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January  2013
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Tuesday January 14

Tuesday January 28

We will be in the Country Kitchen at 2pm  and anyone who would care to come is invited.


Becky Quay

Deadline for the February
newsletter is January 20, 2013

  mark and tree


A Hymn of Trust and Hope for the New Year


          As the calendar turns to 2013, we may find ourselves looking ahead to the New Year and wondering what it will bring.  Whatever the future may hold, we can enter the New Year knowing that God is still our faithful God and is at work for our good.  (Romans 8:28)  One of our favorite hymns expresses the trust and hope which sustains us throughout the year.

          Philip Doddridge wrote the text, which was published in 1755 in the collection Hymns Founded on Various Texts in the Holy Scriptures.  The caption to the hymn reads "Help obtained from God.  Acts 26:22.  For the New Year."



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Sunday, December 30th

10:00 a.m. Worship


  • Festive informal service
  • Wear your Christmas sweater or sweatshirt
  • Enjoy a Christmas carol sing-a-long
  • Hear a Christmas Story
  • Special Music



Sunday, January 6

Come worship informally around tables

at  the Seminary Church

Epiphany Festival

"Brunch Sunday"


  • 10-10:30 a.m.     Brunch an fellowship
  • 10:30-11:15 a.m. Worship and communion at tables.


Epiphany is the 12th (and last) day of Christmas!


Come celebrate Epiphany and bring in the New Year with the Magi and the theme of  "light."






You can contact Christine Garton at cgarton@oxfordpresbychurch.org or call or text her cell at 850-276-3231.



Thank you to our December 2nd-5th grade Sunday School teachers!  They were Marilyn & Katie Curry, Missy Friede, and Greg & Michael Hughes. 

Thank you to everyone who taught Sunday School in 2012!  Our preschool class was taught last spring and summer by volunteers, then by Miami intern Sarah Mapel during the fall.  Carrie Zehler, our nursery worker this fall, assisted in the preschool class as well.  Sarah Miller & Deb Sayers taught our Kindergarten & 1st grade class.  Multiple adult and high school volunteers taught our 2nd-5th grade classes.  Prue Dana and Katie Saylor taught our Middle School class.  And our faithful Sunday School Superintendent, Becky Quay, took attendance, provided refreshments for classes, and made sure all children made it to the correct class.  We could not run our Sunday School program without all of you! 

Thank you!







Keep these friends in your prayers:


Eli Brown, William Soika, Helen Martin, Vi Suit, Vada Sanford, Cathy Fey, Gene and Faye Santavicca, Marilyn Rettig, Asa (Drena Bowerman's son), Lucy Ferris, Brian Hitsman, Harold Gilmore (Genee Hesse's brother) Stephen Kuehn (who has been deployed to Qatar).



THANK YOU to the OXFORD BRASS QUARTET.  You plan a "mean one" that was enjoyed by all! 



THANK YOU to our guest pianist, Janice Murray.


THANK YOU to each and every member of our talented choir.

choir quartet



Angel Report: 35 Cards, 4 rides, 12 calls and 36 visits cheered angels.

Special Projects: Our adopted army troop received letters from children to cheer them and a special package for Scott Kuehn was sent.


Shampoo, soap, eggs and peanut butter were among the favorite things delivered in the monthly shopping for the food pantry!


We wrapped four of our friends in prayer shawls knitted with love and care.


Bouquets of cheer and support were delivered to 10 grieving or recovering friends.



Do you know someone who needs a Prayer Shawl? We have all shapes, sizes and colors available.  If you have a friend or relative to whom you would like to give a Prayer Shawl, please call Sue Skillings 523-3120.


If you would like to knit or crochet a prayer shawl, we would love to have you do so.  Contact Sue for yarn and instructions or just start working.  The only requirement for a prayer shawl is that it be made with love!


Oxford Presbyterian Church Women 






will meet January 15 in the Country Kitchen at the Knolls at 1:30.  An optional lunch is available at noon for $6.  Please make reservations with Lawretta Clum by Friday January 11th.  Pat Gifford will lead the Bible Study with Lynn Cronk doing the Least Coin and Becky Quay reading the Mission Yearbook.  Visitors and new members are always welcome to attend. 




will meet at 7:30 pm on January 8, 2013 in the home of Jane Baer.  Janet Ziegler will co-host and Barbara Mecklenborg will give the Devotions. Sue Wilson will lead the Program based on Lesson 4 in the Horizons Bible Study: The Help.




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As stated in the November 2012 newsletter, this year's stewardship campaign was modified compared to last year's campaign.  Session wanted to complete the campaign before we had to finalize the 2013 budget.  We need a good estimate of member-giving in order to draft a sound budget.

The majority of members returned their pledge cards by November 16 as requested.  On November 18, a group of church member volunteers contacted the "pledging units" who had not yet responded.  As this note is being drafted, there are only a few that we have not heard from.  We are making another attempt to contact them and are hopeful that this number will be zero shortly.  This year's campaign has been more effective than last year's and we plan to build on this success by using much the same approach next year.  Thank you very much for your support of our church.



The Stewardship Committee (Brent Bader, John Curry, Steve Flee, Katie Payne, Trevor Richmond and Charles Teckman plus ex officio members Mark Barnes and Jean Hitsman)






Five to seven volunteers are needed to supervise broomball children in groups of 5 for Sunday Jan. 13, 2013 at Goggin Ice Arena at the event for "Sweep for Sandy:  Help Clean Up the East Coast".  Two to three volunteers are needed to meet/greet arrivals and direct them for check in and rental equipment.  If interested, please contact Mary Shinn at 513-523-2662 or shinngroom@frontier.com.  Thank you for all you do!!



The 2013 Per Capita Apportionment is $26.55.



Annual reports are due on January 14








The congregation will gather on Sunday, January 27, 2013 immediately following the worship service, for it's annual meeting.

  • Copies of the annual report will be available.
  • The budget, approved by the Session, will be presented and explained by the Stewardship and Finance Committee.
  •  A vote will be taken on the changes in the pastor's compensation package for 2013.




Once again, I would like to give a big Thank You to all who helped make another Cookie walk a success.  At last count we made $1344.21. This is reason to pat yourselves on the back.  This was my first time to chair/co-chair such a large event.  I have decided that the Oxford Presbyterian Church has a wonderful source of volunteers.  There were at least 38 people who baked and donated cookies and candies, 4 to 5 members who donated cookie walk home-made Christmas crafts to sell, and approximately 21 who donated time to help set up on Friday and/or sell and clean up on Saturday. To list all of the names scares me in that I might have missed getting someone on the lists I have. But please know how grateful I am to each of you.  I would like to say thank you to my co-chair Connie Everhart. And to the Friday crew, many who spent a good portion of the day helping.  The entire project was a time of hard work, good fellowship and profit for mission.  Thank you.


Debbie Davidson 




From the Presbytery of Miami Valley:


Christine Garton of the Oxford Presbyterian Church will lead the Educator Support Network in the coming year. Christine is also the new POINT person for curriculum for the presbytery.  




Fairly recent church services on DVD will be shown at The Knolls on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 2pm. Dates in January

  • January 14
  • January 28

Thank you! We will be in the Country Kitchen and anyone who would care to come is invited.

Becky Quay




FIRST FRIDAY NITERS will meet uptown at Phan Shin's Restaurant on Friday January 4 at 6:30pm.  Come join the fun.  TIP:  visit

http://www.campusmenus.com for coupons.  (just follow the prompts, it's easy.  You can get a free appetizer with purchase of 2 entrees, but sadly this coupon does not apply to the Pu-Pu Platter.

Other coupons available!) :) (Pu-Pu Platter HAS to be better than it sounds!)   


safe haven decorating 13  

The Saturday Select Group held a Christmas decorating event at Safe Haven Farms on December 2nd and they recruited a large group of church members to help. In addition Becky Quay invited her son Dan and his wife Marie and their four children to come and help as well.   All 22 volunteers had a great time. The Farmers, staff, and parents of Safe Haven Farm want to thank the volunteers from the Oxford Presbyterian Church who decorated our Hatton Center for Christmas!  The Community Room was absolutely beautiful for our Christmas Party on December 15. We heard lots of positive comments from many parents saying how wonderful it was that our church had come out to decorate and make this room so beautiful.  We are especially thankful for Judy Fisher and Karen Shearer for organizing this event.  The farmers will continue to enjoy the festive atmosphere you created throughout the month of December, including a planned New Years Eve party.  Dave and Sue would also like to thank the many church members that contributed decorations and those that have given financial gifts to Safe Haven Farms this year.  Your continued support and interest in this farm that strives to locally serve the needs of adults with autism is greatly appreciated!!



Help spread the news-share what's happening with you and your family by sending info to Nancy Moeckel, your newsletter editor. (moeckenj@muohio.edu)






4       Jane Baer

5       James Angie

7       David Scotford

7       Deanna Roberts

9       Ellen Buerk

9       Tom Fey

9       Jessica Stephenson

10     Cindy Satkowki

11     Jean Butterfield

11     Amber Beal

12     Marty Miller

13     Donald Harrington

14     Anne Imhoff

15     Mary Quigg

15     Judy Herold

15     Kali Satkowski

15     Gwyneth Wilson

16     Cora Friede

19     Judy Cross

19     Dolly Thomas

19     Sara Bailer

22     Scott Walter

24     Mickey Preston

25     Marilyn Rettig

26     Steve Flee

27     Glenn Rymer

27     Cathy Fey

27     Martha Jackson

29     Steve Snyder

29     Cameron Hay-Rollins

30     Kim Logsdon

30     Emily Snell

31     Andrew Farler


January Jots


In early 1900s America, "jay" was a slang term used to describe a na´ve or foolish person. Thus, when such a pedestrian decided to ignore traffic signals and street signs, he or she was referred to as a "jaywalker."


The coldest temperature ever recorded in the world was -128 degrees Celsius, in Vostok Station in Antarctica in 1983.


What is Chionophobia? (as always, you have to read the WHOLE newsletter to find the answer.) 


100 years ago the average price of a car was $500.00


This year is a special one for Friday the 13ths: There are three of them: Jan. 13, April 13 and July 13. The freaky thing? The dates fall exactly 13 weeks apart. That hasn't happened since 1984.


The third Monday in January commemorates the birthday of the spokesman for non-violent civil rights, Martin Luther King, Jr.


Jan 8, 1835 - The United States' official debt was $0.00.


MURPHY'S LAW: Whatever can go wrong will

FINAGLE'S LAW: Anything that can go wrong, will, at the worst possible moment

COLE'S LAW: Thinly sliced cabbage.





From Our Pastors 
Full Article


A Hymn of Trust and Hope for the New Year


          As the calendar turns to 2013, we may find ourselves looking ahead to the New Year and wondering what it will bring.  Whatever the future may hold, we can enter the New Year knowing that God is still our faithful God and is at work for our good.  (Romans 8:28)  One of our favorite hymns expresses the trust and hope which sustains us throughout the year.

          Philip Doddridge wrote the text, which was published in 1755 in the collection Hymns Founded on Various Texts in the Holy Scriptures.  The caption to the hymn reads "Help obtained from God.  Acts 26:22.  For the New Year."

          Philip Doddridge (1702-1751) was born in London.  One of twenty children, he was orphaned at an early age.  He became a nonconformist minister.  He was a supporter of John Wesley and George Whitefield and a friend of Isaac Watts.  Doddridge wrote more than four hundred hymns, all published after his death from

tuberculosis.  In addition to his hymns, he wrote The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul and The Family Exposition.   

          May we enter this New Year rooted in the faith and hope expressed in his hymn! 

          Mark and Barbara


Great God, We Sing That Mighty Hand


Great God, we sing that mighty hand

By which supported still we stand;

The opening year Your mercy shows;

That mercy crowns it till it close.


With grateful hearts the past we own;

The future, all to us unknown,

We to Your guardian care commit,

And peaceful leave before Your feet.


In scenes exalted or depressed,

You are our joy, and You our rest;

Your goodness all our hopes shall raise,

Adored through all our changing days.


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Christian Education Full Article 

On Sunday, November 18 members of our church went to Faith Lutheran Church for our first annual joint Advent workshop.  Members of both churches joined together to make Advent crafts for their families and for the children of the Ronald McDonald House in Cincinnati.  Between the items donated beforehand workshop and created at the Advent workshop, 14 boxes of holiday decorations were sent to families whose children were not able to spend Christmas at home due to their illnesses.  After the boxes were packed, the group sang Christmas carols and ate a soup and chili supper.  Much fun was had by all! 

To view all of the pictures, go to the church website (www.OxfordPresbyChurch.org) or visit the church's Facebook page by doing a search for Oxford Presbyterian Church (USA), Oxford, Ohio. 



The youth Christmas party was held at youth intern Rachel Boden's house on Dec. 9.  We said goodbye to Rachel as she moves back home with her parents in the Dayton area to do her student teaching in Lebanon before she graduates in May.


youth party  



Caroling was great fun!  There were 16 adults who caroled at Woodland Manor and a few homes of members and there were 27 children, youth and adults who caroled at The Knolls. 

Thanks to The Wilsons and The Walters for hosting the post-caroling fellowship time!



carolers knolls


Christine Garton will be on vacation Jan. 2-4.


The answer to the question?  Fear of snow


SOUPER BOWL OF CARING is coming February 3.  After worship, youth will stand at each entrance to the sanctuary with pots to collect donations for the Oxford Community Choice Food Pantry.  Any amount you can donate will be greatly appreciated!  Last year this congregation donated $333.73. 

 Let's see if we can beat that total this year!


Super Bowl Sub Sale is this month!  The youth going on the mission trip to Jackson, TN this summer will be selling Super Bowl subs.  You can use the order form in this newsletter as well as the order form that will be in the bulletin starting January 13.  Subs will be available for pickup in the Molyneaux Lounge after worship on Sunday, February 3. Subs are $7 each and add-on items of a 12 oz. canned soft drink, small bag of chips, and/or a chocolate chip cookie will be available for an additional $1 per item.


Youth in grades 6-12 and their parents are invited to a casual catered lunch in the Geneva Room after worship on Sunday, February 17.  We will chat at our tables about what the church can do to support our youth and their families.  Lunch and childcare will be provided for family members 5th grade and younger.  Please join us for a time of fellowship and conversation.  This event will end by 12:15 PM.  If you and your family can attend, please contact Christine Garton at cgarton@OxfordPresbyChurch.org or (850) 276-3231 (text or call) to give her a head count for lunch. Hope to see you there!


Attention Youth: There are still spaces available on the mission trip to Jackson, TN June 21-29, 2013.  We are going canoeing on the Harpeth River near Nashville on June 22, then heading to Jackson to do home repairs for the week.  Back in 2008, the community of Jackson was hit hard by tornadoes and floods, and the need for repairs is still great.  We will work alongside youth and adults from all around the country at this Group Workcamp site.  Cost is $550 per person, which includes all meals and lodging as well as canoeing.  Youth will be required to work at least 2 fundraisers this spring.  To sign up, please give a $50 deposit to Christine Garton.  For more information, please contact Christine at cgarton@OxfordPresbyChurch.org or on her cell at (850) 276-3231.


There will be a MANDTORY fundraiser meeting for all youth going on this summer's mission trip on Sunday, January 20 immediately following worship in the AV Sunday School room.  Each youth is required to bring a parent/guardian with them to this meeting.  If for any reason you cannot attend this meeting but plan to go on the mission trip, please contact Christine Garton.



We are going to an event-based program this spring

Faith & Fellowship will NOT meet on Sunday afternoons.  All youth in grades 6-12 are invited to youth events and friends are always welcome.  Here are some of our upcoming events:


  • Jan. 13: Sweep for Sandy Broomball Fundraiser.  Cost for equipment rental is $10.  All money collected will go to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance's Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund.
  • Feb. 3: Souper Bowl of Caring.  Youth are needed to collect donations after worship for the Oxford Community Choice Food Pantry.
  • Feb 17: Family Lunch in the Geneva Room after worship.
  • Feb. 22: Winter Jam concert at US Bank Arena.  Cost is $10.  (http://www.jamtour.com)
  • Mar. 2: Church Talent Show
  • Apr. 12-14: Presbytery Youth Retreat at Kirkmont Center

*Other youth events to be scheduled include the climbing wall at the Miami Rec. Center and a trip to King's Island.  Watch for more details!


College Student Lunch & Bible Study will resume on Sunday, February 10.  We will continue our study about "Hearing God's Call."  All young people who are college-aged are welcome to attend.  We meet in the AV Sunday School room upstairs immediately following worship.  Lunch is provided and is free!   



Broomball fundraiser will be held Sunday, Jan. 13 from 6:30-8 PM at Goggin Ice Arena.  Ages 6-18 can participate.  Cost for equipment rental is $10 per person.  Participants will ask people to sponsor them to play.  All money raised will go to the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Fund to assist Hurricane Sandy victims.


E-mail Christine Garton at cgarton@oxfordpresbychurch.org or call her at (850) 276-3231 for your registration, permission and pledge forms. (also available in the newsletter)


If you would like to make a pledge to support our children and youth during the SWEEP FOR SANDY Broomball fundraiser, please contact Christine Garton or fill out the pledge form found in the bulletin and newsletter Pledges will be taken through January 13. 


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