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Reverend Hart Edmonds

Interim Pastor


At the April 2014 meeting, Session approved a contract with the Reverend Hart Edmonds to serve as Interim Minister/ Head of Staff (HOS) starting in June.  

The selection process started in January when our Co-pastors declared their intention to retire on May 31.  At that Session meeting, five elders from Session were elected to form a search committee to help select an interim pastor to lead us during this transition time.    Members of that committee were Robert Smith, Mary Jo McFadden, Jenny Bailer, Mary Shinn and John Curry.



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Christine Garton, Director of Christian Education, can be reached at cgarton@OxfordPresbyChurch.org or you can call or text her cell phone at 850-276-3231.



Christine Garton thanks the congregation for their cards, prayers, and flowers after her thyroid cancer surgery.  In case you haven't heard, she is cancer-free and feeling very blessed!


THANK YOU to our April 2nd-5th grade Sunday School teachers Roberta Crain and Angie James.


THANK YOU to everyone who donated candy for the Easter egg hunt.  We had perfect weather and 38 children and adults in attendance!


Easter egg hiders






Easter egg finders





Keep these friends in your prayers:

Dick Munson, Diane Young, Denny Carlson, Herb Preston, Adele McLaren, Stacey Winn, Joyce Trump, Helen Martin, Cathy Fey, Marilyn Retting, Brian Hittsman, Becky Rudolph



We remember in our prayers Becky and Bill Thomas and their family as they mourn the death of her father, Dr. Gary Branson.



A special thanks to Charles Watson for repairing the wingback chair in the Molyneaux Library. 




The Trustees were excited and blessed to have more than 20 people turn out to help rake leaves, trim shrubs and flowers, and spread many yards of mulch.  The large group helped to make short work of all that needed to be done.  Those who volunteered their time and talent include:



Tom and Janet Holmes,Scott Walter John and Marilyn Curry and Noah,

Marty Miller, Greg Hughes, 

Nick, Gwen, Kylee, and Bryson Fears, 

Steve, Angie, Evan, Craig, Bryce, and Lauren James,

Steve Flee, Joe Simpson, Emily Lykin

Lisa Brunkhorst, Chuck Crain



OPC and the Trustees thank you -  your time and hard work is appreciated!










Barbara Skipper says thank you all for her special gift from the church, which recognized her 22 years of loving service.  She is also very grateful to Ray Patterson, who is taking over Barbara's duties. 


Our own Mike Rudolph was presented the Friend of Education Award by the Talawanda Educators Association.  Mike has been involved in focus groups looking at district operations and Band Boosters among a host of other activities.  Said of Mike, "He is always involved in everything the schools have to offer."

Congratulations Mike on receiving this well deserved HONOR.






Angel Report: Angels received 8 cards, 7 calls, 16 visits, and 8 errands from their deacons.  12 friends received caring cards and we wrapped 5 aching souls in prayer shawls.  The Kindness Fund sent flowers to cheer, including 6 lovely arrangements made from the Heritage Sunday bouquets. 


Deacons served over 50 people at the Mary Dodd Hunter reception.


The Deacons are planning a "summer food" drive for the Family Resource Center that will help with the needs of kids who are at home for lunch, rather than at school.  Look for more information coming soon.



The shoppers for the Food Pantry had a special request this month-BEANS!  All we need are BEANS, they said.  So, beans they got--30, one-pound bags of dry beans, 232 cans of other kinds of beans!  (hopefully no lima beans though-ugh-ed.)


Rummage Rats Working Hard

(Rummage Action Team Specialists)


Nancy Moeckel, Lawretta Clum, Ginny Staberg and Sue Wilson.  (busy at the Lab the day of the photo were Deanna Maxwell and Dave Wilson.)

The rummage sale still needs your help.  Drop off donations, plan to help setup and price, SHOP SHOP SHOP and help take down.




Thank you for participating in the Kroger Plus Program

The Deacons would like to thank all of you who have signed up for the Kroger Plus Community Rewards Program.  We use these funds to help support the Oxford Community Choice Food Pantry and to help those in need that live in our community.  Collectively this program generates over a thousand dollars each year.  This year, the Deacons have created an easy way for many of our church members to participate in this program. If you see your name listed below it means that you have requested the Deacons keep your Kroger Plus card up to date.  This means that the Deacons will automatically renew the request that you want to support the Oxford Presbyterian Church when Kroger asks each spring who should benefit from this program.  So if you see your name listed below you can be assured that your card is registered and when you shop at Kroger's you are also helping the Deacons to provide for those in need in our community:

Baer, Jane; Baird, Jay; Berry, Pris; Butcher, Margaret; Butterfield, Jean; Curry, Marilyn; Everhart, Constance; Fisher, Judy; Foltz, Paula; Foltz, Joe; Hesse, Genee; Hardy, Ann; Imhoff, Ann; Jeck, Eileen; Kelly, Jane; Leflar, Marjory; Mecklenborg, Barbara; Maxfield, Susan; McLaren, Adele; Mehl, Rachel; Middaugh, Evalou; Nelson, Richard; Niehoff, Mary; Preston, Virginia; Reinhart, Betty; Reinhart, Jan; Russell, Joy; Schlabach, Robert; Staberg,Virginia; Suit, Vi; Trump,John; Vaughn, Jack; Watson, Charles; Wilson, Ken; Wilson, Sue; Witmer, Margaret; Woodruff, Jean. 

Please note that your name is only listed if the Deacons have taken on the task of renewing your card each spring. If you do not see your name listed and you have not renewed your card this month, we can still easily do this for you.   All you need to do is write down the following information and give it to Elaine in the church office: your name, your Kroger Plus number and your address or you can contact Dave Wilson, Deacon at 523-8848 or place the request in the church mailbox.   Thank you for supporting this program!!! 


Do you know someone who needs a Prayer Shawl? We have all shapes, sizes and colors available.  If you have a friend or relative to whom you would like to give a Prayer Shawl, please call Cornelia Browne.




Oxford Presbyterian Church Women 





will meet on the 20thof May at 1:30 in the Knolls of Oxford Country Kitchen.  The Optional Lunch is at noon and reservations are due to Lawretta Clum.  Pat Gifford will be leading the Bible Study.  Betty Reinhart will read the Mission Yearbook and LawRATta Clum will conduct the Least Coin.  New members and visitors are always welcome. 



will meet at 7:30pm on May 6 at the home of Janet Zeigler.  Billie Maynard is co-hostess, Connie Everhart will lead devotions and Jo Reinhart will conduct the Program.




The Creative Ministries Offering Committee has chosen one project-Blue Corn Mothers Alliance-as the recipient of the 2014 Birthday Offering of Presbyterian Women.  This project provides a range of services, from crisis intervention to education, for Albuquerque's Native American women who experience domestic violence.  Through a Birthday Offering grant, Blue Corn Mothers' advocacy center will operate five days a week (rather than just one), providing crisis intervention; health, counseling and education services; and referrals for legal and shelter services.  The grant amount will depend on gifts contributed during 2014.  The goal for the 2014 Birthday Offering is $500,000.  Please give as you have been blessed and support this life-changing project.  Karen Simpson





We are still collecting these and there's an appropriate envelope on the Mission Bulletin Board.  I'm hoping to mail them in by mid May.  So, once again, please push the envelope.  Karen Simpson


Help Wanted:  The Oxford Presbyterian Women are looking for a photo journalist.  We need someone interested in taking pictures of our activities and maintaining our bulletin board in the Memorial Church.  This could be a fun activity for someone.  See Sue Wilson for details.



Interested in forming a new Circle??  Would you like to join a new Circle of friends in our church?  This is a great opportunity to get to know other women and to engage in a group Bible study as well.  One new group is thinking about meeting on Thursday mornings from 9:30-11:30 am.  Circles meet once a month for nine meetings each year.  Call Sue Wilson if you would like to know more-523-8848.



Church Women United


May Friendship Day will be celebrated on Sunday, May 4th, 3-5 p.m., at the Darrtown Methodist Church. It's located at the corner of Walnut & Oxford Street.

2014 Theme: We are in God's hands and we are God's. Through God Our Hands Can Serve.

For further information call Ida Mae Lemmons, 523-6285



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Six hardy souls have committed themselves to transit the globe and place themselves ten time zones away in Zlatoust, Russia this June. This trip to show our support for and learn from the small yet growing Protestant church, shepherded by Igor Maksakov, is much more expensive than last summer's sojourn to Barranquilla, however, and while the mission group will be covering up to $1500 each for the trip, they also are looking to raise funds to help defray the overall costs.


To that end, a fundraising luncheon will be held after the service on May 25. For a minimal cost, a wonderful Russian (or Russian-style) meal will be supplied, and Oxford Underground posters (perfect for that special Miami alum or ex-patriot Oxfordite in your heart) will be for sale at a discount to their prices in Uptown stores. All proceeds from the sale go toward the Russia trip. Bloomington and Athens Underground posters also available.


We hope to see you there!


Bill Fisher

Connie Everhart

Deana Maxwell

Robert Smith

Karen Shearer

Katya Fisher

and the Mission and Outreach Committee









Will meet on May 2, at 6:30 in the Molyneaux Lounge.  Bring a covered dish to share and your own place setting.  Joe Simpson is giving a program about the Florida Everglades.



Flower "Girls"?

Are you a person who loves flowers and gardening?  Want to keep the church steps looking colorful and inviting?  We are looking for 4-5 ladies (or guys, for that matter) who would like to rotate planting the flower pots on the church steps and helping Scott keep them watered.  We'll probably change plantings in spring, summer, fall, and add greens over the holidays.  Will work out a schedule to fit your busy life!  Please contact Pat Gifford by May 15th if interested, 513-523-2227 or gifforp@miamioh.edu.  



PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH SERVICES will be shown at The Knolls on May 13 and 27 at 10:00 in the Assisted Living dining room.  All who would like to attend are welcome."





There is still time to send a letter, picture, memento to Mary Jo McFadden (560-3054) to be included in a memory album for Mark and Barbara.  Also, contributions to the love offering for the Barnes' can be sent to Jean Hitsman, financial secretary, at the church.


If you need to confirm that you actually did make a reservation for lunch at the Knolls, please contact Judy Fisher (523-3489).  There are no seats left and we do have a waiting list.  People are welcome to come to the Knolls at 1:00 pm for the program - no reservations needed.



Answer to the question of the month:




We realized it might be good for folks to know our son Ben got married on April 5 at a ceremony near Playa del Carmen, Mexico.   He married Amanda Stuk, a gal from near Mason, OH.   They live near Carrollton, GA where Ben is teaching middle school.  This is southwest of Atlanta about an hour.  Good news From Bill and Sherry Shilling.



WE WILL BE HONORING CHRISTINE GARTON AND HER FAMILY DURING THE FELLOWSHIP TIME ON SUNDAY, MAY 11.  Christine will be leaving us in June and moving to Pennsylvania, so we want to show our appreciation for her years with us and recognize her hard work.  We hope that everyone will stay after the service for cake and punch and to thank her.




The excitement is building at Kirkmont Center as summer camp approaches!  We would like to invite everyone to a volunteer work day on Saturday, May 10th from 8:00 a.m. (or as soon as you can get there) until 5:00 p.m. (or as long as you can stay).  Tasks for the day include painting, preparing cabents for summer camp, clearing trails, cleaning the labyrinth, repairing picnic tables, landscaping and more!  All skill levels are welcome.


If you can help, please e-mail kirkmontcenter@kirkmont.com or (937) 593-2141.  Breakfast, lunch and snacks will be provided.  We would ask volunteers to register by Thursday, May 8th so that we have time to secure supplies and plan for meals.



Help spread the news-share what's happening with you and your family by sending info to Nancy Moeckel, your newsletter editor.  (moeckenj@miamioh.edu)





The Seminary Options Team is a new column that will be in every newsletter until the charge to the Team is complete.  


The Team made a presentation to Session on April 15.  Each member was given a booklet with documents, comments, reports and other materials.  The SOT will meet again with session on April 29 to respond to any further questions Session members may have.

On April 23, several SOT members met in The Seminary with Ray Brake, the engineer who inspected the building from top to bottom.  The SOT is scheduled to disband after the final meeting with Session.


The future of the Seminary is an important decision and needs YOUR participation.


Seminary Options Team Members


  • Rich Drewes (chair) 664-6919 drewesra@gmail.com
  • Brad Cronk      524-8574  bcronk@woh.rr.com
  • John Curry      523-3598   jcurry1@woh.rr.com
  • Steve Flee       523-4037   sflee@woh.rr.com
  • Pat Gifford      523-2227   gifforp@miamioh.edu
  • Tom Holmes    523-3857  holmest2@frontier.com
  • Mary Lee Keebler  524-7464   keebleml@miamioh.edu
  • Nancy Moeckel 523-6003  moeckenj@miamioh.edu
  • Tom Poetter   664-8226   poettets@miamioh.edu
  • Joe Simpson    523-8363   simpsojc@miamioh.edu
  • Barbara Barnes 523-6364 bbarnes@oxfordpresbychurch.org
  • Mark Barnes    523-6364  mbarnes@oxfordpresbychurch.org


FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ANY MEMBER with your comments, questions, concerns, ideas and support.  


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MAY Birthdays




2       Lisa Brunckhorst

3       JoAnne Hagerman

3       Joe Simpson

5       Joe Hookey

5       Lynn Cronk

6       Violet Suit

6       Michael Hughes

6       Katya Fisher

7       Breanne Parks

8       Valerie Green

8       Betty Wills

8       Ralph Jordan

9       Melanie Ziegler

9       Spencer Lykins

10     Philip Lyndsey

13     Richard Williams

         Missionary in Colombia

14     Joan Hoover

13     Cia Beal

14     Genee Hesse

14     Ray Patterson

14     Nancy Gates

14     Bryson Fears

15     Bryan Richmond

16     Hank Thomas

17     Zachary Grajewski

18     Doug Gardner

19     Katie McDaniel

19     Amelia Johnson

20     Cathy Fujii

22     Rachel Grajewski

24     Evelyn Black

23     Dave Ferris

23     Keith Payne

24     Joan Teckman

25     Dennis Deahl

25     Jacob Bailer

26     Allyson Gayhart

26     Autumn Saylor

27     Charles Kennedy

27     Sarah Soika

27     Mark DeGennaro

27     Kyle Gardner

28     Charles Teckman

28     Melissa Chase

29     Cristina Hunter

30     Candace Crist

31     Debbie DeGennaro





On the first Saturday in May, the Kentucky Derby takes place.

Meriwether Lewis Clark, Jr. built Churchill Downs and started the Kentucky Derby (yes, he was his grandson)


May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, Asian American Heritage Month, Jewish American Heritage Month, Skin Cancer Awareness Month and National Bike Month


Mother's Day became a public holiday, May 9, 1914. 

(call your mother!-she worries)


The wingspan of a Boeing 747 is longer than the Wright brother's first flight.


Clara Barton founded what became the American Red Cross May 21, 1881.


Question of the Month:

What 5-letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?


As always, look for the answer SOMEWHERE in the newsletter!

(made you look, made you look!)




Reverend Hart Edmonds

Interim Pastor 

Full Article

At the April 2014 meeting, Session approved a contract with the Reverend Hart Edmonds to serve as Interim Minister/ Head of Staff (HOS) starting in June.

The selection process started in January when our Co-pastors declared their intention to retire on May 31.  At that Session meeting, five elders from Session were elected to form a search committee to help select an interim pastor to lead us during this transition time.    Members of that committee were Robert Smith, Mary Jo McFadden, Jenny Bailer, Mary Shinn and John Curry.

Presbytery suggested that we hire an Interim Pastor/HOS who would then help select an Interim Associate.  The Associate would have major responsibilities for the Christian Education program.  A job description for the HOS position was approved by Session in February.

The Search Committee interviewed candidates suggested by Presbytery.  Interviews were followed by conversations with references.   The Committee determined that Hart Edmonds was their lead candidate.  Committee members heard him preach in late March and had the opportunity to meet with him twice.   Following a meeting between Pastor Edmonds and members of the Presbytery's Committee on Ministry, the Search Committee unanimously recommended that Session approve the hiring of the Reverend Hart Edmonds.  Session unanimously approved that recommendation at their April 15th meeting.

It should be stated that Pastor Edmonds cannot become the next installed pastor of this church.  The formation of a Pastor Nominating Committee for that position will take place later this year.

Hart Edmonds has served as interim pastor at churches in Ohio, Indiana and Nebraska.  Serving as interim is his passion and his calling.  Additionally, he has served in Presbyterian churches in Nebraska, South Carolina, Missouri, North Dakota and Maryland.   He and his wife Cheryl live in Lebanon and have three grown sons.  Cheryl is the installed Pastor of the Grace Community Presbyterian Church in Maineville, OH.  Hart is very active in Interim Ministry education in our denomination.   He is a 1973 graduate of the University of North Carolina and was ordained in 1979.  

Session feels that we are in very capable hands as we enter this next phase in the life of our Church.







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Christian Education Full Article 


THANK YOU to everyone who attended the spaghetti lunch fundraiser for the youth mission trip!  We appreciate the continued financial support, encouragement, and prayers of this congregation.


Sunday School teacher recognition will take place during worship on May 18.  Anyone who has taught in the Sunday School program during the 2013-2014 school year is invited to come forward during the children's message on May 18.



HIGH SCHOOL YOUTH GROUP will meet May 1 from 11:15 AM-12:15 PM in the youth room with high school intern Jenn Burns.  Lunch will be provided.  THIS WILL BE THE LAST YOUTH GROUP MEETING FOR THE SCHOOL YEAR.   


MIDDLE SCHOOL YOUTH GROUP will meet May 10 from 11:15 AM-12:15 PM in the youth room with middle school interns Emily Goetz & Cassidy Venema.  Lunch will be provided.  THIS WILL BE THE LAST YOUTH GROUP MEETING FOR THE SCHOOL YEAR.


CONFIRMATION WILL BE HELD DURING WORSHIP ON MAY 11.  The confirmands and their families are invited to the Confirmand breakfast at the Seminary at 8:45 AM on May 11. 


MAY YOUTH OUTING is a trip to King's Island on Saturday, May 17.  We will meet in the alley behind church at 9 AM and we will return to the alley at 7 PM.  Tickets cost $43.99 online or you can use your gold pass.  PLEASE PURCHASE YOUR TICKET/GOLD PASS BEFORE MAY 17.  Youth will need to bring money for lunch and dinner plus any refreshments they wish to purchase at the park.  FRIENDS ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND!  Please let Christine Garton know by Wednesday, May 14 if you can come so she can have enough transportation.  Hope to see you there! 


The Jamieson Award given to outstanding high school seniors will be presented during worship on June 1.


Recognition of our graduating high school seniors and presentation of their senior gift will take place during worship on June 1. 



Kirkmont Center's summer camp schedule is online!  Go to www.kirkmontcenter.com to see the schedule and to register your child or youth for summer camp.  Our church has scholarship money available to ANY camper from our church.  Register your child or youth for camp, then contact Christine Garton so the church can pay HALF of your camper fees!




VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL will be held July 11-13 at Faith Lutheran Church.  The theme is "Wilderness Escape: Where God Guides and Provides."  All children ages 3 through entering 5th grade are invited.  Youth entering 6th-12th grades are invited to be helpers.  Adult volunteers are needed.  If you would like more information, please contact Katie Saylor at KatieLynnSaylor@gmail.com.


VBS 2014 registration is online!  You can register children at https://www.groupvbspro.com/vbs/hl/OxfordVBS2014/gpgs/home.aspx.  ADULT VOLUNTEERS CAN GO TO THIS SITE TO SEE WHAT VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES ARE AVAILABLE AND TO REGISTER AS A VOLUNTEER. 


VBS Volunteer Positions that are currently needed*:

Tribe Leaders: (Need 4 for each level)

Lead small group of children (Pre-K, K-2nd, 3rd-5th) through activity rotations and teach provided lessons each day.   Training session required prior to VBS.  Dates TBA.


Tribe Leader assistants: (Will use what we get)

Assist tribe leaders with small groups.


Israelite Camp Station leaders: (Need 9)

Instruct and assist small group of students in a craft.  Project will be planned and provided.


Registration and Check-in/out manager: (Need 2)

Manage check-in table and register new participants.  Collect sign-out sheets from tribe leaders.


Game Leader: (Need 1)

Lead groups of children in games and activities provided.


Game Station Assistant:(Need 1-2)

Assist game leader with games and activities.


Service Project Station Manager: (Need 2)

Manage service project table, collect donations, inflate a balloon for each dollar given, and supervise placement of balloons in a playhouse.


Decorating Committee:(Need 3+)

Before VBS, help design and create desert-theme decorations, help set up Israelite camp tents.  Available to meet in weeks before VBS.


Props Committee: (Need 1-2)

Gather and if needed create props for Moses skits. 


Costume Committee: (Need 1)

Create costumes for two actors playing Moses and an Israelite.  Sewing skills helpful.


Kitchen Help and Food Servers: (Need 4+ each meal)

Assist kitchen leaders in preparing and serving food.  Also help with clean-up after meals.  OPC SERVES DINNER AT FAITH LUTHERAN ON FRIDAY, JULY 11.  WE NEED OPC DINNER VOLUNTEERS FOR FRIDAY ONLY.     


Set-up Helpers:  (More the better)

Assist in putting up decorations, tribe camp blankets, posters, Israelite camp tables/etc, and other needed tasks.  Available during the day on Friday, July 11th.


Clean-up Committee: (More the better)

Assist in cleaning up after VBS is over.  Available Sunday July 13th in the afternoon after lunch.





24 HOURS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD DVD study will start on Monday, April 28 and will run through May 19.  Join us at the Knolls Country Kitchen from 2-3 PM these 4 Mondays to learn more about the dramatic last day of Jesus' life.  No reading materials required.  Please sign up on the sheet outside the secretary's office or by calling the church office.  Christine Garton will lead this study.



Our church is blessed to have 8 wonderful 8th & 9th grade youth in our confirmation class this spring.  Between now and May we will get to know some of our confirmands better through a written interview form they filled out.  Please continue to pray for these young people and their adult sponsors throughout the confirmation process. 


This month we cover the last 3 confirmands in this year's confirmation class.  After completing the program, confirmands who wish to join our church will be confirmed during worship on May 11. 


Name: Noah Curry (Noah did not finish his questionnaire)

How long have you lived in Oxford? My whole life: 14 years.

Do you have any siblings?  If yes, how many and where do you fall in the birth order?  Yes, Abbie-6, Me-14, Katie-16


Name: Tristan Gayhart

How long have you lived in Oxford?  I don't live in Oxford, I live in Union County, Indiana, and have lived here my whole life.

Are you involved in any extra-curricular activities?  If so, list please: Football, wrestling, track, Junior National Honor Society, and 4-H. 

What do you like to do in your free time?  I love to go to Hueston Woods to hike and fish.

What do you want to explore during confirmation class?  I want to learn more about the Presbyterian culture.



Name:  Valerie Green

How long have you lived in Oxford? All my life!

Do you have any siblings? 

Norah Mae is 8 years old, 5 1/2 years younger than me

What school do you attend?  Talawanda Middle School

Are you involved in any extra-curricular activities?  I play volleyball for TMS and Cincy Classics and I high jump at TMS.

What are your favorite things to do in Oxford? I like to go to the Oxford Community Park with friends and my sister.

What do you like to do in your free time?  I like movies and a good book every once in a while.

What's your favorite movie or TV show? Favorite movie is "Ferris Bueller's Day Off".

If you could have a free, all-expenses paid trip to anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?  I would go back to Cabo San Lucas because I love the beach!   

What do you want to explore during confirmation class?  What it means to be a member of the church.

What would you like the congregation to know about you? I'm very excited to be an adult in the church!



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PETER   What his name means: rock.  Find him in Matthew 4:18


Peter was the leader of Jesus' disciples.  Every time the Bible names the 12 disciples of Jesus, Peter's name comes first. 

         There's a reason for that.  The people writing those lists thought Peter was the most important.  So did the disciples.  Whenever they had a tough question for Jesus, they got Peter to ask it.  They considered Peter their leader.

         He was a bold man.  And when he was with Jesus, he didn't seem afraid of anything.  One time the disciples got caught in a storm while sailing on the Sea of Galilee.  At about three in the morning, they saw Jesus walking toward them-on top of the water.  Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water to meet Jesus.  When he started to sink, Jesus pulled him back up. 

         When the Jerusalem police came to arrest Jesus, Peter grabbed a sword and cut off a policeman's ear.  Jesus healed it.  Peter was a fisherman who lived in Capernaum (kuh PURR nay um).  That was a village beside a huge lake called the Sea of Galilee.  Back in his fishing days, people called him Simon.  But after Jesus invited him to become a disciple, Jesus gave him a new name: Peter. 

         Jesus was making a point.  "Peter" means rock.  Jesus said, "You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church" (Matthew 16:18).  Jesus was promising that Peter would lead the church. 

         It sure didn't look like that after Jesus got arrested.  This was late at night, while Peter waited outside with a small crowd.  "You're one of his followers," someone said to Peter.  "You're crazy," Peter answered.  He was afraid he might get arrested, too. 

         Roman soldiers nailed Jesus to a cross the next morning.  But he rose from the dead.  Then he spent several weeks with his disciples before returning to heaven. 

         With Jesus gone, Peter was in charge.  He was no longer afraid of dying because he knew Jesus had risen from the dead.   Peter even preached about Jesus in Jerusalem, the place where Jesus died.

The church grew with Peter in charge.  Christian writers said Peter worked as a church leader for about 30 years.  Then they say Roman soldiers arrested him and nailed him to a cross-just like they had done to Jesus. 

Why Peter is famous: He was leader of Jesus' disciples. 


*Taken from Who's Who & Where's Where in the Bible for Kids by Stephen Miller.  



*Taken from Who's Who & Where's Where in the Bible for Kids by Stephen Miller. 






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