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February 2013
 Truth and Lies about Hiring the Unemployed

The widely held belief among employers is that currently employed job applicants are a better proposition than unemployed job applicants. In fact, reports show that some employers have gone as far as to even include restrictions in job adverts stating that unemployed candidates will not be considered. And as the worrying results from a Bullhorn survey reported in Forbes have revealed, 44 percent of recruiters questioned suggested that placing a candidate that had been unemployed for two years was the most difficult candidate to place- more difficult than a candidate with a criminal record, even.

But, is this antipathy toward the unemployed really justified, or is it a result of prejudice, ignorance and misinformation? Let's look at some of these negative conceptions that prevail around the unemployed and see if beneath the surface there was actually a truer, more positive story.

1. Is any unemployment is a serious red flag? No. Today's unemployed are there for economic reasons more than performance. At one time this argument may have been a given. Years ago in pre-recession times with low unemployment, gaps in resumes were once justifiably seen as a candidate's lack of employability or motivation. But, in today's climate of high unemployment and increased use of contingency contracts by firms, are gaps in unemployment such a sure sign of lack of employability or are they more a sign of a lack of jobs, hiring freezes and mass layoffs? What we face in today's market are a plethora of unemployed but highly skilled and qualified candidates.

2. Companies that layoff staff let the weakest performers go first, so avoid laid off staff. True, but the cuts have been so deep this time that many talented staff have been laid off too. None of you need reminding that we have faced one of the deepest and prolonged economic recessions in history. Companies are being forced to make unprecedented levels of staff cuts due to loss of liquidity, lack of customer demand and a restricted financial climate, which means companies are not just letting go of the under performing fringe, they are having to eat into the main body of talented performers.

3. The unemployed workers' skills are out of date, they have fallen behind. Not true, as many of them will be using their free time to develop their skills. These days, there are so many professional learning resources available on the internet and via college and many of the unemployed are using their time off to develop and update their theoretical knowledge or to develop skills in specific areas, which may be of use to the business or to simply learn new skills. Many of them may have volunteered or engaged in some occasional contingent work to keep their skills fresh. The unemployed do not have to and are not stagnating in the way that they might have had to years ago. This is a woefully outdated belief.

Source: www.recruiter.com

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Richard - Marketing Professional with more than 10 yrs experience. Experience in consumer goods, banking, entertainment and hospitality industries. A track record of marketing, branding, promoting, merchandising and advertising products and services to increase revenue, grow share and drive customers in the door through creative and innovated means. 


Tom - Customer service and Sales professional with more than 12 yrs experience. Strong in sales, administration and technical support. Experience in manufacturing, retail, commercial, construction, industrial and wholesale sectors. Great positive dynamic attitude, which makes him an above average customer service representative. Strong ability to communicate effectively and an above and beyond attitude.


Irwin - Over 25 years of experience in Finance and Administration for corporations with sales upwards $75 million. Strengths include risk management, mentoring, good governance, and integration of management planning across functional areas in a senior management position.  


February's Snap Shot of Some of our Current Searches

Production Supervisor

Our client is a plastic recycling company in the Brampton area.  Looking for a Production Supervisor with a background in the plastics industry with ability to motivate and mold the production staff. Full time, permanent position. Minimum of 5 years of experience with extrusion background.   


Executive Director

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director plays a key leadership role in developing and leading the strategic and operational objectives of the organization. Through creative and collaborative leadership, innovation, strong community relationships, and a passion for the cause, you will play an integral role in impacting the emotional well-being of youth and families throughout Peel region.


Service Administrator

Reporting to the President this role is a key liaison at the Service Desk.  The position requires an exceptional customer oriented individual, strong administrative and organizational skills and solid computer skills. Our client is in the Brampton Area. Full time, permanent position. Previous experience in a Customer Service or Service Desk environment.   


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Canada's Job Surge: What Economist Say!

  Canada's economy created far more jobs than expected in December, defying expectations amid sluggish growth and affirming the possibility of a central bank rate hike this year.


Here's what the economists say:




"My initial response is not only are they defying expectations, they are defying gravity. Right across the board, this is a very strong result. It is very tough to reconcile this with a lot of the other indicators we are seeing on the economy, but we have to accept the numbers as presented. Almost every aspect of this report was strong - most of the gains were in full-time, private-sector employment, a lot were in the goods-producing sector. Even the expected reversal in the accommodation and food services didn't happen, so this is quite the surprise - quite the pleasant surprise."

"The Bank (of Canada) responds to a whole series of events and they've been less focused on the job market than say the Fed would be, but still, I think the decline in the unemployment rate to a new cycle low 7.1 percent will catch their eye. It also hints that there is a bit more strength to the underlying economy than the latest GDP numbers would suggest. But with inflation running at less than 1 percent and GDP in the 1 percent zone recently, I don't think the Bank will be in any rush to do anything. But it likely means they'll keep a mild hawkish bias in place."




"The fact that there's minor disappointment in the U.S. numbers took some of the risk aversion impetus for the Canadian dollar off. As well, as good as these numbers were, and have been over the last couple of months, there is still a sense that the levitation act on jobs can't continue for much longer. There's still some doubt cast around these numbers even though they look solid in all the details."

"In the second half of the year, growth looks to have averaged about 1 percent if we're lucky ... and the jobs gains we've had ... are simply inconsistent with the GDP numbers. One of those is at odds."

"Canada's had this experience before, where we've had a stretch of seemingly inconsistent employment numbers for a good period, three to four or five months, so that's one of the reasons the Bank of Canada would put some question marks around this. The second factor would be simply that they don't have the same mandate as the Fed. Ours is an inflation-targeting central bank and inflation's been below what they had been thinking."




"Very strong across the board, well above consensus. All the job gains were in full-time and the private sector, and the split between goods to services was good ... So all-in-all the details of the report were just as strong as the headline and that is positive for the Canadian dollar."

"Already the market was pricing in about a 25% chance that the Bank of Canada would hike rates in 2013 and I think it keeps that type of expectation engrained. So it's likely that we do see higher rates in Canada at the very end of 2013 to early 2014."



The Canadian dollar jumped to a session high against its U.S. counterpart after the data. The Canadian currency was trading at C$0.9876 to the greenback, or $1.0126, compared with C$0.9880, or $1.0121, at Thursday's North American close.

Overnight index swaps, which trade based on expectations for the central bank's key policy rate, showed that traders increased bets on a rate hike in late 2013 after the employment reports.