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 November 2015

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 Mitten Tree
 Deco Safe Haven
 Cookie Walk
 Celebration at the         Manger
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Becky Quay will once again be showing church services on DVD. Join her at The Knolls on Tuesdays, Nov. 10 & 24, in the Assisted Living dining room at 10 A.M.  All are welcome!

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From Our Interim Pastor
Are You a Rowboat or a Sailboat Church?
Rev. Hart Edmonds

Last Sunday our Clerk of Session, Judy Fisher, spoke about the importance of electing church officers in the year ahead.   The faithfulness and fruitfulness of a church's ministry and mission begins with strong and effective leadership.  How do we cultivate that here in this church?
In her book, Spiritual Leadership for Church Officers, former Moderator of General Assembly Joan Gray speaks about the kind of spirituality that congregations and their leaders may be called to practice in today's world.  Gray uses an image both ancient and yet still relevant.  As she observes, many churches today are decorated with symbols that come out of the early days of Christianity. One of those is a symbol for the church; it is a boat.  In Jesus' time, there were two ways to power a boat on open water.One was to use muscles, most commonly by rowing. The other way was to harness the power of the wind. When the early Christians used a boat as a symbol for the church, it was never a rowboat; it was always a sailboatThat is because on the day of Pentecost, with "a sound like a rushing wind," Jesus' promise of power became a reality.

November 1                                                      
All Saints Sunday
Annual Celebrations & Thanksgiving for those who have shaped our lives
Communion Sunday
November 8                                          
Stewardship Dedication Sunday
Sermon:  Investing in the Future
November 15                                            
Sermon:  The Power of Blessing
November 22                                      
Sermon:  Plenty Good Bread to Share
Text: John 6:1-14
(Bread for the World Offering of Letters to Congress Advocating Generous Food Policies)
November 29                                        
First Sunday in Advent
Sermon:   Hearing & Telling Future Stories
Text:   "And the greatest of these is hope!"

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The following young people are enrolled in Confirmation 2015-2016:
Rory Adryan, Jackson Chase, Cora Friede, Allyson Gayhart, Jarred Havens, David Kraushar, Ethan Kraushar, Rori Lykins, Nicholas Payne, David Smith, Jaimie Thomas, Hank Thomas, and Elijah Walker.
A Confirmation Retreat is being held November 6-8th at the Kirkmont Center.
In addition, Confirmation classes will meet on
Sunday, November 1, and
Sunday, November 15. 
Please keep these students and their leaders for the retreat, Pastor Cheryl Edmonds, Youth Director Jenn Burns, College Interns Robert Garrett and Ben Baughman in your prayers.  Pastor Cheryl, Robert, and Ben meet with the confirmands for their regular meetings. 
Jenn Burns, with the help of College Intern Mitch Hardy, leads Sunday School and Youth Group on the second and fourth Sunday nights.
              Ben                  Robert              Mitch
            Baughman         Garrett            Hardy
(another try at getting the right name under the right picture---I am sorry gentlemen  Ed.)

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45-56 Club (4th, 5th, & 6th Graders)
Crafting Cards that are nature related with Rubber Stamps
Time: 1:30-3:30 P.M.
Place: 6751 Brown Road
Date: 8 November 2015
Questions? Dick Munson
513-374-2118 or munsonrh@miamioh.edu
Siblings and parents welcomed.  Carpooling is recommended. All materials will be supplied.  


  Keep these friends in your prayers

Marilyn Young, Genee Hesse, Robbie Wells, John Reller, Stacey Winn, Betty Barnhart, Evelyn Black, Cathy Fey, Marilyn Rettig, Sarah Soika

Lord in Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayers

Congratulations to Grady Holmes who was  "Recognized for outstanding behavior and achievement both in and out of the classroom here at Talawanda Middle School." Five students, selected by their teachers, received the award on Sept 29th.  OPC is PROUD of you, Grady.
To the Congregation:  Thank you all for the years of memories, the cards and the monetary gift.  Elaine Patterson


The Deacon's Blood Drive is coming up soon!  It will be held on Wednesday, October 28, 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm in the Seminary Building
We encourage you to sign up online.  The website is: www.donortime.com  or call 800-388-4483 between 8 am to 8 pm Monday through Friday.
If you cannot donate blood, be a recruiter--ask your friends!  We hope to see you there!

Do you know someone who needs a Prayer Shawl? Shawls are given for comfort in times of illness or grief, as well as for celebration in times of joy.  If you have a friend or relative to whom you would like to give a Prayer Shawl, please call Cornelia Browne.




Will meet on November 17, with Pat Gifford leading the lesson, Prue Dana presenting the Mission Yearbook and someone (sorry I don't know who...Ed) in charge of Least Coin. For reservations for the optional lunch call Lawretta Clum.  Lunch begins at noon in the Café at the Knolls.  Circle meets at 1:30 in the Country Kitchen.  Visitors and guests are always welcome.

Will meet in the home of Sue Wilson on November 3. Jo Reinhart will lead devotions and Jean O'Connell will lead the program. Visitors and guests are always welcome
Thank you  thank you to all of the wonderful people who contributed to make our recent Fall Rummage Sale a success!  Although our shoppers were down in number, we were still able to make over $2000 to be used in mission work.  Items that were left over were donated to Dove House, Children's Services, the homeless, animal shelters, and the Salvation Army, who agreed to come to Oxford for a pick up.
         We certainly could not have been able to do this without your donations, your buying of items, and your help.  The following people spent hours of sorting, unpacking, packing, arranging, and selling your donations:
Paula Foltz, Jean O'Connell, Lynn Cronk, Joy Chen, Deanna Maxwell, Joy Russell, Sue Wilson, Karen Shearer, Mickey Preston, Dave Wilson, Janet Zeigler, Jane Jackson, Jim Wilson, Nancy Sturgeon, Judy Herold, Betty Reinhart, Lawretta Clum, Lisa Brunkhorst, Jan Reinhart, Pris Berry, Leanne Staley, Jo Reinhart, Debbie Degennaro, Karen Simpson, Ginny Staberg, Amanda McGoldrick, Joe Simpson, Margaret Butcher, Becky Quay, Robert Simpson, Susan King, Ginny Layton, Greg Hughes, Ruth Miller, Carol Flee, Michael Hughes, Marty Miller, Nancy Moeckel, Billie Maynard, Diane Young, Carol Burkhalter, Sandy Drewes.
We have a wonderful congregation.  Also thanks to Angela, a PhD. Student from Moldova.
Received the report of the Mission Study Team, which will go to the Committee on Ministry of the Presbytery on October 27 for their approval.
Elders shared what they loved about their church.
Approved Pastor Harts' involvement in the wider church as he serves as a team leader for interim education candidates, November 15 - 20, at Union Presbyterian Seminary, Richmond, VA.
Approved a motion that additional monies be used from the Schnipper Christian Education Fund to cover the November 6 - 8 Kirkmont Confirmation Retreat for 11 confirmands and 4 staff members.
Approved inviting Dr. Jason Santos, from the General Assembly staff for Collegiate Ministries, to do a consultation and workshop with us.  He would focus on intergenerational ministry and campus ministry.
Received the good news of the hiring of Bridgite Dickerson as administrative assistant.

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To Members and Friends of the Oxford Presbyterian Church,
Based on the feedback we have received, last year's stewardship campaign process worked well.  We are using a similar format this year. We hope that we can complete the pledge campaign well BEFORE a 2016 budget is required.  Without a firm income estimate, it is difficult to draft a realistic budget. In a separate letter, you should receive a pledge form and a return envelope.   Please respond with your pledge by November 8.
On Sunday afternoon, November 15, a group of Church volunteers will attempt to expedite the completion of the pledging process by contacting members and friends of the Church who have not yet responded. We have a good Church historically blessed with talented leadership and a caring community of believers.  The tradition of capable leadership continues as we work our way through this challenging interim period.  We ask that you reflect on what our Church means to you as you determine your pledge amount for 2016.  For those who have never pledged, please consider doing so.  A pledge allows us to make plans for the future.  For those who do pledge, please consider increasing your pledge in order to support the vital ministries of our Church.  We want to maintain and enhance Oxford Presbyterian's presence in this community and world as a welcoming, caring and prayerful congregation who give of themselves in Christ's name.
As always, the amount you pledge is confidential - that amount should represent your best estimate of what you can and will contribute to the Church during 2016.  As 2016 progresses, your pledge may be modified as needed.   Please return your signed pledge form by November 8th.  You may mail the form to the Church in the envelope we have provided or place the sealed envelope in the locked mailbox of our financial secretary (Jean Hitsman) at the Church or respond to Jean by email (Jean Hitsman finance@oxfordpresbychurch.org).
Thank you for being part of this Church,
The Stewardship Committee
Brent Bader, John Curry, Rich Drewes, Steve Flee, Katie Payne, Mary Jane Roberts and Charles Teckman


2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the Empty Bowls Project.  This is the 13th year that Oxford has participated to raise both awareness and money in the fight to end hunger. All proceeds are donated to the Oxford Choice Food Pantry.
Over 200 volunteers help each year, whether by making dessert, serving soup, washing bowls, or creating art.  The commitment of such folks has raised over $60,000 in Oxford!
This event, held once again at the Oxford Community Arts Center, continues to be a celebration of art and service that people eagerly anticipate and return to year after year
YOU are invited to:
* make soup, bake bread, or make a dessert.  If you can help in this manner, please contact Alice Laatsch at momlotch@brecnet.com
* work at the event.  Volunteers should contact Ann Wengler at wengleak@miamioh.edu to be placed on the event schedule.
* donate bowls -- handmade, hand-decorated, or donate back your bowls from previous luncheons.
The day of the luncheon, we have a variety of jobs available during three 1-hour shifts: 10:45-11:45; 11:45-12:45; and 12:45-2:00.  Jobs include greeting luncheon guests and "staffing" the bowl area, serving soup, stirring soup (MUCH more important than it sounds!), helping at the bread, beverage and dessert tables, washing dishes, and cleaning up afterwards.  We also need "runners" to work from 8:45 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. and can use help setting up on Thursday, November 12th (time TBD).
The OPC Peacemakers Committee regularly contributes to Empty Bowls.  Join them!  Make your caring known by volunteering and/or by enjoying a delightful lunch on Saturday, November 14.

Do you know something about the church you want to share?  It can be a person, an event, your special memory, a story, whatever.  Others would love to know what you know.  Please share.  With interest and response, this will be a permanent column.  Send your write-up to Nancy.  Or call and we can chat. Who will be our next guest contributor?  YOU!



Church Women United 2015 World Community Day Celebrates
We Journey Together an Interfaith Dialogue Sunday, November 8, 3 to 5 p.m. at the Interfaith Center, 16 South Campus. Women from different cultural and faith traditions will gather together to share stories and learn from each other. The theme Our Journey Together invites women from different cultural and religious backgrounds to share their stories of faith and family. The goal of this celebration is to get to know women of other faith communities in love and sharing in our community, our country and our world.  All are invited.
Showing the church services on DVD at The Knolls will take place on Tuesdays Nov. 10 & 24.  We will be in the Assisted Living dining room at 10:00.
You Have 2 Opportunities To Participate In Our SERRV Sale
THE FIRST is checking out the items in the catalog and ordering them.  If we achieve an order of $300, the postage is free. Your purchase is a community building experience that makes a difference in the lives at home and abroad. By selling the handcrafted items and foods in the catalog you connect with the artisans and farmers who created them. Prue Dana will have catalogs available after church and at the Women's gathering. Orders are due to Prue November 15
THE SECOND is our traditional SERRV sale at the Cookie Walk, December 5, 9 to 12 at the Seminary. See you there!
You may also order Bread for the World Christmas cards and look at other alternative Christmas catalog See Prue during the fellowship time.
During fellowship time Sunday November 22, Oxford Presbyterian Church will be participating in Bread for the World's Offering of Letters. The Peacemaking Committee coordinates this effort. The Offering of letters aims to realize a world in which all of God's children are fed. Our goal is to create political will by writing our policy makers and urging them to create pathways, out of hunger and poverty. Join the Peacemaking Committee Sunday November 22 as we turn our faith into action by writing letters to our members of Congress. For more information on this year's Offering of Letters see the bulletin insert or go to www.bread.org/OL. All letter-writing supplies will be available in the lounge during fellowship time and we'll supply the postage!
If you want to purchase a Christmas stocking made especially for you, contact Pris Berry at 513-524-7098, no later than mid-November.  Cost is  $50.00.  THIS IS THE LAST YEAR FOR THIS OFFER
The Mitten Tree will be bursting with mittens for children of all ages beginning November 29, the first Sunday of Advent (and also December 6 and 13).  Please take a mitten from the tree, put your check made payable to the Oxford Presbyterian Church, or cash inside of the envelope that's already in the mitten.  Put your name and the child's name on the outside.  Bring everything to the Molyneaux Lounge.  Put these things in the "Mitten Tree Basket."  Suggested donation is $40-$50.  Your donation will allow gifts to be purchased for needy children by their parents.  Parents are thrilled to be able to make choices for their children at Christmas time that would otherwise be impossible.  The Family Resource Center oversees the purchases.

Sunday, Dec.6 a group of adults will be going to Safe Haven Farm to decoratethe Hatton Center for the holidays.  Safe Haven Farm is a residential home for autistic adults in Butler County. We have spent happy hours decorating for the Christmas season turning this facility into a festive wonderland. Decorations donated by our church have been stored on site and are ready to be unpacked. We do need fresh greens and willing workers. Please contact Karen Shearer, 523-5934, or Karen.l.shearer4@gmail.com. We can carpool!

When: Sunday, December 6
Time: 1:30 p.m.
Meet: In the church alley

It takes around 30 min. to get there, and we usually stay 2 to 2 1/2 hours.  Be sure we know you are going especially if you want to car pool.  We don't want to leave you behind!

Celebration at the Manger
Presented by the children and youth of Oxford Presbyterian Church
Sunday, December 20th
during the 10:00 a.m. worship service
Come witness the celebration of our Savior's birth!
It's that time of year again!
This is a wonderful opportunity for a morning of fellowship, yummy treats, and Christmas shopping with all of the profits going to OPW mission work. This year our annual Cookie Walk will be held on December 5th from 9am-12noon at the Seminary building. In order to make this a fun and profitable event we need all of the amazing bakers and volunteers of our church to help. If you would like to bake please package your goodies by the dozen on a pretty paper plate, placed inside a zip lock bag, or in a holiday tin, or even in see through gift bags. Please label and then deliver your donations to the Seminary building on Friday Dec 4th any time between 3:30pm and 5:30pm.
We also need volunteers to help set up on Friday and work the sale on Saturday. If you would like to help please fill out the flier in the church bulletin and return to (or call) Deanna Maxwell 513-461-4420 or Karen Shearer 513-523-5934. Thank you so much and we hope to see you there.
The old Sanctuary heating system consisted of four in-line gas fired heaters.  These heaters were only 80% efficient and were becoming difficult to diagnose and repair.  In fact, we had to install carbon monoxide alarms in staff offices to insure staff safety. You might find the saga of replacement interesting.
Perhaps 8 years ago Steve Flee began to explore alternatives to the existing furnaces with Debra-Kuempel.  Five years ago Lisa Brunckhorst began to patiently accumulate replacement capital in the major repairs fund. She worked with Scott Guilfoyle of Debra-Kuempel to design a modern high efficiency boiler system. This year we finally were able to sign a contract for replacement.
Debra-Kuempel started work in May of this year. They removed the old furnaces and installed temporary ductwork to support air conditioning. During this phase they removed unneeded iron bracing to facilitate future maintenance. Tod Koenig, the on site foreman, was patient with us as we moved accumulated junk and precious treasures from the new boiler site. Soon the work areas in the basement were as clean as ever seen. They stayed that way during installation.
A gleaming lattice work of 2 inch copper pipe wove it's way from the boiler site to the air handlers as Winford Hamilton, the Debra-Kuempel project manager, dispatched various specialists and ordered the myriad of specialized parts required for the new system. Winford faced several challenges with suppliers as he worked to finish the job with minimum delay.
In the third week of September the system was fully functional. When one or more of the four Sanctuary thermostats requests heat, the smaller boiler fires up and supplies heat. If the demand for heat exceeds the small boiler capacity, a larger boiler will fire up to supply additional heat. The new boilers are 95% efficient. In a cold winter, we can expect savings as high at $4,500 in fuel costs. We can also stop worrying about noxious smells in office space, not to mention carbon monoxide threats. And we got a very clean basement area!
John Curry, Cub Reporter

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The 3rd Annual "No Bake - Bake Sale" continues through December 4, 2015.  We are accepting monetary donation as our fall fundraising event.  We ask that you donate the money you would spend on making or buying something for a bake sale, to the Community Adult Day Service.  Donations accepted at the Senior Center or can be mailed to Community Adult day service at 420 S. Campus Ave.  Oxford Ohio 45056.  For every $5 you donate you will receive an entry for a gourmet pie made and donated by Etta Jean Crawford.  The winner will be drawn on Friday December 4, at the carry in luncheon at the Sr. Center. The money raised by this event will go for the purchase of supplies to be used by every ADS client.  We are very Thankful for your support. 
We also have a quilted baby blanket on display to be raffle off on November 20th as well.  Lisa Simak is the very talented person who made and donated this for us to use to raise funds.  Her mother attends the ADS and we graciously accept her generosity. 
November is about thanksgiving and we would like to express our THANKS to all of our volunteers, who come in and donate their time to spend with us.  Bob Baer, Pete Carel, Regina Gray, Anna Silvestri, Lila Payne, Maureen Hanhorst. Kappa Kappa Gamma Ladies and Miami Speech and Hearing Students - We are THANKFUL for you! 
We have openings available for the ADS.  Please spread the word.  For information please call 513.523.0464.  We will be closing at 2 on Wednesday 11/25/15 and closed 11/26, 11/27 for the Thanksgiving Holiday. 
Answer to the question of the month:

Oxford Presbyterian Church Staff
Telephone: 513-523-6364
Fax: 513-523-8215
Seminary Building: 513-523-7411
Interim Pastor: Pastor Hart Edmonds
Interim Associate Pastor: Pastor Cheryl Edmonds
Music Director: Kent Peterson
Organist: Lynn Jacobs
Pastor Emeritus: Dr. Joseph R. Hookey
Parish Associates: Dr. Bruce Bueschel, Rev. Diane Ziegler
Administrative Assistant:
Bridgite Dickerson: office@oxfordpresbychurch.org
Financial Secretary:
Director/Teacher C.C.N.S.:
Sarah Mapel: 207-3630
Newsletter Editor:
Nancy Moeckel, moeckenj@miamioh.edu

Class of 2017:
Mary Jane Roberts,  Robert Smith, Janet Zeigler

Class of 2015:
Carol Burkhalter, Diane Young, Brent Bader, Jenny Bailer, Mary Jo McFadden

Class of 2016:
Pam Deahl, Lynn Cronk, Pat Gifford, Tom Poetter, Rich Drewes
Class of 2015:
Marilyn Curry, Sue Wilson, Paula Foltz, Ruth Miller, Martin Miller

Class of 2016:
Janet Holmes, Deanna Maxwell, Lawretta Clum, Cornelia Browne, Molly Todd

Class of 2017
Danny Cross, Connie Everhart, Matt Lykins, Jean O'Connell, Breanne Parks

Class of 2015: Tom Holmes, Nick Fears

Class of 2016:Chris Adryan, Joe Simpson

Class of 2017: Lisa Brunckhorst, Bill King

Deadline for the December  2015 Newsletter is November 20, 2015

1       Joyce Weber
2       Jim Baer
2       Timothy Jackson
3       Chuck Crain
3       Bill Thomas
5       Matt Todd
6       Ken Bogard
6       Kent Peterson
7       Rich Drewes
9       Johanna Reinhart
9       Larry Johnson
10     Randy Listerman
10     Kelsey Listerman
10     Carol Richmond
11     Nancy Nisbet
13     Pete Roberts
15    Joshua Heikkila
15     Kara Marado
15     Mike Handy
15     Chase Walter
16     John Curry, Jr.
16     Scott Shriver
18     Mary Jo McFadden
23     Roger Gates
23     Russ Logsdon
24     Alex Logsdon
25     Vicki Shriver
26     Betty Barnhart
27     Barbara Skipper
29     Karolin Ginti
November Notables
November is National Month for:
Aviation History, Child Safety Protection, International Drum (can't beat that), Adoption Awareness, Epilepsy, Model Railroad, Novel Writing, Native American Heritage, Peanut Butters Lovers IArachibutyrophobiasts beware)
The pilgrims didn't use forks; they ate with spoons, knives, and their fingers.
Turkey has more protein than chicken or beef
It is not enough to be compassionate, you must act. (see the many volunteer opportunities in this newsletter)
Question of the Month:
What is it that is always coming, but never arrives?
As always read every word in the newsletter to find the answer.
Q: Why can't you take a turkey to church?
A: Because they use FOWL language.
November's full Moon was called the Beaver Moon because it was the time to set traps, before the waters froze over


From Our Interim Pastor
Full Article
Are You a Rowboat or a Sailboat Church?
Rev. Hart Edmonds
Last Sunday our Clerk of Session, Judy Fisher, spoke about the importance of electing church officers in the year ahead.   The faithfulness and fruitfulness of a church's ministry and mission begins with strong and effective leadership.  How do we cultivate that here in this church?
In her book, Spiritual Leadership for Church Officers, former Moderator of General Assembly Joan Gray speaks about the kind of spirituality that congregations and their leaders may be called to practice in today's world.  Gray uses an image both ancient and yet still relevant.  As she observes, many churches today are decorated with symbols that come out of the early days of Christianity. One of those is a symbol for the church; it is a boat.  In Jesus' time, there were two ways to power a boat on open water.One was to use muscles, most commonly by rowing. The other way was to harness the power of the wind. When the early Christians used a boat as a symbol for the church, it was never a rowboat; it was always a sailboat. That is because on the day of Pentecost, with "a sound like a rushing wind," Jesus' promise of power became a reality.
The book of Acts tells the story of how, from Pentecost day onward, the Holy Spirit worked within the first believers to help them understand the true meaning of Jesus' life, teachings, death and resurrection.
 The Spirit drew together a diverse group of men and women into a strong, unified community. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, the believers discerned God's will and found courage when they ran afoul of political and religious authorities.  The advocate Jesus promised did for them what they could not do themselves, and before long blew them out of Jerusalem to change the world forever.
The first Christians experienced the Spirit of God moving them along as the wind moves a sailboat.  From the beginning the church was intended to be a God-powered movement. On Pentecost, the believers found what they had been missing, the gift of spiritual resources to participate with Jesus in his transformation of the world. As they felt the wind of the Spirit begin to blow around them that day, they raised their sails, and began the process of learning how to become sailors.
What about us?     
One of the ways we cut ourselves off from God's power today is to read the accounts of the first believers and think,
"That was then and this is now."  To the contrary, the power of Jesus, his Abba, and the Holy Spirit is just as available to us now as it was to the early church. We can sail like they did or we can choose to keep rowing.
What makes the difference between a rowboat church and sailboat church? The bedrock reality of life in the rowboat church is that God has given a basic agenda (for example, to make the world a better place, save souls, help the poor, and spread Christian truth) and then left it up to them to get on with it.
 The dominant attitude in this congregation is either "We can do this." or "We can't do this." The church focuses on circumstances:
  • like the money it has or can raise,
  • the available volunteers,
  • the charisma and skill of the leaders,
  • and the demographics of its community.
The rowboat congregation acts as if its progress depends on its own strength, wisdom and resources.
It's all about how hard and long people are willing to row.  Sometimes that's how it feels for leaders in a congregation. It's all about how hard and how long we can row this boat forward. Sounds kind of exhausting, doesn't it?
In contrast, the dominant attitude in a sailboat church is, "God can do more than we can ask or imagine" (Eph 3:20).  Its members know that what they have or lack in human and material resources is not the decisive factor in what they can accomplish as a church. They look on church as a continuing adventure with a God who guides and empowers them to do more than they could ever have dreamed.
Sailors in a sailboat church do not assume they know the Lord's agenda. Rather they ask, "What is God leading us to be and do now in the place where we find ourselves?"
  • They are willing to spend considerable time and energy on discerning where the Spirit is moving and inviting them to invest themselves in his work.
  • They believe that God is both the one who calls and the one who provides what is needed to do the work.
Most Christians today would agree at least in theory that doing God's work should somehow involve God, but in practice God tends to be a distant or even absent partner.In a rowboat church, as long as the church is able to keep rowing, people are often reluctant to do anything else.
Rowing means that we are in control; we are getting the job done.
Other congregations in a similar situation, decide to try doing church in a new way and become sailboats.
Sailboat congregations know that they cannot make the wind blow, but they do realize that they can tap into spiritual resources beyond themselves by reorienting their efforts and catching the wind of the Spirit. We are constantly reminded that we are powerless to do the work of Jesus' church without him. At the same time we find that the wind of Christ's Spirit still blows in the world and as we put up the sails God does amazing things. You see, Jesus isn't afraid of being with us in his Church, whatever we face with the power of the Spirit he promised long ago, and promises even now.
So as we move toward the call and election of church officers- Elders, Deacons, and Trustees- I invite you to pray that the Spirit of Christ will be calling and empowering God's servants.


Pastor Hart

We welcome your feedback on the newsletter. We CRAVE your feedback as if it were chocolate  What is missing from the newsletter that you would like to see?  Let me know.  Thanks, nancy.  moeckenj@miamioh.edu 
(and here's your bonus for reading this section: Two antennas met on a roof, fell in love and got married.  The ceremony wasn't much, but the reception was excellent)