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We are proud of our Sheridan

Human Resource Graduates.


On Tuesday June 12th I had the pleasure of attending the Sheridan Convocation 2012 - Faculty of Business ceremony.  Three members of our team not only graduated but also received special recognition of their accomplishments.  We are incredibly fortunate to have these three ladies on our team!


Congratulations to Sheila Hagendorn, our Recruitment Specialist, who graduated with Honors from the Business Administration Human Resource Advanced Diploma Program from Sheridan.


Susan Wall our HR and On Site Specialist also graduated with high honors from the Business Administration Human Resources Advanced Diploma Program.   Susan was the Silver Medalist from her graduating class - an incredible accomplishment.  Way to go Susan!!!!!


We are also delighted that Nycole Pochwalowski our Recruitment Coordinator graduated with high honors from Sheridan - Business Administration Human Resourced Advanced Diploma Program. 


Linda Ford, President

Recent Successes

Glad to help assist our associates and clients  in finding the right fit for the job!


**Congratualtions Natalia A. on her new position as a Controller at a Aerospace Manufacturing company.


**Congratulations Cate G. in her role as a Tariff & Pricing specialist at one of  Canada's largest moving company's.


**Congratulations Shane W. in his new role as a Drilling Supervisor for a Furniture Manufacturing compay.


**Congratulations Michael F. who recently received a job as Sales Manager for a Non for Profit organization.


**Congratualtions Ann M. in her role as General Accountant for a company who is supplier of carbon steel parts.


**Congratulations Melissa A. who recently started as a Marketing & Communications Coordinator at one of the largest owned insurance brokers in Ontario.


**Congratulations to Pam D. after working a temporary position as an Executive Assistant was hired on by the company!


Best Wishes to all in Their New Roles!!! 


Employees taking summer vacation?? Need an associcate to fill the gap? Don't leave the replacement till the last minute! Temporary associates need vacation too!


Call us today to help fill the vacancy!!






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Social Media and Recruiting!

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + , Pintrest

Social networks created a powerful new approach to recruiting that is accessible to employers of any size. Managing attractive career pages and creating rich, dynamic content requires a relatively minor investment of time and resources. Small companies can successfully attract large followings on Facebook and Twitter simply by sharing interesting and authentic content. It's easier than ever to create engaging, career-focused content by embedding videos, posting company photos and blog articles, and sharing company career events. Personalize descriptions of job openings with individual recruiters' names, pictures and social media profiles to enable them to grow their networks and create a superior experience for potential employees.

Facebook will accelerate their growth and approach 1 billion users by the end of 2012. In terms of recruitment, Facebook already delivers a talent pool five times bigger than LinkedIn's. It's used by over 9 million companies and users of all age groups and professions, and boasts the highest rate of engagement. This year, Facebook Timeline, which displays up-to-date professional and personal information, in addition to friends, subscribers, photos and videos, will become the online profile choice for many. Employers will bolster recruitment efforts on company pages and empower recruiters and employees with professional recruiting applications.

Launched only a few months ago, Google+ is the fastest-growing social network in history, amassing nearly 60 million users in record time. Google+ enables users to easily maintain both their personal and professional lives in one place. The simple interface and continually growing community will attract a large number of recruiters and company pages. Combined with its unique Hangout and Circles features, Google+ will present serious competition for Facebook. The Hangout feature taps into the already growing trend towards video interviewing remote candidates, while Circles allows recruiters to message specific influencers and candidates. From one page, companies can selectively ask alumni for referrals, invite local candidates to career events and publish internal job openings only to current employees.

Twitter has experienced enormous growth in terms of features, user numbers and revenue. The platform recently introduced brand pages, which will likely adopt most features available on Facebook pages. The 'Who to Follow' and the new #Discover features will become the prevailing tools for growing your follower base and increasing employment brand visibility. For instance, when a user connects to a company career account, Who to Follow automatically suggests other career-focused or recruiter accounts. Tweet interesting, media-rich content, and users will effortlessly find you with the #Discover feature. Companies will focus on increasing the discoverability of their Twitter accounts by tweeting social media optimized job postings, videos, photos and engaging stories, actively engaging in conversations with followers, and utilizing the @Mention feature and popular hashtags.

It has been a big year for LinkedIn- a successful IPO, double last year's traffic, and a user base that's grown to 135 million. Companies will continue to step away from traditional job boards that have higher price tags, but offer fewer and fewer advantages to LinkedIn. However, LinkedIn will face increased competition from Facebook and Google+. Facebook, in particular, is currently used by more businesses than LinkedIn. LinkedIn will add new features to its company pages to catch up with other networks, introduce richer profiles and add features that will improve engagement. If all goes well, there will be more profiles and activity on LinkedIn. If not, we will be seeing more corporate "About Us" pages like Pintrest , in which team members show their Facebook Timelines and Twitter profiles - but no LinkedIn profiles.

All in all, 2012 will see substantial developments in social media that will continue to encourage application-based recruitment and referral hiring, and promote personalized, widespread engagement between employers and the largest possible talent pool.

Texting is all the rave these days  and now texting is the new way to get in contact with us! Need to update your availability? Need your assignment details? You can now text!!
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