Ministry of Tom and Julie Meekins to
Parents Raising Children Who are Complex
Ministry Friends Newsletter


"Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever."

We do give thanks for you!

If you have prayed for us, given us pearls of wisdom, or supported us financially, you have been used by our God to fuel this mission to parents raising special needs children or complex kids with challenges. Please continue to pray that our message of hope and empowerment continues to reach more parents. have encouraged us in ministry.

Your faith partnership is making a difference in the lives of families.

Some words from one mom who has a very young son with a diagnosis of seizures and autism: "I can't envision having to navigate these waters the way you guys did, without the package of support you have set up for families. I pray for God to give wings to you to take the world by storm with all you offer that is good and true and worthy of thinking on."

Just recently we were able to extend hope and help to adoptive and foster care parents. Conferences and conventions give us many opportunities to reach out to parents. The Foster Hope Conference was held in Lynchburg in November. Here's our Amy helping to man our booth. We plan to participate in more upcoming conferences for parents.

Back in August, our Amy auditioned for and made the cast of an amazing musical: "The Virginia Christmas Spectacular's Overnight Christmas."  We were overflowing with gratitude that Amy would take another step in her maturity and development and were so grateful that she made the cast. After each rehearsal, Amy's confidence grew. Cast members graciously reached out and encouraged each other in the successful production of this Christmas musical! This was a wonderful learning experience for us as mom and dad as we encouraged Amy with the unknowns and released her to grow in maturity. The above photo is of the nativity scene. Amy was a towns-person who had 2 doves in a cage for sale. She is in the center of the photo. Walking through this experience with Amy taught us even more life lessons to pass on to other families. 

We thank you for walking with us as we reach out to parents who are raising a special needs child or a complex child with challenges. On behalf of the families with whom we have the privilege to work, thank you for your prayer and financial support!  If you know others who may resonate with our mission, would you forward this to them or let us know so we can connect with them?  

As we come to the end of the year, we invite you to consider making a year-end gift to our ministry as USA missionaries to parents through PEF ministry. Thank you! Click here to make your donation >>> 

Thank you!

Tom and Julie Meekins