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Teething Recipe

Don't allow your dog to hide or bury treats containing protein for more than thirty minutes; bacteria will start to grow and can be a health hazard, not only to your dog, but to you, if your dog licks your face.




(source: Colleen Paige,
 The Good Behavior Book for Dogs)  

What is the origin of the term "hot dog"?

At the turn of the century, ballpark concessionaire Harry M. Stevens capitalized on the public's craving for hot but sloppy sausage dishes by serving it in a roll and adding a liberal swab of hot mustard. Then, a New York cartoonist created a drawing showing a Dachshund , which had a long, red body, dubbing it a "hot dog." After that the term gained popularity. 


(source:Tom Philbin, The Simple Guide to Dog Training) 


Dog Hearing
Dogs can hear sounds of much higher frequency than humans-up to 60kHz (sounds within the ultrasonic range), as opposed to 20kHz for people
(source: Dr.Quixi Sonntag, Bad Dog to Good Dog)

Benefits of Playing Fetch

 When your dog seems hyper, even a short game of fetch will allow him to let off steam and behave better.
(source: Colleen Paige,
The Good Behavior Book for Dogs) 
Questions & Answers

Child Safety Tips- Handling Puppies


Dear Scarlet....can I leave my young child alone with my pup?


Young children may innocently pull on a pups ear or tail, drop their pup by accident, or approach eating and sleeping areas without caution. As a result the puppy or child may become scared or get hurt. So to be on the safe side it's best to supervise your young child's interaction with his/her pup, and to teach apppropriate respect.


What are some tips for child safety? 

  • Teach your child never to pull a dog's tail or ears. 
  • Keep children away from dogs that are eating or sleeping. 
  • Guide young children's hands to show them how to pet their pup gently.  
  • Have young children play on the floor or ground with their puppy, if possible. Teach them to scoop up the puppy into their laps with their hands firmly (but gently) around the puppies midsection. 
  • Older children should be taught to pick up a puppy with both hands firmly, but gently, around the rib cage and slowly lift it to chest level, with the pup held firmly against their chest..
  • Teach children not to tease their pup, or play too roughly. 
  • Guide young children's hands to show them where and how to pet their dog gently.
  • Teach young children not to pull on the front legs of a puppy. Dogs do not have the same shoulder rotation as people do and pulling on their front legs can cause permanent damage.
  • Keep children away from dogs that are eating or sleeping.
  • When meeting other people's dogs, for safety reasons, be sure you or your children ask the dog owner for permission before petting. 
  • Do not pet an unfamiliar dog by reaching over his head. The dog may get scared by strangers looming over and reaching towards them. Always offer your hand first, to allow the dog to sniff you and invite you to pet him, then reach under his chin and pet the side of his face, under his chin, or on his chest.
  • For safety reasons, do not leave young children unsupervised around dogs.

   (source: Colleen Paige, The Good Behavior Book for Dogs)  

Dog Lovers "Paws" for Thought 

    There is no such thing as a bad day              when you come home to a dog.



            What a beautiful world it would 

            be if people had hearts like dogs


                   Pet Adoption League Society

                 The Driscoll Family of PA love their dog Hinckley
We just wanted to let you know that Hinckley is doing well and that we are absolutely crazy about him!  He is as sweet as ever, and he and his "BIG brother" Basel are inseparable...The Driscolls"
                                          January 23, 2014




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