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It has been said that what others say about your business is what matters most!  We wanted to share some of the great testimonials we have received from our clients and candidates. 




"I have been on both sides of the fence working with Temporary Measures, first as a candidate and now as a client.  As a candidate  I was treated with enthusiasm and respect.  Lori was extremely knowledgeable about my background and found me the perfect fit on the first try.  I am very happy and challenged in my position.  As a client of Temporary Measures I can assure you they do everything they can to find the best candidate for the position.  They are very easy to contact and I can always reach someone when I have to change candidate or position.  I would highly recommend Temporary Measures and their friendly, efficient staff."      

 - Bert M 


 "In early 2011, I contacted Access Career Solutions (ACS) Inc. to inquire about the Controller position that had been recently posted. After my initial meeting with Linda Ford (President at ACS) to learn about the job description and company background, an interview was immediately arranged with the hiring manager. After two more successful interviews, I was offered and gladly accepted the position. Throughout the process, I can say it was a pleasure working with Linda and her staff. They were pleasant to deal with and professional at all times. They seemed to really care about helping me get the job. If I was ever in the job search market in the future, I would absolutely not hesitate to contact Access Career Solutions for their help and assistance. "

- Mark J.


"I have worked with Linda for many years utilizing many of the services that Access Careers has to offer.  Linda and her team have been professional and tenacious in working with us to find exceptional people that add value and talent to the organizations I have worked for.  They have a stellar reputation in the recruitment industry and are highly referable to both clients and candidates."  

- Susan M

"We were in need of a recruiting firm company that would be able to support our needs to fill a very specific, multi-skill position and in a short time frame.

Access Careers solution was that firm for us.  They were able to draw from a wide range of contacts, present a depth of candidates who were aligned with our qualification and salary expectations. We were able to confidently outsource the recruiting function with minimal time taken on our part and full confidence that we were getting value for our money."

- Peter V



"Finding the right person for the job can be a very time consuming and frustrating process. I was introduced to Temporary Measures Inc. two years ago and have used their services many times with great success. Not only have the company recruiters attracted excellent candidates to meet our plant's staffing needs, but they have also always taken the time to fully understand my requirements before recommending individuals for the job. The recruiters are helpful, friendly, and a pleasure to do business with. Furthermore, it bears noting that the candidates selected by the company are always well-presented and prompt. This is extremely important for us as we are a Tier 1 automotive supplier and demand for quality candidates is always high.

The service I have received was far above my expectations. I highly recommend Temporary Measures Inc. and will continue to use them in the future."

- Alexander D


"My name is Selina and I started with Access Careers in February 2010, and have worked with them ever since. I can truly tell you that they are a professional agency with excellent client's. They are the most wonderful and patient recruiters, I have ever met. I would encourage all employers who are seeking professional employees to use Access Careers, they have transformed my career. I was very successful in gaining full time employment, with the assignments given to me. I thank every recruiter in Access Careers that worked continuously to provide me with employment. "

   - Selina A


"Linda Ford and her staff were amazing in presenting to me the right position at the right time. Their professional and caring approach with clients is outstanding."
                                                                                                                                                                                 - David C 


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Access for helping me further my career. Not only in obtaining employment during a time of recession, but finding the right employer to take my career to the next level. ACSI processes are very thorough and definitive, matching my skills with a job that fits. My experience with Access was wonderful in every way and gave me great confidence in knowing that I had experienced professionals dedicated in searching my employment opportunities, day in and day out. The interview process and skills assessment at Access gave me peace of mind. Pointing out how marketable my skills are and how employable I am, while restoring my confidence from a period of complacency during the past 20 years at my previous employer. Choosing Access Career Solutions was the best decision I have ever made for my career development. As I am proud to be working were I am and equally proud to say Access Career Solutions helped me get there. "

  - Robert B






   Office News:


We would like to take this opportunity to thank  our long term temporary employees. You have been wonderful people to work with!


Petra F.

Marjeta F.

Sarah C.

 Barbara K.

Phyllis B.

Anne L. 

Juanita F.

Andrew F.

Ben R.

Brenda G.

Vanessa M.

Selina A.




Tips to Reach Your Career Goals in 2012


Is your New Year's resolution to make career strides in 2012? Use these helpful tips as your starting point.


Do you want 2012 to be the year you turn your career ambitions into reality?


Despite the tough economy, there is hope.

No matter what phase you are in your professional life, whether you're unemployed, looking to switch careers, or in line for a promotion, there are certain steps you can take to help you reach your career goals in 2012.

While it won't be easy, consider these four helpful tips that could help you move your career forward.


Tip #1 - Figure Out What You Want in a Career

Before you can pursue your professional dreams, you should first figure out what you want in a career. Do you want a dynamic career? Do you enjoy working with people? Do you want to travel?Knowing the answers to these questions, and ultimately to what your likes and dislikes are, can help you better figure out what you want in a career.


Tip #2 - Set Boundaries at Work

If one of your career goals for the New Year is to maintain a better work-life balance, then it's important for you to set your boundaries at work.First, you'll need to recognize your priorities.

Do you want family time every day after 5 p.m.? Do you want to limit the amount you travel for work? Define your needs simply and realistically, and then discuss these needs in a professional but concise way with your managers. 


Tip #3 - Advance Your Education

Think advancing your education can help you reach your career goals in 2012? While there are no guarantees that a higher degree will help you get ahead in your professional life, it could help.For one thing, it could show employers that you're serious about your career goals.This could show your employers that you're willing to do what it takes to help propel your career.

If you're currently unemployed, advancing your education could also help you pursue a new career in the New Year.


Tip #4 - Network, Network, Network

Whether you want to find a new job or move up in your current field, networking could really help. Networking simply means reaching out and getting to know people in your field or the field you hope to enter. These contacts could potentially be helpful for finding job openings, preparing for interviews, or simply to give you a better sense of your chosen field.

The center suggests informational interviews, career fairs, and professional networking sites, like LinkedIn, as some ways to make contacts.


Hot Jobs in Canada for 2012


We Are Headed For Growth Despite Some Headwinds From Abroad


What will the economy bring for Canada in 2012? Positive news overall, as energy prices and demand for our exports remain reasonably high.


Did you know, for example, that Canada is the largest single exporter of oil to the United States? Or that over 20% of the world's entire supply of potash - a chemical used in various fertilizers - is produced right here?


While our natural resources are abundant, so are Canada's manufacturing facilities, services sectors, and other job-generating areas across the country. Our banks are sound and our workforce is engaged. That's what has made us so resilient despite headwinds from other parts of the globe.


Overall Growth Prospects For 2012


According to the Conference Board of Canada's "Economic Insights" report from Autumn 2011, nearly 370,000 additional jobs are forecast to be added here for 2012. This amounts to a 2.1% increase over the previous year's total. Not bad at a time when Europe and the U.S. are experiencing challenges of their own.


Where will all these new Canadian jobs come from? They'll be created across a variety of sectors in provinces from Newfoundland and Labrador to British Columbia. We take a look below at some highlights of the places where job growth in Canada is expected to be strongest.


The Atlantic Provinces

Newfoundland and Labrador is having an unprecedented energy and resources boom. With about $43-billion worth of projects in process, a shortage of skilled workers is foreseen.


Nova Scotia, one of the Halifax area's largest employers won the contract to build $25-billion worth of combat ships for the federal government over the next 30 years. Initial production could start by late 2012. 



In the province of Quebec, Montreal is poised for jobs growth in aerospace - at such companies as Bombardier and Pratt and Whitney - as well as in video gaming.


For Quebec City, in 2012, Non-Commercial services is forecast to grow as a category by more than 5,500 jobs. This is a bright note for teachers, other educators, healthcare workers and those in social services.



Hamilton, Ontario is seeing a modest rebound in housing construction. As a result, Finance, Insurance, & Real Estate are poised to add additional jobs. Also this Canadian center for steel production will create more manufacturing positions.


Ottawa, Ontario - the capital of Canada - is normally known for its large number of government jobs. However in 2012 it is Construction that will expand. So will Non-Commercial services.


Toronto, Ontario should see a solid rise in banking and finance jobs, given that the city is an international finance hub. The Personal Services sector will show healthy growth as well.


Western Canada

 In the province of Manitoba, it is projected that Winnipeg will produce more jobs in two particular Service sectors. One is Transportation. The other is Business Services.


Saskatchewan is primed for expansion due to an explosion in demand for natural resources such as potash, oil, and gas. You can see this in Saskatoon, where the Goods sector - which includes Manufacturing, Natural Resources, Utilities And Construction - is expected to produce 9.3% more jobs.


Meanwhile in Regina, Saskatchewan, Construction is on the verge of creating 1,100 new jobs. Better yet is Wholesale and Retail Trade, which will be up 1,800 jobs.  


Alberta is also benefiting from worldwide demand for oil and gas. This is evident in Calgary, a diversified city, where jobs in petrochemicals and resources will be plentiful. As employers in this field expand, they need additional IT people as well.


The Edmonton, Alberta region too will experience jobs growth along with Alberta's primary resource sector. Accordingly the city should see a boost in positions for Transportation and Warehousing. Another growth area there will be Finance, Insurance and Real Estate.


British Columbia will be home to some impressive jobs growth in 2012. Victoria is the province's capital city. There we will see above average increases in Non-Commercial services, as well as in Wholesale and Retail Trade.


Scenic Vancouver, British Columbia, with its proximity to the Pacific Rim, has some bright spots for employment growth for 2012. One of its local employers, Seaspan Marine Corp., will begin an $8-billion deal to build non-combat ships for Canada's navy and coast guard. Film and movie production is a year-round job producer as well.


Potential Drags On Growth

 Decreased demand for our natural resources is a possibility if countries such as China and the U.S. experience an economic slowdown. There may also be a tightening of the fiscal belt by our government. Moreover the European financial situation could negatively impact Canada's economy.


Why Recruiters Are Worth What They Charge.




Recruiting fees can vary from firm to firm but, when they do, you will almost always find that those on the low side are sure to exclude some very key ingredients of the process, all of which are vital to providing the indispensable services necessary to satisfy the needs of the employer.


So why are recruiters worth what they charge? Just a few of the often unspoken reasons are:


Expertise - Nobody knows the employment marketplace better than a professional recruiter.

Cast a wider net - Recruiters are in the marketplace day in and day out. They know the unfished coves, reefs and inlets that are unknown to others. Professional recruiters have a detailed roadmap to the hidden talent sources.

Cost - There is a misconception among employers that the cost of a hire equals the cost of the ads or Internet postings run to attract the person hired. Nothing could be further from reality.


Try adding these to the true cost and you'll see just how cost effective an outside recruiter can be:


Salaries and benefits of the employment/recruiting staffs plus those of the line managers involved in the hiring activity; travel, lodging and entertainment expenses of in-house recruiters; source development costs; overhead expenses.

Unbiased third party input. A recruiter's stock-in-trade is their integrity and their reputation for finding someone better than a company could have found for themselves.

Confidentiality - Advertising or otherwise publicly proclaiming an opening, aside from its cost and demonstrated ineffectiveness for sensitive senior level openings, often creates anxiety and apprehension among the advertiser's current employees who wonder why they aren't being considered or worry about newcomer transition problems. Just as often it alerts competitors to a current weakness or void within the company.

Speed - The recruiting process is always faster through a search professional who is continually tapped into the talent marketplace than one having to start the process from scratch.

Post-Hire Downtime - The ability to locate a person who can immediately "hit the ground running" with a minimum of "ramp-up time" saves time after the hire.

Reality - Professional recruiters often recognize and have a duty to inform clients that they may be mistaken as to the type of person sought, the salary required to attract them or the possibilities that the solution might just lie in areas outside the traditional target


One well-placed employee can be the cause of a company's profits skyrocketing, and the fee for having hired these people pales to insignificance when compared to the contributions they make to the bottom line.


Savvy executives learned long ago that the fee paid to a recruiter is a shrewd strategic investment, not an extraneous expense. They also know that the "best" is far different from the "best available."





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