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 November  2014

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From Our I-Pastor
BIrthdays and stuff 


Presbyterian Church services on DVD will be shown at The Knolls on November 11 and 25 (both are Tuesdays).  We will begin at 10:00 A.M. in theAssisted Living dining room and anyone wishing to join us is welcome!





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From Our Interim Pastor



Rev. Hart Edmonds 


As I conclude a sermon series on "The Church as Sign, Foretaste, and Instrument"on November 2, I invite you to consider the power of hope and adventure in our lives and faith in a line of poetry that has spoken to me at various times:


"Hope sees what has not yet been and what will be.

She loves what has not yet been and what will be." 


As I write these lines, I have just received news from Deanna Maxwell that the National Presbyterian Women have awarded a grant in the amount of $100, 000 for a mission project in Columbia, where several of our OPC members have been on mission trips. 



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What ?

Following the 3 part sermon series  by Pastor Hart
on the Church as Sign, Foretaste & Instrument everyone is invited to a brief, user-friendly bible study for all ages on Sunday, November following worship.



Small group leaders will meet you in the sanctuary

and guide you to your meeting place, with some groups remaining in the sanctuary.



Envisioning the Church as Sign, Foretaste, and Instrument

of the Reign of God, based on a 3 week sermon series by Pastor Hart.



For everything there is a season, the Bible professes, and OPC is in

the season of re-examining God's call simply stated, "

What are we called to be and do?"


Some questions for Reflection and Discussion for the Bible Study on November 2:

 1.    Church as Sign: What is the purpose of a sign?  You                may read Matthew 5:14-16.

  • Why does the world need the church as salt and light?
  •  Why does this community of Oxford, home to Miami University, need the ministry of this church?

2.    Church as Foretaste:  You may read Romans 12: 1-21     

Imagine yourself in the kitchen as a meal is being prepared and you smell the smell of good food being cooked, and you even get a sample taste.  How does that "foretaste" shape an expectation of what is to come?   What do you see in Romans 12 about the shape of the Christian community and OPC?  What kind of community is described?  How are we becoming like this? 


  1. 3. Church as Instrument:  
You may read Micah 6:8 and                                 2 Corinthians 5: 16-20

How does your thinking of the church as God's instrument relate to your understanding of church?  



As you consider the Church as Sign, Foretaste, &  Instrument of the Reign of God at OPC:


  • What would be going on here?
  • What would be different?
  • What would people be doing?
  • What would people not be doing?
  • How would people relate to one another in their church
  • How would we relate to people outside the church?


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In 1995, the Miami Valley Presbytery in Ohio and the North Coast Presbytery in Colombia created a Partnership Covenant that eventually matched churches in each Presbytery to sister churches.  The Oxford Presbyterian Church thus became matched with its sister church-The Seventh Presbyterian Church of Barranquilla, Colombia.  Through the years that followed, our Partnership has blossomed as friendships have formed between the two congregations.  Members of the Oxford Church have visited the Barranquilla Church on three occasions and members from the Barranquilla Church have come even more frequently to visit us.  Most recently, during the summer of 2013, five Oxford Presbyterian Women-Deanna Maxwell, Connie Everhart, Karen Shearer, Mary Jo McFadden, and Sara Smith--were part of a mission team of seven members that visited our sister church in Barranquilla and they were able to see first-hand the dedication and enthusiasm their congregation had for serving the neediest women and children in their city.

         The country of Colombia is dealing with violence and strife between drug cartels, government forces, and groups competing for power.  Rebel groups will take over rural villages, gather the men and march them away-never to be seen again.  The women and children are forced to flee to the cities where they often live in abject poverty.  The Seventh Presbyterian Church of Barranquilla is dedicated to serve these displaced women and children in addition to providing assistance to women and their children who are victims of domestic violence.

         The Seventh Presbyterian Church sponsors and staffs with volunteers the Bethesda Christian Community Center.  Their key objective is to reduce child poverty and to create conditions to achieve social inclusion and access to quality education and health care.  They are presently working with 80 children to teach Christian values through Biblical stories, sports, arts and culture.  They meet weekly with 80 single mothers for prayer groups, vocational training, and counseling.  They assist poor families with urgent needs for medicine, food, and school supplies.  The Seventh Church is currently hoping to expand their services to provide more Christian psychological counseling for children and parents.  They also hope to decrease the high levels of malnutrition by providing daily meals for small children.

         The Oxford Presbyterian Church Team was impressed with the total dedication of the Barranquilla congregation to its mission projects.  The Team reported that the Bethesda Christian Community Center is small and in a dilapidated condition-probably beyond repair. Discussion among the Oxford Presbyterian Women concluded that there is a need to replace the Bethesda Christian Community Center with a larger and more substantial building so that services can be expanded to reach larger numbers and additional services can be added.  After prayer and exploration, we decided to apply for a grant to build a new Community Center through the national Birthday Offering, which is collected and dedicated each Spring.

         Deanna Maxwell, OPW Coordinator of Issues and Action, made contact with our Sisters in the Seventh Church and maintained the communication, which was at times challenging due to language and cultural differences.   Judy Rymer was an integral part of the team as she helped with translation of documents and communications.  Sue Wilson, OPW Moderator, coordinated the grant writing and schedule.  The Rev. Mark Barnes secured the endorsements needed from the Miami Valley Presbytery and the North Coast Presbytery of Colombia.  The grant proposal was submitted to the National Presbyterian Women's Office in Louisville in mid-May.    

ON OCTOBER 22ND WE RECEIVED WORD THAT OUR PROPOSAL HAS BEEN ACCEPTED AND WILL BE FUNDED FOR $100,000.  The National PW organization will begin fund raising through the Birthday Offering and will advertise our project.  The first payment will be given to the Seventh Church in October of 2015.  Deanna Maxwell and our OPW Team will be advising our Sisters in Colombia about deadlines and reporting needs for the grant funding.  We are very excited to be a part of this project!!



To Deanna and Sue and all their team members who helped.  We are all so proud of you for caring enough to follow through.  What an accomplishment! 


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Watch for the "Celebration of the Manger", Sunday December 21 at 4 p.m. Children and youth will participate and it will be followed by a chili supper sponsored by the youth.  Jenn Walter and Leanne Staley are coordinating the program and Lisa Gayhart is working with the youth for the chili supper.  The chili supper is a fundraiser for the Mission Trip the youth are taking to Atlanta June 21- 27.  Also a Mission Trip is being planned for the Middle School students to Kirkmont in May. 








Keep these friends in your prayers:


Mary Lee Keebler, Betty Barnhart, Jim Maynard, John Reller, Stacy Winn, Evelyn Black, Diane Young, Denny Carlson, Cathy Fey, Marilyn Rettig, Brian Hitsman

Lord in Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayers



Our thoughts and prayers are with Roberta and Chuck Crain as they celebrate the life of Roberta's mother, Fern Wilson.  "Though grief is abundant, comfort comes in knowing she was 94 and a devoted Christian. We praise God for her life and wonderful memories we have. Thank you, Chuck and Roberta"



We remember the family of Helen Martin as they celebrate her life.  Helen passed away October 14.  A graveside service will be held at the convenience of the family



We remember John Trump and Sherry Scanlan on the death of their wife and mother, Joyce Trump.  Joyce died October 14.  A Memorial Service is planned for Saturday, November 8 at 2:00pm in our sanctuary.





Louise Griffing was honored with the Peacemaking Award this year. See her name now inscribed on the plaque in the Molyneaux Lounge.



A picture is worth a thousand words, nuf said.








Angel Report: Deacons sent 2 cards, made 13 visits and ran 5 errands for their angels.  We delivered 3 bouquets of flowers to cheer and wrapped one friend in a loving prayer shawl.

Because folks use their Kroger Card for the Deacons and because of some exceedingly generous donations, Deacons are able to continue to spend $500 per month for food for Oxford's Choice Pantry.  Thank you all.  We depend on you to use your Kroger card and we are grateful for your donations.


Not as Urgent as before, but



Our prayer shawl supply is on the low side.  If you would like to knit or crochet or do what you do best to make a prayer shawl, WE NEED YOU!  There is no right or wrong way to make one, they do not need to be perfect (done is better than perfect anyway).  If you have a shawl started and would like some help to finish it, please let Cornelia Brown know.  Thanks.


Do you know someone who needs a Prayer Shawl? Shawls are given for comfort in times of illness or grief, as well as for celebration in times of joy.  If you have a friend or relative to whom you would like to give a Prayer Shawl, please call Cornelia Browne.












will meet on November 19, at 1:30 in the Knoll's Country Kitchen.  Becky Quay is Bible Study leader, Jean Butterfield will present the mission yearbook and Sarah Soika will lead least coin.  If you want to join in for lunch before the meeting, call Lawretta Clum.  Do come, all are welcome!




will meet at Connie Everhart's home at 7:30p on November 5. Nancy Sturgeon is the co-hostess and doing the Devotions. Sue Wilson will present the program, Lesson 3 in the Horizon's Bible Study.  All are welcome!


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Church Women United

2014 World Community Day Celebrated


We'll be celebrating World Community Day on Sunday, November 2, beginning at 3 p.m., at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, 25 East Walnut. Freedom Summer Reflections is the theme. Jacqueline Johnson, Editor of the book Finding Freedom and Jane Strippel active in Friends of Mississippi Summer Project will both speak.  This is the annual Fall celebration and the public is invited.  



The Fall Rummage Sale is now packed up. The money raised will help support our Benevolences & Gifts and if we raise enough money our Additional Benevolences.  One of these is the Presbyterian Medical Services Foundation. We give them $300. They provide a wide array of services through their healthcare, children's behavioral health, supportive living, hospice care and developmental disabilities programs across New Mexico. Services are provided regardless of a person's ability to pay. We help them as part of our commitment to help national projects as well as local ones and international ones. Janet Ziegler will be writing the checks as soon as she establishes our end of year financial position. I am so very grateful for all those participating in our fundraising efforts from Rummage Sales to the Christmas Cookie Walk and Craft Sale to Mabel Kramer Christmas Stockings and the Bed and Breakfast effort.

Karen Simpson



The 2014 Fall Rummage Sale was a great success 

raising $2000.

This money will help the Oxford Presbyterian Church continue its mission work. We couldn't have done this without the many donations from all of you and the hard work of our many volunteers. Many thanks to Pris Berry, Lawretta Clum, Lynn Cronk, Deanna Maxwell, Nancy Moeckel, Jean O'Connell, Ginny Staberg, Dave Wilson, Sue Wilson, Jim
Wilson, Margaret Butcher, David Butcher,  Betty Reinhart, Jo Reinhart, Jan Reinhart, Janet Ziegler, Karen Shearer, Marty Miller, Paula Foltz, Jane Jackson, Carol Burkholder, Karen Simpson, Joe Simpson, Robert Simpson, Becky Quay, Mickey Preston, Ann Hardy, Sarah Jane Soika, Nick Soika, Lucy Tella, Patrick Tella, Janet Holmes, Tom Holmes, Barbara Skipper, Chuck Crain, Nick Fears, Elaine Patterson,
Connie Everhart, Diane Young, Debbie Davidson, Jean Woodruff, Kim Logsdon, Allyson Gayhart, Tristan Gayhart, Joseph Gentry, and Jackson Phenis.



OPC Scheduled Social Events




December 14      

Christmas Tea 

2:30 in Molyneaux Lounge

Program:  Christmas Story - Karen Simpson, Songs of Christmas                                  


April 18

Friendship Breakfast - 10 a.m.

Program to be announced - Karen Shearer      

Election of Officers


May 7, 8, 9 Rummage Sale -

Seminary Building


June 6

OPC Women's Retreat  

9-1 Western Lodge      

Program to be announced - Roberta Crain       


OPC Coordinating Committee

 Molyneaux Lounge, 7:30 p.m.

September 24, October 22, February 25 and May 27





Answer to the

question of the month




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   Approval was given for the following:

  • Church wide Bible Study, November 2, following worship, based on the three part sermon series,  "The Church as Sign, Foretaste, and Instrument":
  • Communion will be served on November 9 instead of November 2
  • 1.5% charge added to pastor's benefits package for family medical coverage for 2015 budget:
  • $500 from Brill Fund to be included in 2015 budget for materials for leadership development;
  • Brill Fund money be used to pay for Rev. Dan Anderson-Little's travel expenses;
  • Increase program budgets by 10% over 2014 amounts;
  • Purchase professional liability insurance for assistant teachers in CCNS.
  • The 2015 youth mission trip will be to Atlanta, GA.

Trustees have purchased a snow blower and have intrepid volunteers who will handle snow removal (should it be necessary) this winter.  This will save money that would have been spent on a contracted removal agreement.




The Interim Associate Pastor Search Committee has resumes from four candidates.


Christmas Eve service will be on December 24 and a children's Christmas service will be on December 21 in the afternoon.


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To Members and Friends of the Oxford Presbyterian Church,

Based on the feedback we have received, last year's stewardship campaign process worked well.  We intend to use a similar format this year.

We hope that we can complete the pledge campaign well BEFORE a 2015 budget is required.  Without a firm income estimate, it is very difficult to draft a realistic budget.

In a separate letter, you will receive a letter similar to this one plus a pledge form and a return envelope.   Please respond with your pledge by November 9.

On Sunday afternoon, November 9, a group of Church volunteers will attempt to expedite the completion of the pledging process by contacting members and friends of the Church who have not yet responded. We have a good Church historically blessed with talented leadership and a caring community of believers.  The tradition of capable leadership continues as we work our way through this interim period.  We ask that you reflect on what our Church means to you as you determine your pledge amount for 2015.  For those who have never pledged, please consider doing so.  A pledge allows us to make plans for the future.  For those who do pledge, please consider increasing your pledge in order to support the vital ministries of our Church.  We want to maintain and enhance Oxford Presbyterian's presence in this community and world as a welcoming, caring and prayerful congregation who give of themselves in Christ's name.


As always, the amount you pledge is confidential - that amount should represent your best estimate of what you can and will contribute to the Church during 2015.  As 2015 progresses, your pledge may be modified as needed.   

Please return your signed pledge form by November 9th.  You may mail the form to the Church in the envelope we provide or place the sealed envelope in the locked mailbox of our financial secretary (Jean Hitsman) at the Church or respond to Jean by email (Jean Hitsman finance@oxfordpresbychurch.org).

Thank you for being part of this Church,



The Stewardship Committee (Brent Bader, John Curry, Rich Drewes, Steve Flee, Katie Payne, Trevor Richmond and Charles Teckman)



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On Nov. 11 & 25 at The Knolls recent church services on DVD will be shown.  We will begin at 10:00 A.M. in the Assisted Living dining room and welcome anyone wishing to attend.  Becky Quay




The First Friday Niters will meet for a potluck dinner on Friday, November 7 in the Molyneaux Lounge.  Nancy Moeckel will be giving a program about her recent trip to Ireland.  Come learn about long necked sheep, famine walls, the Bog Man, the skeleton recently found in Kilkenny Castle, why Dublin doors are so colorful and much more!  


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The men of Delta Chi are picking up the trash five mornings a week around our church, the Seminary, the Methodist church and the hospital.  This includes the alleyways.  They are doing this as one of their community service projects.  If you see one of these gentlemen please thank them!

       Lisa Brunckhorst



The House Committee is pleased to announce that Ann Hardy has agreed to join us and has already begun by cleaning the Seminary kitchen for the month of September.  She will be helping the entire committee give the Memorial kitchen its annual cleaning on September 15.  Ann has had a long association with our church and has just served on the Honored Woman Selection Committee.  Thank you Ann, and welcome aboard as a new member of the House Committee

   ---Barbara Skipper


The Holidays are coming!

The Holidays are coming!


The call has gone out and bakers, crafters and cookie elves are busy making preparations for the Oxford Presbyterian Women's annual Cookie and Craft Sale. On Saturday, December 6 at the Seminary Building, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., holiday cookies, candy, crafts, SERVV International Fair Trade gifts and Christmas treasures will be available for sale. Proceeds from the sales benefit Church mission projects.


Anyone wishing to volunteer for elf duty as bakers or workers for the event can indicate on the forms located in the November Sunday bulletins or click here for a form. In addition to the sale day, volunteers will be needed on Friday, December 5, to assist with set-up and receipt of cookies. For additional information or questions, please contact Diane Young at 255-6051 or cyoung9999@yahoo.com or Deanna Maxwell at 461-4420 or chocchip31@hotmail.com.


Remember!          OPW Cookie and Craft Sale

                             December 6, 2014

                             9:00 a.m. - noon

                             The Seminary Building


Come join us for fun, fellowship, delicious cookies and BUY, BUY, BUY!




What Is An Offering Of Letters?

  Each year, Bread members write to their members of Congress, advocating for policies that help end hunger in the U.S. and around the world.  Our congregation is a member through the Peacemaking Committee.  Stop by and write a letter during Fellowship time on November 16.  Addresses, stationary and background information will all be available.  This year the focus is on urging our nation's decision makers to reform U.S. food aid.  By supporting bi-partisan, common sense reforms, we can help see that our nation's international aid is as efficient and effective as possible, giving life saving food to more people, more quickly.  Prue Dana





Dave Judy replaced the hot water heater and floor in the kitchen.  Nick Fears has been mowing the Memorial and Seminary as a gift to the church. He has also been replacing the light ballasts in the hallways. Nick is going to be doing the snow removal with help as needed from Tom Holmes also as a gift to the church.  There is a new automatic door opener in the courtyard near the front of the sanctuary for church members who are not able to climb the front steps.  This was paid for by an anonymous church donor and Tom Holmes made it happen.   Lots of good things and trying hard to use the church funds sparingly. Joe Simpson is busy organizing a master maintenance and repair plan along with some window repairs.  We are blessed with trustees who know how to fix things and are willing!


    Lisa Brunkhorst.

AMEN to your last sentence, Lisa!  And we include you in that too! -ed on behalf of the entire congregation.




will be bursting with mittens for children of all ages, beginning November 30, the first Sunday of Advent. (also on December 7 and 14) If you are able, please take a mitten from the tree, write out your check for $40-$50 made payable to the Oxford Presbyterian Church.


Place your check inside of the envelope that's already in the mitten, and bring everything to the Molyneaux Lounge. Put these things in the "Mitten Tree Basket". Check off the child's name on the list and write your name next to it.


Your donation will allow a gift(s) to be purchased by the parents for their child or children at Wal-Mart. Parents are thrilled to be able to make choices for their children at Christmas time that would otherwise be impossible. Parents are under the supervision of the Family Resource Center who has volunteers at Wal-Mart to assist with the shopping and 

the check out. Let us help light up yet another face at Christmas!





Sunday, Dec.7 a group of adults will be going to Safe Haven Farm to decorate their community building for the holidays.  We can car pool and will be leaving our church at 1:00 P.M.  Directions will be provided. We always have a great time doing this.  More information will be available as the time draws closer, but it's time to mark your calendar now.   



50 Christmases: Stories of Love, Hope, and Reconciliation in Christmastide (Sourced Media Books, 2014) by Tom Poetter


50 Christmases, Oxford Book Launch with author Tom Poetter, Wednesday December 3, 2014, 7pm -- Seminary Building


Tom Poetter, Oxford Presbyterian Church Elder, recently published a memoir entitled 50 Christmases. The book launch will include a book talk by the author, questions/answers, and a book signing.  Books will be available at the event ($25) and are available ahead of the event online at Amazon.com (search "50 Christmases").  $5 from each book purchase at the event will be donated to Special Olympics in memory of Tom's sister Anne, born with Down's Syndrome and a lifelong participant in Special Olympics before her passing in 2008.


50 Christmases is for everyone who wants to reconnect with, even recapture, the joyful memories of Christmases past.  The nostalgic, inspirational memoir -- a series of hooks and entanglements accruing through the years -- is witty, poignant, and sacred.  It points the reader toward a future filled with purpose, with new questions, and with the possibilities of the season, including, potentially, the very transformation of the heart and soul.  Tom is a professor in the Department of Educational Leadership at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and has been teaching at Miami since 1997. He is a widely published author, with 14 authored/edited books and monographs in press and over 50 published manuscripts in the field of education. Two of his books transcend the field of education in terms of typical genre: a memoir of teaching entitled Teaching Again (2012, Information Age Publishers) and a novel entitled The Education of Sam Sanders (2006, Hamilton Books). Poetter is a proud graduate of Heidelberg College (BA, 1985), Princeton Theological Seminary (M.Div., 1988) and Indiana University (Ph.D., 1994).


Please join us at the event!



Special Music Fund and Poinsettias


The Worship and Music Committee of Session hopes to make each of the worship services as meaningful as possible. Congregational participation is a crucial ingredient in that effort. One example of participation is seen in the enthusiastic response to the opportunities to honor or memorialize others with the purchase of flowers to enhance the beauty of the sanctuary throughout the year, particularly at Christmas and Easter. It has been suggested that opportunity be given to honor or memorialize others with a gift to the Special Music Fund in lieu of, or in addition to the purchase of flowers. The Session has authorized the establishment of the Special Music Fund for the express purpose of providing a small Honorarium for guest soloists or instrumentalists or musical events not included in the regular worship and music budget. Contributions to this special fund will be welcome at any time, but members and friends of the church are invited to make contributions during the Christmas and Easter seasons.  One may designate a person or persons to be memorialized or honored. Such gifts will be noted in the church bulletin.

You may print out the form to order a flower or contribute to the special music fund. The number of poinsettias will be limited to the first 60. Checks should be marked for flowers or the Special Music Fund. The cost of the poinsettias this year will be $16.00.








Class of 2014:

John Curry, Janet Zeigler, Robert Smith, Mary Shinn, Bill Fisher


Class of 2015:

Carol Burkhalter, Diane Young, Brent Bader, Jenny Bailer, Mary Jo McFadden


Class of 2016:

Pam Deahl, Lynn Cronk, Pat Gifford, Tom Poetter, Rich Drewes




Class of 2014:

Jay Baird, Nancy Moeckel, Johanna Reinhart, Jennifer Walter, Dave Wilson


Class of 2015:

Marilyn Curry, Sue Wilson, Paula Foltz, Ruth Miller, Martin Miller


Class of 2016:

Janet Holmes, Deanna Maxwell, Lawretta Clum, Cornelia Browne, Molly Todd



Class of 2014: Chuck Crain, Lisa Brunckhorst


Class of 2015: Tom Holmes, Nick Fears


Class of 2016: Chris Adryan, Joe Simpson



Oxford Presbyterian Church


Telephone: 513-523-6364

Fax: 513-523-8215

Seminary Building: 513-523-7411



Deadline for the DECEMBER 2014 Newsletter is 
November 20, 2014


Help spread the news-share what's happening with you and your family by sending info to Nancy Moeckel, your friendly, neighborhood newsletter editor.  (moeckenj@miamioh.edu)







1       Joyce Weber

2       Jim Baer

2       Timothy Jackson

3       Chuck Crain

3       Bill Thomas

5       Matt Todd

6       Ken Bogard

6       Kent Peterson

7       Rich Drewes

9       Johanna Reinhart

9       Larry Johnson

10     Randy Listerman

10     Kelsey Listerman

10     Carol Richmond

11     Nancy Nisbet

13     Pete Roberts

15     Kara Marado

15     Mike Handy

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16     John Curry, Jr.

16     Scott Shriver

18     Mary Jo McFadden

23     Roger Gates

23     Russ Logsdon

24     Alex Logsdon

25     Vicki Shriver

26     Betty Barnhart

27     Barbara Skipper

29     Karolin Ginting


Notable November Novelties


2:00 AM on Sunday, November 2 daylight saving time ends


November happens to be: Tobacco Awareness Month, NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month, National Beard MOnth, Daibetes Awareness Month, National Native American and Native Alaskan Month. 


Cliché' Day (Annually, November 3) (but we should all avoid this like the plague)


Around November 17, the Leonids meteor shower reaches its peak


There is no mention of the month of November in any of Shakespeare's plays or sonnets. (I am taking this on faith; I am not double-checking this-ed.) The words 'heart' and 'blood' can be found in every one of Shakespeare's plays


Question of the month? What is the painting, La Gioconda, more usually known as? As always, look for the answer somewhere in the newsletter.

The combination "ough" can be pronounced in nine different ways. The following sentence contains them all: "A rough-coated, dough-faced, thoughtful plough man strode through the streets of Scarborough; after falling into a slough, he coughed and hiccoughed."


RJR Nabisco says it sells more than 17-billion Oreo cookies a year. It also says that one person in three takes an Oreo apart before eating it.  Do you?


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From Our Interim Pastor

Full Article


As I conclude a sermon series on "The Church as Sign, Foretaste, and Instrument" on November 2, I invite you to consider the power of hope and adventure in our lives and faith in a line of poetry that has spoken to me at various times:


"Hope sees what has not yet been and what will be.

She loves what has not yet been and what will be."


As I write these lines, I have just received news from Deanna Maxwell that the National Presbyterian Women have awarded a grant in the amount of $100, 000 for a mission project in Columbia, where several of our OPC members have been on mission trips.  Sue Wilson and Deanna wrote a grant proposal for the Bethesda Mission/Goel Project to develop a community center for women and children in need.  I would call that project a demonstration of active hope.  Hope isn't passive, it "sees what has not yet been and what will be," and invites our participation.   That's how churches make a difference. That's how we join God in the redemption of the world God loves.   Imagine what other hopes we might entertain as God's people here at OPC.


Below you will find an excerpt from Rev. Dan Anderson-Little's recent sermon on October 12, in which he speaks about the "frontier" the church faces in mission today. Dan's ancestor Rev. Henry Little served OPC in the 1830s at a time of great challenge and opportunity.   I also think Rev. Henry Little was empowered by a confidence in hope and a willingness like Abraham and Sarah of old to go on an adventure into the world to be a blessing to all the families of the earth.   We find ourselves, as people of faith, in that long line of adventurers!  What do you think the frontier of mission and ministry might be for OPC?  Right now, it looks like it includes places both near and far, even places like Columbia, South America.



Rev. Dan Anderson-Little

"The Final Frontier"   Sermon excerpt  from  October 12, 2014


        "In the past, frontiers were largely defined by geography-they were either places that were "out there" or were places where we had not really considereddoing ministry in the past. But today's frontier is not geographical and we do not go to them.  Rather, they are cultural and they come to us.  The frontier at which the church finds itself now is shaped by a world that is rapidly changing.  It used to be that Hindus and Buddhists and Muslims lived "over there."  Now they are our next door neighbors and our co-workers.  In the past, institutions like the church, universities, and government commanded a high level of respect and expertise.  Now we are viewed with suspicion at best and we are ignored at worst. 


       Another feature of this new frontier has to do with the way people receive and understand truth.  It used to be that truth was propositional and limited in the sense that there were not many truth claims.  Now, with a globalized word, with the Internet where anyone can find out just about anything be it true our not, and with institutional trust so incredibly low, there is no one single truth that people will accept and live by. Truth used to be solid; now it is fluid.  So this is the new frontier where we are called by God to minister.  And as I said, we don't have to go looking for it; it is right outside our doorstep, it is in the hearts and minds of our children and grandchildren. And yet, while we can't place this frontier on a map, it is no less profound than the dense forests that greeted the pioneers in this region when they first arrived here. 


       So this is the latest frontier that the church is facing. And if we fail to recognize it as such and fail to come to terms with it, we will become increasingly irrelevant and our witness to God's unending love and amazing grace will wither


    By their very definition, frontiers are challenging places to be.  The traditions and patterns that served us so well at home or so well in the past, no longer seem to work.  It's hard to live by expectations on the frontier because they are brand new and they are unlike anything we have known before-they keep surprising and perplexing us-that's why they are called frontiers! " 



Christian Education Full Article 


Hello everyone,


A lot has changed since we last met to discuss location of the mission trip. After contacting Group about attending their work camp in Pennsylvania, I was informed that the location had over filled its limit of volunteers for that location. 


An excellent fall back was chosen from the list of provided options. DOOR (Discovering Opportunities for Outreach and Reflection) based out of Atlanta, Georgia was our second option, and they have the space! I am very excited about this decision, but with this choice a few things needed adjusted from the previous plans. The Christian Education Committee decided that with the change of location, to a much further destination, has increased the intensity level of the trip. With the time being gone and the distance away from home, we felt it was appropriate to adjust the requirements for the trip. If the student will not being going into High School by the date of the trip, or has not previously been on a mission trip with the youth group, the child will not be able to attend this trip.


But... We have good news that should help those who do not meet the criteria from feeling left out... A Middle School Mission Trip has been created! There will now be an option for Middle School Students to attend a three-day trip to the Kirkmont Center! This location is only a few hours away, and the duration of the trip is shorter. This trip will provide the stepping-stone that will prepare the Middle School students for a longer trip, of greater distance, that will be reached once they enter High School.


We had our first Fundraiser Meeting after church on Sunday, October 19. We have a lot of activities planned and are excited to get the ball rolling. There will be a sign up sheet posted soon, outside of the CE office for parents and students to sign up for the events. As youth members attending the trip you will be required to participate in at least 2 of the fundraising events, and then eventually participate in next years Youth Sunday. But these are smaller details we can discuss at a later date.


For the Atlanta trip a down deposit of $50 is required to reserve your spot, we are accepting those as soon as possible. We have had 6 submit their down deposit so far!!! A medical release form needs to be signed by all youth as soon as possible regardless of whether they are attending the mission trip, so that we have accurate documents for youth events.


If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me!


For November we are looking into Buffalo Wild Wings to do a fundraiser, this would have the youth passing out flyers and people showing these flyers when they purchase food on a specific day to have a percentage of the sales be donated to the youth! Pretty easy, we just have to contact the owner and get things squared away!


Thank you, I hope this information does not overwhelm you.


God Bless,

Jenn Burns, Director of Youth Ministries

Oxford Presbyterian Church


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