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What a gorgeous baby girl!
 We sure love to cuddle!
I love to be held!
Family time is fun! 
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Algae Blooms 

Dogs that wade into, swim in, or drink from water with algae blooms may be in danger according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Certain species of algae produce toxins that can sicken, and even kill dogs and people. If you see water that is discolored, slimy, bad smelling or contains foam, keep your dog away from it.

  (source: Dog Fancy Magazine, October 2013.)


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About Q-Tips

Don't use Q Tips or any other object to poke into your puppy's ear canal. You may do irreparable damage.


Dogs can comprehend up to 100 words, from treat to fetch.

Don't encourage bad habits!

"Reinforce only good behavior. You may find certain traits, such as begging for food and pawing for attention endearing in a pup, but these habits become unacceptable when your pup is fully grown. So resist the temptation to encourage such behavior."

(source:Dr. Bruce Fogle, DVM)
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Puppy Care Tips


Bear in mind that you should be your pup's leader, teacher, and ultimate guide. Your pup will look to you for direction. If you do not accept this responsibility, according to dog author and expert Barbara J. Wrede, " First, your puppy will lose faith in you. Second, your pup will have to figure out on its own what's okay and what isn't. Your pup will grow into a kind of ill-taught alpha dog, following it's own desires first and foremost." For this reason it is important to guide and correct your puppy right from the start. 

FORM GOOD HABITS EARLY- Forming good habits early is easier and more gentle than breaking bad habits in an older puppy or dog.

ALWAYS PROVIDE CLEAN WATER-. Free access to plenty of clean water is important to your pup. You may wish to restrict your pup's water in the evening.

FEEDING TIPS -Always feed your pup in the same place, from the same dish. Since your puppy is likely to be easily distractible at first, try and find a feeding place outside of the immediate traffic pattern of your home. Maintain a consistent feeding schedule. Your pup will come to expect his meals at those times. About ten minutes is enough time for your pup to eat; after that do not feed your pup until the next meal. If your pup seems hungry after each meal, or looks thin and ribby, increase the amount you are feeding. 

HOUSEBREAKING-When a young puppy eats, drinks, wakes up, or finishes playing, it will have to empty it's bladder. So shortly after these events occur take your pup to the place you have designated for him or her to potty. Supervise until your pup goes, then praise: "GOOD PUPPY!". Make a big deal of praising to reinforce your support.

OBEDIENCE CLASSES HELP- Get yourself and your puppy to an obedience class before your pup becomes six months old. You won't regret it. The actual physical presence of other dogs, people, and the trainer combine into an experience that can't be duplicated.


      Urban Legend is a new stud dog we are co-owning with our                  friend Cory of Carolina Cotons. Isn't he a handsome boy!

    Doggy Humor by Sophie



                     What do you give a dog with a fever?

                 Mustard. It's the best thing for a hot dog.


              What do puppies call their mother's father?



                 Have you heard about the elderly dog?

                            He barked "AARP!"AARP!"  


                       (source: author Richard Lederer)


Dog Lovers "Paws" for Thought


"The average dog is nicer than the average person"


                               Andy Rooney


 wow                      remington smiling face


 "The reason why humans and dogs have such an intense relationship is that there is a mutual ability to understand one another's emotional responses. The joy de vivre of a dog may be greater than our own, but it is immediately recognizable as a feeling that we humans enjoy as well."


 Jeffrey Mason




 Tom Rimmer

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