please follow these steps:
Click on "Community"
Click on "Kroger Community Rewards"
Click on "Create an Account" (if you do not have one) OR Click on "Click Here to Sign In"
Once enrolled, select Oxford Presbyterian Church as the recipient of Kroger's donations. Our organization ID # is 80717.
Please check the bottom of your Kroger receipts, they will say: Oxford Presbyterian Church if you are successfully registered. 
Remember, OPC will receive a donation from Kroger for your purchases and there is NO cost to you! Donations are used to help support the Oxford Food Pantry and to help those in need that live in our community. 
Thank you for taking the time to register for the Kroger Community Rewards Program! 

Do you know someone who needs a Prayer Shawl? Shawls are given for comfort in times of illness or grief, as well as for celebration in times of joy.  If you have a friend or relative to whom you would like to give a Prayer Shawl, please call Cornelia Browne.




Afternoon circle schedule is changed in March. Because of Election Day we are meeting March 8 rather than the March 15. We'll meet for Lunch at 12 and our circle will meet at 1:30 at the Knolls. Lawretta will lead the lesson, Prue will discuss the Mission Yearbook and Pat will conduct the Least Coin.

will meet March 1 at the home of Jean O'Connell.  Connie Everhart is the co-hostess, Jean will lead the Devotions, and Karen will lead the Program.


Six Oxford Presbyterian Women will be traveling to Ferncliff Arkansas March 28-April 1st on a Mission Trip.  They will learn about Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and will help to assemble Gifts of the Heart.   This trip is being organized by the National Presbyterian Women's Office in Louisville.  Jean O'Connell, Karen Shearer, Paula Foltz, Janet Ziegler, Jo Reinhart, and Sue Wilson will be going and are excited to also deliver Health kits that are assembled and donated by our congregation.
World Day of Prayer 2016 will be celebrated Sunday March 6, 3 to 4: 30 p.m. at the Oxford Presbyterian Church.  World Day of Prayer is a worldwide ecumenical movement led by Christian women who come together to observe a common day of prayer and action. This year's worship was written by Women of Cuba with a focus "Receive Children, Receive Me".
Melanie M. Ziegler, Ph.D., Chief Program Advisor, International Studies Program will share her experiences of travel and study in Cuba. All are invited.
Church Women United of Oxford has been a part of the World Day of Prayer since it's beginning in 1927. Through sharing worship together, we expand the heart and minds in our own community. Through our offerings we make life better for women and their families around the world. World Day of Prayer matters! 

Based on 2 Corinthians 5: 17-20, a discussion re what God's mission is for OPC in the years to come, was held.  Mentioned - be ambassadors for Christ, recognize where reconciliation has happened and build on it, get more involvement from the congregation as a whole.
Pastoral Nominating Committee reported that the Committee on Ministry accepted the Ministry Information Form, at their February 13th meeting, with minor semantic changes.  Good news! The road is now clear for resumes from potential candidates for the position to be received by the PNC.
Session committees for 2016 were formed.
Answer to the question of the month:
A meeting of session will be called to hear a report from the Facilities Committee and the architects re the Memorial Building and follow up issues on the Seminary Building. 
Stewardship and Finance reported that there is a deficit in the number of pledges that have been received.
Two new hand held microphones will be purchased to hopefully improve the ability to hear what is said in the sanctuary.  
Plan of action is in place to hire a new financial secretary and to cover the financial work until that person is on board.

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WANTED:  a guest columnist for the APRIL newsletter.  Help save this column.  Donate your words before this column starves.
Our guest columnist for March is Evalough Middaugh.  Though she now lives in Columbus, she is still an active and involved member.
The story in the last newsletter about the spire in the Seminary Church brought back some special memoires to me.  To go back... in 1953 Dick and I moved with our two young sons, to the small house behind the Seminary Church.  It was converted from a carriage house to a very nice little home.  We soon became acquainted with our neighbors, the Fairman family.  Their son Tim and our son Mike were about the same age.  Our family became church members and our boys, Mike and Todd, were christened there.
Then in the 60's we joined the Memorial church and enjoyed the fellowship of many friends, and the Hendrix family.  Joe was the Pastor.  As my interest in the activities of the church continued, years later, and the Hookey's were now in place, I was asked to help with some of the redecorating of the Seminary Church.  I remember how carefully Lois Hookey planned the redecoration of the entryway.  Things were repaired, colorful painting of the entire area was done and color was added to the long church benches that were placed on the two landings.  Just above, new sparking chandeliers were installed.  Beautiful carpeting was added in the entire entryway.  There was an amazing new look!  I was a proud member of the House Committee that assisted Lois.
Later we updated the Molyneaux Room; now spearheading that committee was Carol Bowers, Barbara Skipper and others.  These nice changes were very much enjoyed.  Then the bathrooms were brought up to date with new colorful painting and new décor, with dedicated assistance of Judy Herold.  New attention was given to the courtyard of the church, and a new Memorial Garden Committee was instituted.  This group of dedicated Christians transformed the small space to place for quiet meditation.  The wall at the entryway to the church now contained an impressive plaque dedicate to those members who were buried there.
Meanwhile, the House Committee dedicated themselves to a weekly cleaning of the Seminary kitchen.  We added many new things and I had the honor of helping to add a complete number of attractive and comfortable, much needed, new chairs.  New painting, draperies, and wall hangings from the Memorial building gave the dining room a fresh new look. Many wonderful church members, men and women, have continued caring for our very special church building.  Since I left Oxford, over four years ago, and am still a member, I have kept up on the daunting task that has been ongoing to preserve our amazing legacy.  What a dedicated group
Which brings me full circle.  There is a check enclosed (for Bill King) to help with the final touch to the whole -the addition of the imposing spire to the church steeple.  Thanks to all of you for completing a wonderful renovation for the generations to come.
PS.  I would like to dedicate the enclosed check to honor Jack Staberg, a very humble, dedicated friend for his many 

Do you know something about the church you want to share?  It can be a person, an event, your special memory, a story, whatever.  Others would love to know what you know. 
Please share.  With interest and response, this will be a permanent column.  Send your write-up to Nancy at moeckenj@miamioh.edu. Or call (523-6003) and we can chat.


The Pastor Nominating Committee was chosen at a congregational meeting in November.  Members of the Committee are Jenny Bailer, Jennifer Walter, Jennifer Lake, Tip Ziegler, Tom Holmes, Lindsay Crist and John Curry.  Jenny Bailer and John Curry are the co-chairs. The PNC intends to provide periodic updates to the congregation on where we are in the search process.    
The initial task of the PNC was to draft a document called the Ministry Information Form (MIF).  This MIF introduces our Church to prospective candidates using a standardized format. A representative from our Presbytery's Committee on Ministry, Marj Lawson, serves as our process resource person.
The MIF communicates information on demographics, membership, worship attendance, available salary range, and areas of competency most desired in a pastor, our pastor's job description and other characteristics sought in a new pastor.  Additionally, we attempted to relate our mission and vision for ministry including how we will address emerging needs in our community.
Although challenging in its scope, the drafting of the MIF has finally been completed.  Importantly, our Session and the Committee on Ministry of our Presbytery have approved the document.  This document will now be used with promising pastoral candidates.  Stay tuned!  
Your PNC

Seeking God, Serving Others, Sharing Christ's Love With All
Janet Holmes shares this story.

On Friday afternoon, January 22, 2016, four of our congregation members went to Woodland Manor to help with their Winter Dance.  A grand time was had by all, as Nancy and Jim Sturgeon, and Janet and Tom Holmes ventured out on a snowy day to the nursing residence to demonstrate some ballroom dancing and to engage the residents in the various dances.  Steve Baker (Miami Assistant Athletic Director) was the disc jockey for the event and he played wonderful songs by artists such as Glenn Miller, Bobby Darin, Jack Hannen's orchestra, and Burt Bacharach.   Nancy and Janet demonstrated a waltz and a tango.  Tom and Janet demonstrated the foxtrot, swing, and Cha Cha.  Each dance was demonstrated for the crowd of about forty.   Then, for example, after the waltz was performed, Steve Baker would play another waltz, and Nancy, Tom, Janet and other Woodland Manor workers would take the numerous wheelchairs out onto the dance floor.  The wheelchairs were wheeled to the beat of the music and some enjoyed holding hands with others in wheelchairs across from them.   A few of the residents who were mobile enough also danced with a steady partner to help them balance.  Janet's favorite sight was seeing Tom Holmes take Phyllis Gibson  (long time Oxford Methodist friend) out onto the floor to dance a waltz in her chair, and then about two songs later, her husband, Wayne Gibson decided it would be nice to dance with his wife who was in the wheelchair.  The whole dance lasted about an hour and a half and church members Joan Teckman, Marjory Baer, and Karen Shearer (who was recovering from a fall) also all got to dance on the floor in their wheelchairs/walker.
After enjoying the fun afternoon, the group of demo dancers decided it would be a great fellowship/volunteer opportunity for many of our church members to assist in another dance, maybe in the Spring.  Any adult who feels strong enough to push a wheelchair would be a great addition to the dance.  Watch the newsletter or bulletin for any future dances. 

(Have you seen or been involved in other moments of "our mission statement at work?"  Be sure to submit that story to the newsletter. ----ed.)


When two groups in our church are working on the very same kind of mission project, at the very same time, but unbeknownst to each other-that's kind of cool. But when two efforts unite and form a synergy that makes them bigger and better together than either one was by itself-that's way cool, and the Holy Spirit must be at work! 
During January and February, Mission and Outreach was making plans to ask the congregation to help assemble Health Kits for Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA). The kits would be mailed to PDA. PDA would then ship the kits off to places around the world where disasters interrupt lives to such a degree that access to the simplest of things such as toothbrushes and soap, is impossible.  It seemed like a good intergenerational activity that all of us could do to be God's hands in the world.
At the same time, Oxford Presbyterian Women were planning a Mission Trip to Arkansas (yes, even adults go on Mission Trips!). A group of 6 women would be traveling to Ferncliff, AK, in the spring to help do what??-assemble Health Kits for Presbyterian Disaster Assistance!  This is a much bigger job than just assembling an individual kit. They will be putting together many, many, many kits, and will likely be putting them into large boxes, and then trucks or planes, to get them ready to ship to those in need around the world. The group recently received an email from the organizers requesting that they bring as many health kits with them as possible when they go to Ferncliff, AK. How were they going to get a whole lot of health kits?
That's when the synergy (Holy Spirit!) happened. The two groups heard of each other's plans and decided to work together for something even bigger! Through the organizing efforts of the Mission and Outreach committee, and the gathering of supplies by our sisters and brothers in the congregation, we hope that we can send the OPW van to Ferncliff, AK laden with health kits in zip lock bags.

Families and individuals can participate in two different ways:

1)    Purchase some/any of the items on the list below and bring them to church on Sunday, March 13. Then, during Sunday School and after church, the kits will be assembled from the donated items and placed into zip lock bags or

2)    Purchase all the items on the list below, place them in a zip lock bag, and bring them to church on Palm Sunday, March 20, to be blessed during the service.

A blessing will be offered during the Palm Sunday Service for all the kits, and for the women driving to Ferncliff, AK, and for all the people who will one day receive the kits during a crisis time in their lives.

The assembled kits will be placed in the van and driven to Ferncliff, AK by: Sue Wilson, Janet Ziegler, Karen Shearer, Paul Foltz, Jo Reinhart, and Jean O'Connell. They will hand deliver our OPC Health Kits to PDA, ready for distribution to God's children in need.

Each kit should include all seven of the following items, placed inside a gallon ziplock bag:
Hand Towel
Wash Cloth
Wide-tooth comb
Nail Clippers (metal, not an emery board)
Bar Soap (bath size in wrapper)
Standard band-aids
Tooth Brush (in original single packaging)
(NO toothpaste please as it spoils)

All of these items can be purchased at Dollar Tree and can cost less than $8.00 for the kit.
Thanks for joining in this Holy Spirit inspired project!  May each kit be a blessing to someone in need.

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There is a Community Dinner, March 30th 4:30 - 7:30
Watch for further details
Recent Presbyterian Church services on DVD will be shown at The Knolls on March 8 & 22.  We will be in the Assisted Living dining room at 10:00 A.M. and anyone who wishes to join us is welcome. 
Becky Quay
If you would like to join a small investment group of fellow congregants, learn a little about investing, and support mission giving, please consider joining the Mustard Seed Investment group.
The group meets four times a year in members' homes, contributing $50 each quarter.  The value of our portfolio currently fluctuates around $23,000 dollars.   For the sixth year, we have contributed $600, most recently half to local missions and half to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.  The beneficiary is determined by vote of the members.  As the value of the portfolio grows we hope the amount distributed will grow as well. The portfolio is the property of the church.
We will meet Mar. 2nd at 7:30 at the home of Joe and Karen Simpson, 1325 Dana Drive.  Please visit with us to see if you are interested. Call Joe Simpson  513.523.8363 if you would like to discuss the group or to arrange a ride.
Special Invitation:  If you would like to pray for others, we would like to invite you to join us on the OPC Prayer Line.  Please contact Jean O'Connell at oconnelljm17@yahoo.com or Lawretta Clum at 524-7437. We can contact you for prayer needs either online or by phone tree.  We hope you will join us in prayer. 

The Christian Cooperative Nursery School has a new email. 
Sarah Mapel 
Christian Co-op Nursery School Administrator & Teacher 
The event kicks off with a luncheon for cancer survivors and their caretakers at 11:30 AM and the walk continues through 11 PM.  The OPC team will have people walking on the sidewalk all throughout the afternoon and evening.  Around 9 pm, luminaries are lit in memory of those who have passed away from cancer, and in honor of the survivors in our families and community.  Our team would love for you to join us by either helping at our fundraising site, walking with us that day, or donating to our cause.  
To sign up to be a team member or donate to our team, please visit the website:  www.relayforlife.org/oxfordoh and search for the Oxford Presbyterian Church team.  The team is being co-captained this year by Mary Jane Roberts and Jennifer Lake.  Please see either of these ladies if you have any questions.  While we enjoy this day of fundraising and celebrating, we would be even more excited to find a cure for cancer.  Any and all donations are truly appreciated!
If you would like to purchase a luminary, the cost is $10.  Jennifer Lake has the order forms.  She can be reached at djaelake@hotmail.com or 513-892-2591.
Newsletter Liaisons Required
This is a call to you who meet monthly in a church committee to share with the newsletter what is happening in your group.  We have some such committees who report to the newsletter regularly, i.e. Christian Education and Session.  Some committees report when an event is upcoming, i.e. Deacons and their blood and food drives. (Well, I perhaps should rephrase that to blood drives and food drives, to make sure we all understand these are separate events).  This is a call for each committee to appoint a Newsletter Liaison who would send a simple email (or phone call or note in the mailbox) to the newsletter editor with information to share.  Just a sentence or two (or more is good).  What is your committee planning, what's upcoming, what fun things that have happened?  We need to share more of what is going on in our church with each other.  This is one way to start.  I'll be pestering you.
Your friendly neighborhood newsletter editor aka Nancy


Save the date Monday March 14, 2016
ADS (Adult Day Service) annual Spaghetti Dinner from 5-6:30pm at the Senior Center.  Dinner includes all you can eat pasta, meat or meatless homemade sauce, garlic bread, salad, and deserts.   Cost is $8 adults and Children under 10 $4.  We will have great door prizes and raffle items. 
The money raised by this event will go toward offsetting cost of programming and buy or update needed equipment  
Raffle items will be Stain Glass item and a Hand quilted baby/blanket made by Leslye Simak.  Tickets will be 6 for $5 or $1 a piece.  The quilt will be on display at the Senior Center Starting March 1st.  WE CANNOT THANK LESLYE AND THE STAIN GLASS CLASS ENOUGH FOR HER GENEROSITY
We have several outings planned for March.  On 3/1 and 3/15 we will leave the ADS at 10:20 am and go to Pristine Senior Living to play chair volleyball with our friends over there.  On 3/8/16 we will travel out to the Knolls of Oxford at 10:20am and play bingo with our friends who live there and on 3/29 we will go to Woodland Country Manor at 1:20pm for bingo and an Ice Cream social with our friends that live there.  It is so nice to be able to visit with our previous clients and families during these visits.
We still have openings available for clients here at the ADS.  If you know someone who would like information about the ADS or have a group who would like a presentation about the Ads please call Debbie at 513-708-9707.                   
Pasta Festa is coming to Oxford!  Please join the Family Resource Center for our annual spaghetti dinner fundraiser!  The event will be held on March 10, 2015 from 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm, at the Talawanda High School Cafeteria, 5301 University Park Blvd.  The dinner is all you can eat, and costs $10 per adult and $5 per child, age 10 and under. Children under 2 are free.  Tickets are available at the door or can be purchased in advance at the FRC thrift store Common Cents in Oxford. Contact the FRC at 513-523-5859 for more information.
From our friends at
The Presbyterian Church, Hamilton
Praying Always in All Ways
The Presbyterian Church, Hamilton, will hold a Spring Retreat Saturday, March 12, 9:30 A.M. - 12:00 noon at  the church. This year's theme is Praying Always in All Ways and will be presented by S. Olga Wittekind, OSF, Ph.D.,  Director of Oldenburg Franciscan Center, Oldenburg, Indiana. Participants are invited to look at ways we can pray and how we can pray at all times. We may need new ways of finding time with God so we can experience our own transformation! Come for a morning of peace and calm...Everyone is invited to attend. The cost is $10 per person and includes continental breakfast.
For more information, click here
Oxford Presbyterian Church Staff
Telephone: 513-523-6364
Fax: 513-523-8215
Seminary Building: 513-523-7411
Interim Pastor: Pastor Hart Edmonds
Interim Associate Pastor: Pastor Cheryl Edmonds
Music Director: Kent Peterson
Organist: Lynn Jacobs
Pastor Emeritus: Dr. Joseph R. Hookey
Parish Associates: Dr. Bruce Bueschel, Rev. Diane Ziegler
Administrative Assistant:
Bridgite Dickerson: office@oxfordpresbychurch.org
Financial Secretary:
Director/Teacher C.C.N.S.:
Sarah Mapel: 207-3630
Newsletter Editor:
Nancy Moeckel, moeckenj@miamioh.edu
Class of 2016:
Pam Deahl, Lynn Cronk, Pat Gifford, Tom Poetter, Rich Drewes
Class of 2017:
Mary Jane Roberts, Robert Smith, Janet Zeigler, Gwen Fears, Kim Logsdon
Class of 2018:  Carol Klumb, Amy McGoldrick, Katie Payne, Deb Sayers, David Wilson
Class of 2016:
Janet Holmes, Deanna Maxwell, Lawretta Clum, Cornelia Browne, Molly Todd
Class of 2017:
Danny Cross, Connie Everhart, Matt Lykins, Jean O'Connell, Breanne Parks
Class of 2018: Karen Shearer, Lee Fisher, Virginia Layton, Ginny Staberg, Joni Marcum
Class of 2016:Chris Adryan, Joe Simpson, Keith Payne
Class of 2017: Lisa Brunckhorst, Bill King
Class of 2018:  Tom Holmes, Nick Fears


Deadline for the April 2016 Newsletter is March 20, 2016

2          Mickey Simonds
2          Greg Hughes
4          Nancy Shoker
5          Billie Maynard
8          Susanna Smith
11       Dick Wespiser
11       Debbie Davidson
14       Mark Boardman
14       Nicole Jordan
15       Evalou Middaugh
16       Kyle Shriver
18       Alan Mehl
19       Randy Shoker
21       David Marado
22       Dan Cross
22       Deborah Bommer
22       Lindsay Crist
24       Marilyn Curry
24       Jill Grajewski
24       Trevor Richmond
25       Dick Fisher
25       Ted Fujii
26       Marian Nelson
26       Pat Spitler
29       Jan Cromer
29       Brad Cronk
29       Debby Snyder
30       Fred Brower

Not only is March Women's History Month, but it's also American Red Cross Month and Fire Prevention Month. Other popular holidays are Read Across America (March 2, which is Dr. Seuss' birthday), St. Patrick's Day (March 17), Pi Day (March 14), Daylights Saving Day,


Daylight Saving Time  2016 begins at 2:00 AM on Sunday, March 13


The vernal equinox is on Sunday, March 20, 2016 at 12:30 AM EDT


"Tell a man there are 300 billion stars in the universe and he'll believe you.  Tell him a bench has wet paint on it and he'll have to touch it to be sure." -Murphy's Law


Ben and Jerry's sends the waste from making ice cream to local pig farmers to use as feed. Pigs love the stuff, except for one flavor: Mint Oreo.


In 1980, more than 6 million trees were uprooted or flattened by the blast of Mount St. Helens in Washington.


March 8 - Jupiter at Opposition. The giant planet will be at its closest approach to Earth and its face will be fully illuminated by the Sun. It will be brighter than any other time of the year and will be visible all night long. This is the best time to view and photograph Jupiter and its moons. A good pair of binoculars should allow you to see Jupiter's four largest moons


Question of the month:

The 50-day period following Easter Sunday is known as what?

Look for the answer somewhere in the

newsletter.  The more you look, the better!



From Our Interim Pastor
Full Article
The Spirit of Easter
Pastor Hart Edmonds
Easter is the joy and celebration of the Christ-life. The stone is rolled away-the tomb is empty and hearts are full.   Jesus lives!  Easter ushers in a time when we realize that you may kill God's love in Jesus Christ, but you can't keep his love dead and buried.  Love rises to life again and again in Christ!
The Easter season is "The Great Fifty Days" of revelation when all creation sings for joy, and the whole panorama of salvation through Christ unfolds before our wondering eyes.    During the seven weeks of the Season of Easter, we rejoice in the victory of love, which is revealed in the resurrection of Jesus, in the transformation of Jesus' followers, and in the biblical vision of Christ as harmony for all of creation.
Through the Season of Easter, we're transformed for sacred friendship with Christ and one another in community.  Week by week in Sunday worship we hear how the risen Christ came to the disciples, to help them understand how God was making things new, and to help them see the holy in new ways.  We hear how the disciples received the gifts of the Spirit, and how the Spirit sent them out as "apostles" speaking languages of love. Easter offers us a vision of joy that inspires us to get on with the work of becoming whole and holy human beings. The risen Christ shows us the wounds that brought him death, and our wounds are transformed into strengths by the power of the resurrection.  Our fears are turned to trust in holy love, and all our struggles into learning.
At Easter, we know that the limitations of humanness- the fears and wounds of the world which lead to crucifixions- can open up the way to "new life."   God will help us turn our tragedies into blessings.   As Easter people, we know the Spirit makes things new.   This is what redemption means.
Sharing our story for Easter
Easter scriptures describe the path of Christian discipleship as a unity of personal, social, and cosmic transformation as the way of Christ embodies Christian hope.  Consider some of the following readings on themes of Easter's continuing presence in our faith.
  1.  Transforming experiences:  Read John 20: 1-18, Mark 16: 1-8, Luke 24: 1-10, and Matthew 28: 1-10 which are four descriptions of the empty tomb.  You may do this individually or with friends.
  • What are the differences between the resurrection stories?   What are similarities?
  • Jesus sought to prepare his disciples to experience holy presence in new ways.   Can you think of personal or shared experiences when people felt as if life had ended for them, and then discovered that the crisis led to a hopeful new beginning?
  • What moments in your life have been experiences of resurrection, when you and your life were transformed?

2.    Women and the Resurrection:  Read Matthew 28: 1-10, Mark 16:  9-11 and Luke 24: 1-12 and John 20: 11-18

  • Several biblical stories tell us that Jesus appeared first to women after his resurrection. What does appearing first to women after his resurrection suggest about Jesus' connection to the women who were his followers?
  • Why do you think the women witnesses were not first believed?  How does it affect you personally that Jesus first appeared to women?
 3.    Recognition in Emmaus:  Read Luke 24: 13-25
  • In what ways is this story a model of how we meet the risen Christ?  It is a journey of discovery for one thing that brings surprising discoveries, when all seemed lost.
  • Can you think of an "Emmaus Road" moment in your life when you're recognized the Christ in a friend or stranger?
  • How is the risen Christ present to you in sharing the bread and cup at Communion?

4.    Overcoming Doubt:  Read John 20: 19-29  (DoubtingThomas)

  • Jesus comes a second time, to reveal himself to Thomas in ways which overcome Thomas' doubts.   How can we trust what we can't see with our own eyes?
  • When in your life have your doubts been eased by experiences of the holy?

5.    A Second Chance:  Read John 13: 33-38, John 18: 12-17,       25-27 (how Peter denies knowing Jesus) and John 21: 1-         19 (Jesus gives Peter a second chance.)

  • Jesus describes the central task of discipleship as loving one another.   How does Peter fail in this task in his relationship with Jesus?
  • Casting their nets in the sea the disciples took instruction from Jesus and their empty nets were filled.  In this story, how does Peter cleanse himself so he is ready to receive Jesus' instructions?
  • Peter learns about loving through failing and being forgiven.   How does this story of boundless love and transformation speak to you?
  • In what ways is Peter's story your story?
  • How are you being strengthened and changed?
Prayers for Transformation and Renewal:
Teach me O God, not to torture myself.
Teach me to breathe deeply in faith.  Amen.  
Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855)
You are never weary, O God, of doing us good.
Let us never be weary of doing your service.
But, as you have pleasure in the well-being of your servants,
So let us take pleasure in the service of the Lord, and abound in your work,
and in your love and praise, evermore.   Let the witness of your pardoning love
ever live in our hearts. Amen.      
John Wesley (1703-1791)


Full Article
The 45-56 Club will meet on Sunday, March 6 from 1:30 -3:00p.m at 6751 Brown Road.  The activity for the afternoon will be to make a keepsake box using recently collected Gulf of Mexico seashells.  Besides making the box we will also learn the various shells and classify them according to their structure.  All materials will be provided.  Please contact Dick Munson at 372-2118 or at beaver1948@juno.com if you can attend.  As always, parents, siblings, grandparents and guests are welcomed.  
Sunday, March 6 -     
Confirmation class in worship Confirmands meet after church with mentor/conversation partners.
TOPIC:  Brief Statement of Faith that begins "We trust in God...."
We trust in God, whom Jesus called Abba, Father.
In sovereign love God created the world good and makes everyone equally in God's image male and female, of every race and people, to live as one community.
But we rebel against God; we hide from our Creator.
Ignoring God's commandments, we violate the image of God in others and ourselves,
accept lies as truth, exploit neighbor and nature, and threaten death to the planet entrusted to our care.
We deserve God's condemnation.
Yet God acts with justice and mercy to redeem creation.
In everlasting love, the God of Abraham and Sarah chose a covenant people to bless all families of the earth.
Hearing their cry, God delivered the children of Israel from the house of bondage.
Loving us still, God makes us heirs with Christ of the covenant.
Like a mother who will not forsake her nursing child, like a father who runs to welcome the prodigal home, God is faithful still.
Sunday, March 20-   Confirmation -
TOPIC:  continued exploration of the God section of the Brief Statement
Nursery      Debbie DeGennaro (Easter  Sunday- Carol Klumb and                          Chris Gudorf)
Preschool   Lynn Cronk
K-2             Sarah Miller and Deb Sayers
3-5             Gwen and Nick Fears
6 & 7          Prue Dana and Katie Saylor
8-12           Jenn Burns 
In the Geneva Room, Labyrinth's are set up during Lent.  There are finger Labyrinth's and a larger Labyrinth for all to fully experience during March.  This experience is available on Sunday as well as during the week. 
March 6     
Nursery, Preschool, Grades K-2 and Grades 3-5: Church School  
  • Middle School and High School attend worship to observe Communion                 
March 13   
Church School for Nursery through High School
  • During Church School students will sort items that will be placed in Health Kits that will be used for Disaster Relief. 
  • At coffee hour, the intergenerational group will assemble the Health Kits, which will be delivered, to Arkansas in April by volunteers from our own Presbyterian Women. 
March 20   
Palm Sunday    
Church School for Nursery through High School
  • Noisy Change is collected for one great hour of sharing as well as fish banks   
March 27    Easter Sunday
Only Nursery and Preschool Class offered.  All other children and youth are invited to attend the one worship service at 10:00 a.m. 
Sunday Morning Lessons for Preschool in March
The Prodigal Son (Luke 15:1-3,11-32) God loves us all the time!
Mary Anoints Jesus (John 12:1-8) Show your love to God!
Holy Week (Luke 19:28-40; 22:14-23:56) God is with us in happy and sad times.
The Empty Tomb (Luke 24:1-12) We celebrate the great news that Jesus lives!
This year our children in Church School are filling fish banks to return on Palm Sunday filled with coins.  The money along with the "noisy change" collected on Palm Sunday, the 20of March, will go the help those less fortunate through one Great Hour of Sharing using Easter Baskets of Hope. 
"Grace and Gratitude: As Presbyterians we are a people rooted in the grace of Jesus Christ.  It is our gratitude for God's grace that moves us to join in God's mission in the world, with ministries of love and justice, reconciliation and peace." Special offering envelopes will be available for our congregation to also contribute to One Great Hour of Sharing. 
An Easter Basket of Hope is displayed in the Molyneaux along with the Presbyterian Giving Catalog.  This year we have heard many stories of refugees having to move from their homes to escape violence.  This Lenten Season by contributing your Sunday School Class along with members of the congregation can support refugees with a food basket.  With only $50 we can help people who are displaced have the very basic necessities.    This food basket will help refugee families fleeing violence and war and attempting to regain hope for their future.
Palm Sunday, bring your fish banks, bring your noisy change and fill the One Great House of Sharing envelopes "As we celebrate the new life found in the risen Christ, share the reality of that new life in ways that literally change the world."  

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