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About How to Dress Your Dog in Cold Weather

According to Cesar Milan, there are good reasons to put clothing on your dog, and they come down to practicality and protection. Hot pink high heels for your pooch? Bad idea. But if you need to protect your canine companion's feet from hot asphalt or cold snow, then dog shoes are perfectly acceptable. Likewise, when the weather gets colder it affects your dog as well, especially if they are older, thinner, or have short coats. When the temperature drops, it's time to dress your dog warmly. Fleece coats are not designed just for appearance, though. They are double-quilted to provide warmth and comfort when it's cold outside, but the fabric is breathable so your dog won't overheat. They also have a unique shoulder dart design which allows maximum movement without restricting or putting pressure on a dog's shoulder and leg muscles.

(source: Cesar Milan)  




Socialization is essential for helping your puppy develop into a happy, fun, and safe companion.



Name the movie version of the cartoon classic made in 1996, in which Glenn Close stars as Cruella De Vile?


101 Dalmations

Grooming Tip

Whether grooming is a chore or a delight is determined in puppyhood.  Keep the first brushing episodes fun, ending on a positive note with a treat or favorite toy.

 (source:Sarah Hodgson, author and dog trainer)

Presidential Dogs 

What is the only Presidential Memorial that includes a statue of a President and his Dog?

The FDR Memorial in Washington, DC, is the only memorial of a US President that includes a statue of a President (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) with his dog. (Fala)

Questions & Answers
Proper Socialization for New Puppies


Dear Scarlet..... why is puppy socialization important? Well-socialized puppies usually develop into safer, more relaxed and enjoyable pet dogs. This is because they're more comfortable in a wider variety of situations than poorly socialized dogs, so they're less likely to behave fearfully or aggressively when faced with something new.

How does a puppy need to be socialized?  Socialization is a big project. It requires exposure to the types of people, animals, places, sounds and experiences that you expect your dog to be comfortable in later in life. For any pet dog, it's essential to get him used to the common types of people, dogs, sights, sounds and physical handling and grooming that will be a sure part of his daily life.

What if my puppy seems frightened during socialization? Even though 3 to 12 weeks old is a time when puppies are most comfortable with new experiences, they might sometimes find a new experience frightening. Whenever this happens, it's important to introduce your puppy to the scary situation much more gradually, and to make a big effort to do something your puppy loves during the situation or right afterwards. For example, if your puppy seems to be frightened while sitting on your lap in a schoolyard full of children, then sit further away from the action and offer your pup a delicious treat each time a scary noise or movement happens. Another solution is to go to a much quieter park where only a few children are playing, use praise and treats to help convince him it's a great place to be, and then over days or even weeks of your socialization sessions, gradually approach a schoolyard again once he's started to like the sights and sounds of active children

Does my dog need a puppy class? One great way to help socialize a puppy is to attend puppy kindergarten classes. These are classes designed especially for puppy training and early socialization. In a typical puppy class, off-leash play and play-fighting helps socialize puppies with each other, teaches them to be gentle with their mouthing and biting, and gets them used to being handled by a variety of people. Puppy classes also teach some basic obedience skills.  


                      From Lisa C. of New Jersey, Jan 4, 2014,
                               about her new pup Maximus,

"Hi Katie/Tom.....Max is adjusting quite well! ....He's such a lovely and pleasant puppy to have...My kids LOVE him. He doesn't have to  try hard to get our attention................ We all fight for his! :) Lisa"


Dog Lovers "Paws" for Thought    



"If you can look at a dog and not feel vicarious excitement and affection, you must be a cat."




                    What is Love?


          Who says dogs can't love cats?

I show you my love by barking

(artwork with humor and soul by artist Christopher Rozzi)



 My dog loves me warts and all!




 Tom Rimmer

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