Dec 11, 2015
Vol 5, Issue 23
Tom and Julie
March Forth!
Note From Julie and Tom
Dear One,

Our parent love message to you today:

PAUSE: Take a minute. Look at your child. What do you see? Do you see how incredibly precious this child is?

POTENTIAL: When your child is struggling emotionally, physically, nutritionally, behaviorally, or in any other way, look for POTENTIAL. Look beyond their NOW and focus on their TOMORROW. This will effect everything you think, say, and do in life.

Amy's Great Opportunity:
When we see our children's potential rather than their DISabilities, opportunities can open up for them that we could never imagine. Our Amy had the thrill of a lifetime by auditioning, being accepted, and participating as a cast member of the Virginia Christmas Spectacular's production Overnight Christmas. Here are photos of her in costume.

PEACE: Did you open this eZine Newsletter because you are looking for peace? Wonderful! The theme for this eZine is PEACE. Be sure to keep reading all the way to the end to pick up some awesome tips for incorporating more peace.

Always know, dear one, that you are not alone. You are on an incredible journey. It is confusing, sometimes excruciating, often difficult but it is also the most rewarding thing you will ever do. There is unspeakable joy available to you in this adventure. Look for it.

We love you,
Tom and Julie


Here are some ways for you to get ideas on how to bring more peace to you, your child, and your family:

Blog: It is mid-December and our guess is that life is a little bit zany. We have some good news for you. In our blog post below "4 QUICK TIPS to a BETTER HOLIDAY SEASON" we have some ideas to help calm the chaos for you.

For expanded ideas on increasing the peace factor...

WebinarAnd...if you register for our (FREE) webinar: "Rockin' the Holidaze with Children with Challenges", we will expand on those tips and give you many detailed doable, practical, and life-changing ideas to make this holiday season the most peaceful yet.

Raising kids is hard work. Raising children who have any kind of challenges is even harder. We want to ease some of the struggle. We want you to experience more and more of the privilege and the joy and the overwhelming rewards that come from raising these extraordinary and precious children.

Register for the webinar, get the ideas from the Bonus Tips that we'll send right away, and either come LIVE to the webinar or get the recording that is sent to all who register.

This one step could change your life forever for the better.

4 Quick Tips to a Better Holiday Season
by Tom and Julie Meekins

Are you feeling a little nervous about the upcoming holidays?

Are you worried how your child will react to a change of routine or unfamiliar foods?

Is there concern for what Gramma or Aunt Millie or Cousin Jeremy is expecting from your family?

Do you feel overwhelmed just thinking about all the preparations?

Well, we are here to give you permission to take charge.

Consider these 4 Tips to Guard your Holidays so that you can survive with your health and sanity in check.

Coming Events
December 16 - 1:00 PM EST - Rockin' the Holidaze with Children with Challenges
This is the time of year where almost nothing is normal. There are sights and sounds and crowds at fever pitch. Your child is wondering "what the heck" if not consciously then certainly his or her system is feeling it. Some children handle this scenario very well, most do not. What is a parent to do? Join us for our December no-fee webinar for strategies to Rock the Holidaze! 

January 15 - February 15  
BRAIN GAMES: CHILD DEVELOPMENT CHECK: Empowering Parents to Take Their Children to the Next Level -
If you have been waiting for just the right time and just the right program to begin working with us, THIS IS IT! Our greatest desire is to empower YOU, Mom and Dad, to be the BEST parents for your children and to help you help them reach their unique brilliance. Early Early Bird pricing for this one month program goes through January 5th. This would make a WONDERFUL gift for parents you know!! 

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