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The Biggest Résumé Mistakes:


Writing the wrong content 
They write content that means something to them instead of to a prospective employer. So you've got the résumé, and they look at it, and the employer doesn't know what the heck they've written. Their titles are all wrong. It's got to mean something to the person you are writing it to, not you.


Distracting formats
Fonts, colors and big, full pages of nothing but objectives, which get read in 10 seconds. They want to know what have you done, whom have you worked for and how successful you were, and if that doesn't hit them right in the mouth, they throw it away. You don't need an objective unless you're in a very narrow, specific kind of technology or engineering, something where you've customized the résumé to the particular job.


Using a one-size-fits-all approach 
Be sure your qualifications aren't generic, like "team player," "adaptable," "integrity." Of course,  you are not going to put on your resume e.g I don't have integrity'? 


Having a résumé that is too long


Not showing performance 
Don't describe your job, describe your performance. e.g This is what I did. This is how successful I was.


Errors in objectives, dates, titles and other basics








 Office News:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank  our Georgian College and George Brown Coop
Students from this term

You are going to be  great HR Leaders in the future!














Quotes of the Month:  



"Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking."

William B. Sprague


"Continuing economic growth requires both recruitment of new companies and expansion of existing businesses."

Phil Bredesen

ChristmasWell it's hard to believe that Christmas is only 6 weeks away. As many of you know I have been baking up a storm for over 25 years for the whole month of December. As everyone is watching their waist lines - and there are so many other temptations at this time of year I have decided to make a donation to the Hospital Foundation and the Pancreatic Cancer Foundation in lieu of baking. May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through!  Thank you for all of your support.  

Linda Ford, President


 Private Employment Services enable

 'Adaption to Change'


New research shows out-dated perception and inappropriate regulation prevent the potential of the staffing industry from being realised.

The international confederation of private employment agencies, released a global report that discusses the potential of private employment services to bridge social and economic progress in the labour market.

In the current challenging landscape, many organisations are turning to the staffing industry to adapt to both predictable and unpredictable changes. Findings reveal that three-quarters of organisations using private employment services accelerate faster out of a downturn.

The report demonstrates that labour markets can only truly operate efficiently if relevant and up-to-date regulations on private employment services are in place.

Countries with mature and appropriately regulated private employment services have better functioning labour markets resulting in job creation, smoother transisitions and higher labour market participation and diversity.


Canada sheds 54,000 jobs in October


Unexpected job losses pushed Canada's unemployment rate higher in October as the European debt crisis and U.S. weakness buffeted the exporting nation's economy and weakened confidence.


The prospect of an eventual interest rate cut by the Bank of Canada looked more plausible after the economy lost 54,000 jobs in October, eroding most of the prior month's gains and pushing the unemployment rate up to 7.3 percent from 7.1 percent.





 Easing the Talent Mismatch


Manpower research reveals that talent is elusive -   it's everywhere and nowhere. Despite high unemployment, companies worldwide continue to have difficulty filling key positions, and millions of jobs are currently unfilled. The skills distribution of available workers doesn't match global demand.


Broaden your search for candidates to include industry migrants, location migrants, internal role changers and workforce entrants.


Consider candidates who may not have all the specific skills a job requires. This is especially true for systemic shortages of in-demand roles: Employers cannot address these shortages one

hire at a time.


Have evaluations to identify people with a "teachable fit" based on adjacent skills rather than a traditional fit. At the same time, they must also commit to reskilling and upskilling employees, new hires and even potential candidates by partnering with governments and other stakeholders.





Breaking the calorie curse of the cubicle


Does working make us fat? Sure, vigorously typing emails does not exactly qualify as exercise, but can knowledge-based work itself somehow increase our chances of gaining weight? There is new evidence to suggest that it could.


According to a pair of studies conducted by Canadian researchers Dr. Jean-Philippe Chaput and Dr. Angelo Tremblay, the stress caused by meeting a deadline may not just affect the food we eat, but also the way we perceive our choices. In a study,a group of 15 women were asked to read an excerpt of text, then gave them a 45-minute deadline to draft a response by computer.


Once the task was completed, the women were offered free access to a buffet lunch. The control group, by comparison, were asked to sit quietly for 45 minutes, and then offered the same buffet.


The results were intriguing: The group who performed the computer work consumed an extra 230 calories at lunch vs. the control group who spent their time navel-gazing. What's more, food logs kept by both groups indicated that the computer workers did not compensate by eating any less over the rest of the day.



Here are a few tips to help you when deadlines loom:


1. If you know you're prone to snacking around deadline time, try to keep tempting food out of reach There is ample evidence that out of sight really does mean out of mind, so keeping the leftover Halloween candy away from your desk when you're under pressure makes good sense.


2. Try to keep healthy snacks handy, partially to keep you from choosing the lower quality stuff, but also to help keep your blood sugar levels stable when you can't take a break. Whole fruit, nuts and individual packages of yogourt, cottage cheese or even mini containers of tuna can be eaten without much mess, and will keep your energy even and your appetite at bay.


3. It can be tough, but if at all possible, try to get away from your computer when it's time to eat. Not only will that force you to get up and out of your seat, but you'll break the cycle of mindless eating that inevitably occurs when you eat your lunch while checking email.


4. Finally, since the women in the study ate most when given free access to a buffet after meeting a deadline, try to keep yourself out of these eating situations, especially during periods of stress. If you plan to hit the food court after finishing a project, try to automate your choice, rather than wandering aimlessly: It might seem boring, but the same soup-and-sandwich or chicken salad you had yesterday is a safe bet.


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