Feb 12, 2016
Vol 6, Issue 3
Tom and Julie
March Forth!
Note From Julie and Tom
Dear One,

We are over the moon excited to share with you that we are having another baby!!!! 
Well...technically not Tom and me - actually our son and his wife, our daughter-in-love are expecting their first baby. Due in September. That will be two babies in 2016 added to our family! One in March and one in September. Cousins!!!!

We are traveling again this weekend - back to Maryland for another baby shower. How blessed our Katie and our son-in-love are to have such wonderful friends in their lives.

Lynchburg Homeschoolers - Julie had a wonderful time at Hyland Heights Baptist Church with you last Thursday night. You are amazing moms and it was a delight to spend time with you. We wish you the BEST in your parenting and in your homeschooling.

For you:

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Help! This Child Did Not Come with Instructions!
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Blog: 3 Tips to Help Your Child Develop Social Skills

On the horizon:
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Harrisonburg, Virginia
Frostburg, Maryland
Annapolis, Maryland
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With Much Love,

Tom and Julie and Amy

Article Headline
3 tips to Help Your Child Develop Social Skills
By Tom and Julie Meekins

Is your child struggling with social skills? Do you wonder how you can help?

The struggle is real for the child who is lacking in the social skills department. As parents, we agonize over the fall out; a lonely child, vulnerability to bullying, impatient adults in their world with high expectations, and much more.

There is so much we could say about helping your child develop social skills. Volumes have been written on the subject. Many professionals dedicate whole vocations to helping kids hone in these skills.

As a parent, you are wondering what YOU need to know and how can YOU help your child today.

In this blogpost we can only touch on the strategies we help parents to develop in helping their children with social skills, but we hope that this writing will open your eyes and give you new awareness of the "hit the bullseye" information that has made a difference for our children and for countless other children whose parents we have had the privilege of walking alongside.

So we are going to share 3 Tips to Help Your Child Develop Social Skills

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