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Young at Heart Puppy
Our friend Olivia loves her pup Casper!     
These pups sure are sweet!

Julie loves her new pup Shiloh!
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About Dog Ears

Dogs' ears are extremely expressive. It's no wonder! There are more than a dozen muscles that control a dog's ear movement.

(source: Whole Dog Journal)
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Think twice before giving your pup chews like animal bones and hooves. They can break teeth and become stuck in the stomach or intestines. 

Where did the term "raining cats and dogs"
come from? 

This term came from Germany in the 17th century. When floods flooded the streets, dogs and cats were sometimes pulled into the current.





Kublai Khan, who established the Yuan Dynasty of Ancient China had 5,000 Mastiffs.




Questions & Answers

Puppy Chewing and Nipping 


Dear it natural for pups to chew or nip? Yes, chewing and nipping are natural investigative behaviors. According to dog trainer Cindy Sherman, PhD, "it is how they learn about their world , and it is completely normal." Pups also tend to chew alot to relieve the pain of a new set of teeth coming in.  


How can I promote appropriate chewing and discourage inappropriate chewing?-Sherman advises that it is important to direct your puppy to chewing appropriate items. Look for specifically designed dog toys. Rubber toys that have an opening for food, such as a Kong, can keep a puppy occupied for a long time. Rotate your pups toys. Different toys will make playtime special.

What about safety concerns? For safety reasons it is wise to examine your pup's toys regularly for tears, breakage, or stuffing leaks that may be harmful or present a choking hazard. Be sure to puppy proof your home. If necessary, install a safety lock on the cabinet under the kitchen sink. Sherman advises, "as you would with a baby, supervise your pups at all times. If you can't be with your dog, protect her in an exercise pen or crate."  

How can I control my pup from inappropriate biting? Hard biting should elicit a painful shriek from a human companion. This sends your pup the message that his behavior is unacceptable. Stop interacting with the puppy. Get up and walk away, ignoring the puppy for a few minutes. You have removed the rewards (you and playing) and you are teaching bite inhibition. Should soft biting on your bare hand occur, consider ignoring the behavior and redirecting your dog to other appropriate chew toys.

               (Source: dog trainer Cindy Sherman, PhD)



 Doggy Humor by Sophie



       What is more amazing than a talking dog?


                            A spelling bee!



 from the Zuckerman Family of MD about their dog Zucco                                        October 29, 2013



Hi Tom and Katie...I hope you're both well and enjoying the fall so far. Eric and I are doing great and so is Zucco. ...he is a beautiful, healthy boy at eight pounds and counting! Thank you for giving him such a wonderful foundation and for bringing so much love to our lives. All the best. Catherine and Eric."


                Sir Remington/
Asia Pups Have Arrived!
                               Four Handsome Boys! 

          remington smiling face    




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