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March 2016

Dear Ministry Friend,

What a wonderful month it has been for ministry!

First, we just have to share with you a video that our Amy made that went out to a mailing list of many parents whose children struggle with some kind of challenge. Amy recorded, edited, and produced the video on her own.
To view her video, click here.
Isn't she amazing?! God has a message through this young woman and He is using her to inspire parents and kids alike.

One mom's comment after watching the video: "Please tell Amy that the kids cannot get enough of her video and ideas. She sparked a new idea for our team to use with my son. Her video was so well done! The kids love her videos. They have seen 2, and ask me often if she has made more.

We are so very blessed to report that, thanks to your prayers and support, our opportunities for getting the message of hope and help out to parents are growing.  On behalf of families, thank you!

March 15, 2016 - Annapolis, Maryland, awaiting the birth of our first grandchild!!

April 9, 2016 - We are presenting an all-day parenting seminar at Cornerstone Christian School in Harrisonburg, Virginia entitled: Turn Your Challenge into Success - Stock Your Parenting Toolbox

April 20, 2016 - We begin hosting a monthly support group for special needs parents. The
topic for this first meeting is: "Heart Based Parenting Strategies." Parents want to reach the heart of their children through biblical parenting. Kids with special challenges are a bit more complex and parents struggle with the question: "How can I implement biblical parenting with this child?" We will be exploring potential reasons for the struggles and present tips to calm the chaos and confusion. We will brainstorm on how the parents can reach for their unique child's heart and inner motivation.

April 22-23, 2016 - We man a booth at the Maryland Christian Homeschool Curriculum Fair in Frederick, Maryland. This is a great opportunity to be available to chat with parents who are trying to figure out how to educate a challenging child at home. A lot of these parents didn't set out to homeschool but their children are not making it in the typical school classroom. We can encouragement them and share resources and invite them to private coaching. 

Training Opportunity
April 15-16, 2016 - We will be attending the annual special needs conference called "Accessibility Summit" in McClain, Virginia. We are looking forward to learning about more ways to serve and love on special needs parents.

Prayer Point:
  1. There are several other pastors and ministry leaders who desire us to come and support them in their parenting ministry through speaking. We are prayerfully brainstorming next steps. Please be in prayer for these leaders as they present ideas to their organizations.
  2. Please pray that we would be keenly listening to the Holy Spirit's nudging for who to invite to be part of the ministry team.
  3. Continue to pray for the parents and families with whom we work. We do private coaching to encourage and empower parents as they walk an often lonely and difficult path of raising a special needs child or a child with challenges.

Thank you! We love having you on our ministry team!
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