Ministry of Tom and Julie Meekins to
Parents Raising Children Who are Complex
Ministry Friends Newsletter


What joy and encouragement you have brought to us as we do the work God has called us to do and especially as we start this new journey as official Missionaries to Parents through our mission board, PEF Ministry.

We are so grateful for your generous heart and prayerful spirit.

Families are suffering everywhere. A family where there is special needs struggles even more. We have seen the statistics rise since we have joined the ranks as a special needs family ourselves and the divorce rate now is staggering 85 to 90 percent of parents who are raising a child with special needs or complex challenges are getting divorced.

We are on a mission to bring help and hope to families. Thank you for joining us in the fight. We continue to be encouraged by the faithfulness of God who gives us strength in our journey. One of our favorite verses is 1 Thessalonians 5:24, "Faithful is He who calls you and He will do it."

What we are doing currently
  • Speaking publicly
  • private coaching with families
  • Writing a blog twice a month to encourage special needs parents
  • Presenting Webinars monthly
  • Supporting Missionaries in the field with our materials at no cost

What we will be doing soon
  • Teach classes to groups of Parents
  • Expand our outreach
  • Train ministry leaders to work with special families in their churches
  • Finish writing our book
  • Continue creating books, booklets, workbooks, and more materials

Longer Term Plans
  • Create Centers
  • Organize Retreats

Once again you covered a great amount of info in an easy to understand way with awesome tips on what to do about it! Mom of 3 boys
Have listened to the first 3 lessons and took PAGES of notes! Thank you!! Mom of 6 (two adopted), Grandmother of many.

Julie, You, Tom, and Amy give us so much hope. God is using your precious family as a tangible example of His amazing love and provision. Thank you for letting Him use you for that. Mother of five - one with significant learning concerns and one with Autism who also has seizures.

Your approach of getting me to think differently about what is going on and how to address the issues is appreciated.  For me, largely due to culture/society, anyone with development delays or challenges is labeled "abnormal" or "weird."  We heard from different professionals that there is "something wrong...something broke...this isn't normal" in reference to my son.  As believers with a different worldview than the secular/professional world, without realizing it, shamefully, I began to accept that pathetic mindset.  We never once sensed that from either of you.  I have found myself learning to approach the delays and under-developments of my son in a different manner.  I guess what it comes down, the biblical worldview we share made a tremendous difference for me. Dad of two adopted boys.

We have a passion for this vision and are excited to move forward.

How you can continue to help:
  • Forward this on to others you think might be interested in the mission.
  • Prayers and financial support are so appreciated
  • Ask us to speak to your church or small group

If you are not yet giving financially to our ministry and want to, please visit our USA Missionary page at PEF. You can give online or by mail. Thank you!

Again, thank you for journeying with us!

Tom, Julie, and Amy Meekins