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June/July 2013
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Union Sevices
BIrthdays & stuff 


on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. 


For June

  • Tues June 11 at 10:30
  • Tues June 25 at 10:30

We will be in the Country Kitchen 

 and anyone who would care to come is invited.

Becky Quay

Deadline for the AUGUST
newsletter is 
July 20, 2013




For more than 60 years, Presbyterians and Methodists have worshiped together in the summers.


This year's schedule is as follows:

 June 16 - July 7 Presbyterians lead worship at Oxford United Methodist Church


 July 14 - August 4 Methodists lead worship at the Presbyterian Church




You can contact Christine Garton at cgarton@oxfordpresbychurch.org or call or text her cell at 850-276-3231.




IT'S TIME TO SIGN UP FOR SUMMER CAMP AT KIRKMONT CENTER!  Any child or youth who would like to go to camp this summer can find the full schedule at www.KirkmontCenter.org or on the handout displayed on the table outside the copy room.  Parents, we will pay half your child's camp registration cost!  Please register your child with Kirkmont, pay the deposit, and let Christine Garton know which week your child is registered and that you've paid the deposit.  You will receive notification when the church makes a payment toward your account.  If you have questions, please contact Christine Garton.







VBS will be held at our church July 13-15.  

  • Friday, July 13 the schedule will run from 5-8 PM (some volunteer positions won't be needed until 6:30 PM).  
  • Saturday, July 14 the schedule will run from 9:45 AM-2 PM.
  • Sunday, July 15 the schedule will run from 9:30 AM-1 PM.  


Not all volunteer positions require you to be there the entire time.  Adults and youth who are entering 6th grade and older are needed in a variety of positions.  The following is a list of the volunteer positions we know we need at this time:

  • 2 Music leaders (1 for preschool class and 1 for the rest of the kids)
  • Preschool teacher
  • Preschool assistant
  • Craft leader
  • Bible time leader
  • Games leader
  • Mission project leader
  • 1st Aid person
  • Photographer
  • Check-in table person each day (1 person for all 3 days or 3 people)
  • Runners/outside greeters to show people where to go when they are outside for drop-off and pick-up (can be youth-1 person for all 3 days or 3 people)
  • 2-3 K-1st grade leaders
  • 2-3 K-1st grade assistants (can be a youth)
  • 2-3 2nd & 3rd grade leaders
  • 2-3 2nd & 3rd grade assistants (can be a youth)
  • 2-3 4th & 5th grade leaders
  • 2-3 4th & 5th grade assistants (can be a youth)
  • Nursery attendant for each day (can be 1 person for all 3 days or 3 people)
  • A kitchen overseer for each day
  • Sunday lunch preparers and servers
  • People who are free to do any job that comes up


For more information, please contact Christine Garton.  Any time you can give will be greatly appreciated!  

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Keep these friends in your prayers:

Helen Martin, Cathy Fey, Marilyn Retting, Lucy Ferris, Brian Hitsman, Anne Goodell





We share JOY with Cornelia Browne on the birth of her grandson Clark Alexander Browne.  He is the son of Stewart and Michele, who live in North Carolina.






Angel Report: 13 Cards, 6 rides, 9 calls and 25 visits cheered angels.  One prayer shawl was given with love and 4 bouquets were delivered to bring some cheer.





nikki cooley


May 23, 2013 (LOUISVILLE, Ky.) Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary is pleased to announce that Nicole (Nikki) M. Olson Cooley, of Waterloo, Iowa, was awarded the Master of Divinity degree at the 160th Commencement of Louisville Seminary. Cooley was also recipient of two awards: the Bernice Bean and Gladys Kendall Price Award, which is given to an MDiv student who, in the judgment of the faculty, has demonstrated a superior record of academic achievement, and the Joseph T. Sudduth Award for her demonstrated outstanding achievement in biblical studies.


Cooley previously earned degrees from Gustavus Adolphus College (St. Peter, Minn., Bachelor of Arts, 1994), Frostburg State University (Frostburg, Md., Bachelor of Science, 1996) and Boise State University (Boise, Idaho, Master of Arts, 2002).  


She attended Waterloo Central and West High Schools in Waterloo. Her parents are Trudy and Julian Olson of Waterloo.






Oxford Presbyterian Church Women 





The Tuesday Afternoon Circle will meet on June 18th for the final meeting of this year at 1:30 in the Country Kitchen at the Knolls.  Prue Dana will lead the lesson with Jean Butterfield doing Least Coin and Lynn Cronk Mission Yearbook.   An optional lunch is available at noon with reservations due to Lawretta Clum by June 14.  Visitors and guests are always welcome. 




will hold its final meeting of the year with a picnic at the home of Nancy Sturgeon, 417 Pamela Drive. This meeting will be on June 4th beginning at 6:30 p.m. Everyone should bring their own table service plus a dish to share. Sue Wilson will give the Devotions and Billie Maynard will lead the Program.




 Answer to the question of the month: The Star Spangled Banner (second verse) (tricky)





On May 18th, 24 ladies met at the WRA Cabin for a very successful Retreat.  First we enjoyed breakfast provided by the Tuesday Evening Circle.  Then Barbara Barnes led us in a Program, Rooted in Grace, Blossoming with Joy!  New officers were installed and the Birthday Offering was dedicated.  Billie Maynard led us in some lively singing--making a joyful noise to the Lord!  We ended with a salad luncheon and great Fellowship Time.  A good time was had by all and we came away spiritually uplifted.  Many thanks to Barbara Barnes for a wonderful Program!!



Your New OPW Officers:


Moderator:  Sue Wilson

Treasurer:  Janet Ziegler

Secretary:  Jean O'Connell

Coordinator of Gatherings:  Roberta Crain

Coordinator of Ways & Means:  Debbie Davidson

Coordinator of Issues & Action:  Deanna Maxwell

Coordinator of Studies & Mission Interpretation:  Karen                                                                                    Simpson



Many thanks

are due for Karen Simpson for ten years of faithful service as Moderator. Many thanks to Sarah Jane Soika for many years (who's counting?) of faithful service as Coordinator of Studies & Mission Interpretation.  We are grateful to these women for their tireless, continual service to OPW.  We rejoice that Karen will continue on to serve as Coordinator of Studies & Mission Interpretation.




HELP WANTED: We are seeking two or three willing women or men to chair the fall Rummage Sale. This is our major fundraiser for Mission. We have a seasoned workforce of willing workers.  We just need a few people willing to take the lead for this endeavor.  If you are willing or if you want to discuss this possibility, please call Sue Wilson, 523-8848.




Is given annually to high school seniors who have made a difference in the life of the church over their years of membership.  This year Will Hesford and Alex Hughes were honored with the Jamison Award. 




will hesford
Alex Hughes



alex hesford
Will Hesford
















Dear OPW and Christine Garton,

Thank you for choosing me for the Jamieson Award.  I am very thankful that you decided I was a good recipient, and I will put the award money to good use.  Thank you again!  Alex Hughes



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columbia voyagers


Our intrepid representatives to Columbia:  Mary Jo McFadden, Mark Barnes, Connie Everhart, Deanna Maxwell, Robert Smith and Karen Shearer. Sara Smith is going, but is not pictured here.

Via con Dios

(but not until July)



The Mustard Seed Investment Group is looking for new members.  No experience is necessary.  We meet four times a year to discuss our investments, decide on benevolence, and share fellowship.

mustard seed Mustard Seed is a group of congregants that contribute $50 every quarter to invest for the purpose of creating mission dollars.  We currently have a portfolio of 15 stocks worth about $18,000.  We have distributed $500 every year for the last three years.


The Mustard Seed Investment Group will meet on Wednesday June 5th at

7:30 PM.  We will convene at 1325 Dana Drive, home of the Simpson's.

Meetings usually end at 9PM.


Please come to a meeting to see if it would interest you.  You can call Joe Simpson , 523-8363 if you have questions








The First Friday Niters fellowship group will not meet in June.


But don't despair; all are invited to their picnic at Hueston Woods marina on July 5 at 6:30 p.m.  Bring a dish to share, your own table service and lawn chairs.


 Recent church services on DVD will be shown at The Knolls at 10:30 on June 11 and 25.  We will be in the Country Kitchen and anyone who would like to attend is invited.




2       Sarah Miller

2       Sandy Richardson

2       Bill Fisher

2       Justin McGoldrick

3       Marlene Vaughn

3       Sherry Schilling

5       Joyce Bolon

5       Mark Garton

7       Jim Sturgeon

8       Bill King

8       Joni Marcum

10     Rachel Mehl

13     Scott Hartman

13     Mitch Poetter

14     Janet Holmes

15     Kelly Richmond

16     Dave Maxfield

17     Maxine Peters

17     Joe Wespiser

17     Pat Roberts

17     Turner Rollins

19     Adele McLaren

19     Gwen Fears

21     Judy Fisher

21     Ian Pacey

22     Charles Skipper

22     John Baer

22     Christine Garton

23     Opal Wespiser

23     Andrea Johnson

27     Kate Wespiser

27     Linda Hesford

28     Betty Reinhart

28     Jane Hollingsworth

28     Cheryl Ferris

29     Connie Everhart




1       Jay Baird

1       Janet Stuckey

2       Elizabeth Lane

4       Jack Vaughn

5       Roberta Crain

6       Ann Hardy

10     Nancy Moeckel (YOUR                 modest newsletter editor)

12     Will Hazleton

13     Richard Ziegler

14     Jim Maynard

15     Dave Kraushar

16     Judy Spencer

16     Jean Vance

16     Barbara Jena

19     Gil Siegel

19     Amanda McGoldrick

20     Reba Deiss

23     Bruce Bowerman

23     Tristan Gayhart

24     Joyce Trump

24     Ashley Richardson

25     Karen Shearer

26     Peg McKillop

26     Vicki Pacey

29     Alexandra Hazleton

30     Matt Green

31     Barbara Mecklenborg

31     Janet Feazell


JUNE AND JULY JEWELS for our birthday celebrants.



Summer begins June 21 1:04 A.M. EDT


Back in Pre-Revolutionary America when the song "Yankee Doodle" was first popular, the singer was not referring to the pasta "macaroni" in the line that reads "stuck a feather in his hat and called it macaroni". "Macaroni" was a fancy ("dandy") style of Italian dress widely imitated in England at the time.  

(go ahead, sing the whole song)



Question of the Month.  From what song are these lines? 

On the shore, dimly seen through the mists of the deep, Where the foe's haughty host in dread silence reposes, What is that which breeze, o'er the towering steep, As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses? 

(find the answer somewhere in the newsletter)


The first bathing suit was worn in Greece in 350 bc (it was not an itsy-bitsy tweeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini)


Mosquitoes, summer's pest, have been around for more than 30 million years.


The average American eats 15 pounds of watermelon a year


Hurricane season begins June 1st and lasts until November 30th



The frequency of a cricket's chirps fluctuates with the temperature. If you count a cricket's chirps for 15 seconds and add 37, you will have the approximate outdoor temperature (in Fahrenheit).


In 1932, the original Three Musketeers bar has three pieces of candy; one chocolate, one vanilla and one strawberry.


During the 1600s, Tulips were so valuable that their bulbs were worth more than gold.


1.2 billion pounds of potato chips are consumed each year in the US. (not by me alone though!)


Christian Education Full Article 



IT'S TIME TO SIGN UP FOR SUMMER CAMP AT KIRKMONT CENTER!  Any child or youth who would like to go to camp this summer can find the full schedule at www.KirkmontCenter.org or on the handout displayed on the table outside the copy room.  Parents, we will pay half your child's camp registration cost!  Please register your child with Kirkmont, pay the deposit, and let Christine Garton know which week your child is registered and that you've paid the deposit.  You will receive notification when the church makes a payment toward your account.  If you have questions, please contact Christine Garton.


Church t-shirts designed by the youth going on our summer mission trip are in the design process and will be available in August for t-shirt orders. All proceeds will go toward the youth mission trip to Jackson, Tennessee in June.  If all mission trip expenses are covered before t-shirts go on sale, the proceeds will go toward the 2014 youth mission trip.


Beanbags needed for the Drama room!  If you are willing to donate a new or gently used beanbag to the Drama room, please let Christine Garton know.  The large brown corduroy beanbags are being used in the youth room on Sunday mornings for the high school class, so we need regular beanbags for the younger classes when they watch a DVD in the Drama room for Sunday School. If you'd prefer to make a monetary donation toward the purchase of beanbags, please contact Christine Garton.  It does not matter what color or pattern is on donated beanbags as long as they are in good shape.  We would like 7-8 beanbags.  Thanks in advance for your help with this!


THE SUMMER SUNDAY SCHOOL SCHEDULE WILL START ON JUNE 2.  Children who are ages 3 up through entering Kindergarten will go into the preschool class just before worship starts at 10 AM.  Children entering 1st grade up through entering 5th grade will meet upstairs in the AV classroom (soon to be the youth room).  They can be picked up after worship.  Children will need to be signed in and out of class in both classes.  It is the policy of Oxford Presbyterian Church that all children entering 3rd grade and younger be picked up in the Sunday School classroom by a parent, grandparent, or other adult known to the church staff and Sunday School teachers.  Thank you for helping us keep your children safe!



This event will take place in the Molyneaux Lounge at 11:30 AM.  Please sign up on the poster on the church secretary's door.  Here is a description of this presentation from Dr. Russell:

"Unicorns are mentioned eight times in the King James version of the Bible.  Why were they mentioned and what was their Natural History?  What was the basis of a considerable Christian folklore that developed about Unicorns during the Middle Ages?  Come join us for a lively discussion of these intriguing animals as they appeared and disappeared from our religious heritage."


SUMMER SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHERS ARE NEEDED FOR JULY 21 & 28, AND AUGUST 4 & 11.  We will resume the school-year schedule August 18 with a Blessing of the Backpacks ceremony before the first day of school, which is August 19.


Summer Sunday School for Oxford Presbyterian Church will take place on June 2 & 9.  Then, for 4 Sundays, starting June 16, we will worship at Oxford United Methodist Church.  OPC children will participate in Sunday School with OUMC children.  Children will be dropped off at their Sunday School classes just before worship and picked up at class after worship.  On July 14 we return to OPC but due to Vacation Bible School, we will not have regular Sunday School that morning.  Children are invited to take part in VBS activities on July 14.  If you have any questions about this schedule, please contact Christine Garton.  Thanks!     


Librarians (or folks who love to organize books) wanted!  This summer Christine Garton would like to go through the shelves of the church library to inventory what we have and see what we can add.  If you would like more information or would be willing to help, please contact Christine. 


THANK YOU to everyone who came to the youth car wash on Saturday, May 18.  The youth going on the mission trip raised $298.


THANK YOU to everyone who has supported our Youth through fundraisers and private donations.  Each of the 6 youth is trying to raise $550 for their trip.  Plus we are trying to raise money to pay for 3 adult chaperones, van rental and gas.  We appreciate all of your prayers and donations!


Dessert donations needed for the Dessert Auction on June 2.  All proceeds benefit the youth mission trip to Jackson, Tennessee.  If you are able to donate a homemade dessert, please contact Lisa Gayhart at 765-458-0998 or email Thanks in advance for your donations!



There will be a Dessert Auction June 2 immediately following worship in the Molyneaux Lounge.  Bring your wallet and your sweet tooth!  All proceeds benefit the youth mission trip to Jackson, Tennessee. 




  • Friday, June 14~6 PM 
  • Laser Web in Fairfield & dinner out.  Return @ 11 PM.
  • Either Saturday, July 20 or July 27~Pool Party & cookout (Date & time will be announced)
  • Saturday, August 10~10 AM  Newport Aquarium & The Levee w/lunch out.  Return @ 5 PM.

Christine Garton will be on vacation May 28-June 9.


All who are interested in volunteering for VBS or who would like to have a voice in the planning process are invited to the fellowship hall at Oxford United Methodist Church on Sunday, June 9 at Noon for a VBS informational meeting.   For more information, please contact Kim Perkins at perkinsjkm@gmail.com or 535-2813.  


OUR VBS SERVICE PROJECT THIS YEAR IS PROJECT BACKPACK.  In keeping with the "God's Backyard" theme, we will collect school supplies for the 3 elementary schools in our own backyard.  Supplies can be dropped off outside the secretary's office starting July 14 and will be collected through August 12.  Thank you in advance for your donations!  The following supplies are needed:

*crayons (8, 16 or 24 packs)

*1inch 3 ring binders

*glue sticks (small or large)

*#2 pencils

*baby wipes or hand wipes

*disinfectant wipes

*tissues (box, not individual packs)

*plastic school supplies box

*colored pencils

*rectangular pink erasers or pencil top erasers

*bold Crayola washable markers (8 count)  

*5 inch Fiskars pointed scissors

*wide ruled notebooks (70 page)

*pocket folders

*pencil pouch


*loose leaf wide ruled notebook paper

*packs of 3x3 Post-Its




Week of June 2~

  • Pray for the registration process online to go smoothly.  Pray for the June 9 informational meeting to go well and be well-attended. 

Week of June 9~

  • Pray for relaxation, rejuvenation and enthusiasm over the next month for all who are attending and volunteering with VBS.  

Week of June 16~

  • Pray for the final details of VBS to be worked out and for the efforts of those taking care of the details.

Week of June 23~

  • Pray for the leaders of each of the churches involved with VBS.  Pray they will get everything on their calendar done so they can enjoy the time with the children and youth at VBS. 

Week of June 30~

  • Pray for all the volunteers at VBS.  Thank God for their gifts and talents.  Pray that all the volunteer positions will be filled.


Week of July 7~

  • Pray for everyone involved with VBS.  Pray that the children will have a good time learning about serving God.  Pray for the adult volunteers to be filled with energy, enthusiasm and love as they generously give of their time. 

Week of July 14~

  • Pray for the clean-up and debriefing efforts of the VBS Planning Team and volunteers.  Pray that lots would be learned to help improve VBS for next year!



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