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March 2012

Lori Robinson Retiring From Staffing!

Lori Robinson, founding partner of Access Career Solutions Inc. and Temporary Measures Inc. is retiring from the staffing business on March 30th 2012. Lori has had a long career in Recruitment & Staffing and is now moving on to the next chapter of her life. A little more R &R, travel, and a passion for teaching Human Resources at Sheridan is sure to keep her busy.   Lori will be missed by the team at ACSI and TMI as well as our many clients that worked with Lori on Recruitment and Human Resource projects. Thank you Lori for your many contributions to our organization, the community, and the Staffing Industry. As Lori moves on to new experiences and opportunities, rest assured that our commitment to excellence in Recruitment, Staffing, and Human Resources will remain our priority. Our team in Brampton, Vaughan and Milton/Halton will continue to provide great people, sound advice and exceptional customer service to our valued customers.

Fond farewell Lori! 


Linda Ford


Access Career Solutions Inc.

Temporary Measures Inc. 


Welcome Back Terri Ford to the ACSI & TMI Team!

Terri Ford originally joined Access Career Solutions Inc. in 2002 as a Recruitment Specialist. Terri has just returned after staying home for a few years raising her family and teaching skating in Mississauga. She brings with her a wealth of recruitment knowledge - her forte has always been knowing that right corporate fit. We are excited to have Terri heading up our new Milton/Halton division - leading business development in the area as well as providing strategic recruitment & HR solutions for our clients. Terri is looking forward to returning to the staffing industry and reconnecting with all of you that she has worked with in the past.

Terri's brings her positive attitude and genuine desire to find the right solutions to the role.

Terri Ford

Recruitment & Business Development

550 Industrial Drive

Milton, L9T 5A6


Outsource Your HR Services to US!!


As an employer, are you able to keep in touch with all employee related legislative mandates and changes? Are there H.R. projects uncompleted that could contribute significantly to the productivity or well being of your employees?

Access Human Resources can assist you with any project. Whether it is a complaint, training, evaluation, performance, health & safety, or search issue we can provide you "access" to trained Human Resource professionals. Contact ACSI for any of the following services:


W.S.I.B. Claims Management
Compensation & Benefits Management
Occupational Health & Safety
Committee Steering
Train The Trainer Programs
Pre "Work Well Audits"
Policies & Procedures
Organizational Management
Customer Service Training
Assessments & Evaluations
Personality Profiling
Employee Surveys
Termination Counseling
Exit Interviews
Employee Leasing


 Our HR Service Specialist


Linda Brassard-Linda has been working at Access Careers since April 2011,   as our HR Specialist. In addition to conducting our Health & Safety programs and our Outplacement & Career Transition programs,  Linda designs and implements proactive HR strategies for our clients that utilize our Human Resource oursource services. She has over 10 years experience in HR working mainly in the manufacturing sector, gaining experience in recruiting, labour relations, HR Administration and Health & Safety. Her knowledge gained over the years has given our company a great advantage in helping our clients and succeeding in our future HR projects and goals.

The Benefits of Human Resources Outsourcing


 Human Resources (HR) plays a crucial role in any company or organization. The latest buzzword in the HR stream is that of Human Resources Outsourcing. It is gaining both, popularity and worldwide acceptance. This is because it is one effective way, to save costs. More and more companies are realizing that Human Resources Outsourcing is an essential tool to bring down costs and bring value addition to the business.


Organizations of all kinds are growing aware of the need for Human Resources Outsourcing. The best skills will be available at lower costs thus shoring up profitability. One intangible benefits of Human Resources Outsourcing is that a business can focus on its core competencies and leave the run-of-the mill tasks to be taken care by outsourcing. Another intangible benefit is that allows businesses to find skilled personnel suitable for their requirements. By outsourcing some areas, it allows businesses to deploy their manpower to concentrate aggressively on new areas identified for growth. The tangible benefit of Human Resources Outsourcing is the savings in costs. These are long-term savings.


While examining the issue of Human Resources Outsourcing, the company should be very clear on the kind of service it expects. It would do the company good to set down the present job roles and expectations to create a benchmark. This would help in assessing the impact of outsourcing afterwards. Communication on the expectations should be very clear. Human Resources can be partly outsourced for growing businesses. This will translate into immediate savings for the business. These savings can be channelized into the business for growth.


Human Resources Outsourcing, it should be recognized that companies gain competitive advantage in the process. Companies gain by improvement in quality and productivity. However, it needs to be noted that outsourcing does not deliver all the time, especially on-going HR functions that are better performed by the internal Human Resources of a company.

When you are running a business, it sometimes gets problematic to get everything done in time, regularly. A company may not be able to hire people to do these jobs and may start getting tied up in these regular routine jobs. In such situations Human Resources Outsourcing may be the best possible solution.

Once you have understood the need to outsource, how do you go about find the right people to do the job for you? You have to find suitable people first. Then you will have to tell them what you exactly need them to do. And the last and most difficult part is to let them do the job without interfering.

Access Career Solutions Inc.
Temporary Measures Inc.


 Access Career Solutions Inc. and Temporary Measures Inc. will make a commitment to each client, each applicant and our staff to offer high level employment services dedicated to understanding client expectations, delivering quality services, and providing solutions to compliment business and personal goals. It is our goal to give each customer the impression of being our only customer!


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NEW LOCATION in the Milton Area !!!

550 Industrial Drive

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Sector Experience


Private Sector

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Supply Chain & Distribution
  • Business & Professional Services
  • Consumer Products & Services
  • Financial Management & Financial Services
  • Human Resources
  • Healthcare
  • Procurement
  • Technology & Engineering


Public & Non Profit Sectors

  • Associations & Association Management
  • Charitable & Human Services
  • Education
  • Government & Public Administration
  • Municipal & Regional Government
  • Board of Trade & Chambers of Commerce

What Clients Have to Say!


 "Dear Access Careers,


I wanted to send you a thank you letter/testimonial about your HR outsourcing services. We were referred to you when we were facing a very challenging situation with a (now former) employee that we felt we could not handle ourselves.


We had asked around and were seeking HR professionals who treated both parties with dignity and were knowledgeable and skilled to help us make decisions and execute a few difficult tasks.


The phone and in -person consultations and email correspondence were timely and helpful, and we appreciate the fact that you spent time helping us and giving us your well-researched advise. You ultimately helped us come to a fair and legally sound resolution and we feel the outcome was win-win for everyone.


We sincerely appreciate your professionalism, courtesy,knowledge and kind yet firm approach to the work we hired you for.


We would recommend you, without hesitation, to companies looking to outsource any HR task that seems a little too daunting


Thank you again!


Yours very truly,

Melissa M





"Dear ACSI,


Part of the process in moving our organization forward required  the  development of new job descriptions, recruitment of new talent, and a review of our HR policy and procedures.   As a small, not-for-profit organization without inhouse HR expertise we made a decision to engage ACCESS CAREERS to get us where we needed to go.   Our investment in human capital and talent with the services of ACCESS CAREERS is something we would do again without question. 



A.B "