September 26, 2015
Vol 5, Issue 18
Tom and Julie
March Forth!
Note From Julie and Tom
Dear Family,

This week is a happy one for us because our daughter, Rebecca, is visiting. This has been a year of short snippets of being able to see our Becca and we are thrilled to have had the opportunity for late night chats, shopping trips, baking projects, coffee shop times, and just having her under our roof for a bit.

Oh...have we told you yet? We are going to be grandparents!!! Our firstborn, Katie and her Rohan are due to have our first grandchild in March. You can imagine that there will be many more trips to Maryland in our future! What do your kids call their grandparents? We are thinking about Grammi and Papa - maybe even GrammiBear and PapaBear. Exciting times are ahead for us for sure!

As you go about your day-to-day parenting, picture this: We are the captains of your cheer team. We have our uniforms on and are doing all kinds of gymnastics and Rah Rahs to encourage you to shine. You are not alone.

Much love,
Julie and Tom

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Symptoms and Solutions - Focus
Tom and Julie Meekins

Welcome to Symptoms and Solutions!

Starting today Symptoms and Solutions is a new feature we will be including in one of the two eZine Newsletters and Blogs each month.

When folks like you register for our Webinars, you often respond by telling us some concerns that are going on with their children.

Lack of Attention or Lack of Focus
One symptom that comes up many times in these registrations is a child's lack of focus. What could be keeping a child from being about to give attention to something or someone and have such a lack of focus?

Reach for the Root Cause
If you have been around us for any length of time, you know that we are all about getting to the root cause of the symptoms we see in our children. We live in a society that so often is only concerned about this moment or this school year or just the time this child is in someone's care. Much advice is doled out to parents by the world around them that serves to only put bandages on symptoms without looking deeper.  As parents, we know you want more. You want to know what is causing this craziness in your child. You also want to know the "what to do about it" piece. You want to be empowered with action steps to take.
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- Be watching for our October webinar later in the month!

October 17th - We will be attending the marriage conference, "I Still Do", designed to strengthen marriage and rekindle the romance. Sponsored by Family Life Ministries in Lynchburg, Virginia. 

December 4-6 - Virginia Christmas Spectacular - The Thomas Road Virginia Christmas 2015 Spectacular Production promises to be another great year of celebration! We are excited that our daughter, Amy, auditioned for and made the cast! Our coming weeks will be filled with play practice! If you are in the area, this is an annual event you won't want to miss! For more information, click here

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