August 28, 2015
Vol 5, Issue 16
Tom and Julie
March Forth!
Note From Julie and Tom
Hello Family,

Is your family going through transition at this time? New school year? New baby? New home? New diagnosis?

Anything new can throw family life into chaos. We want you to know that we are praying for you and your transitions. We are praying that you will have wisdom to handle each situation as it arises. We are praying for an extra measure of patience and stamina and that you will see a silver lining in any clouds. We pray also that you will find an inkling of humor in even the tensest moments.

Family life with complex children can be rather perplexing. Keeping things as light and as positive as you can will get you all through easier.

Big hugs to you in all your transitions. And...remember we are here to help should you need a little more support.

Much love,
Tom and Julie

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6 Quick LESSONS to Teach your Child
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September NO- FEE Webinar:
Another Perspective
Come and join us LIVE if you can. Wednesday, September 23rd, 1:00 PM, Eastern USA time. There will be a live Q&A time. Also, there will be a recording available afterwards for those who register. TELL A FRIEND! Click Here for more information and to register:

New Blog Post:
Give Your Child a Voice

Give Your Child a Voice
Tom and Julie Meekins

One of our basic needs as humans is to be heard. To feel validated, important, and that they are contributing something to others, is a gift that we can give our children as we parent them. We all set out with the desire that our children know they are loved. It is also critical to give our children "voice".

What does it mean to give your child a voice?

As yourself these questions:
  • If your child wants to share with you something that happened in his day, do you make time to listen?
  • If your child wants to plead her case to you about something she desires, do you allow her to share?
  • If your child has done something wrong, are you willing to delve deeper and find out what drove him to it - the feelings, the desires, maybe the hurts, the frustrations?
  • Do you listen deeper than surface frustrations for your child's feelings? Do you allow them to share feelings you wish they didn't have?
  • What is going on inside of you while your child is stepping up with her voice? Are you jumping to conclusions or working to come to your child with an empty slate to be filled by what he is sharing? Are you rushing your child to "get it out" or allowing space to process while communicating?
We are people, too, and we bring to our relationships with our children (and others) feelings, hurts, joys, etc. from our own childhood and beyond. The key is to recognize our own stuff and to also give our children space to be who they are and to grow.

Coming Events

September 146 Quick LESSONS to Teach Your Child 
Reading and Math from the Inside/Out
  • Are you ready to delve deeper into your child's struggle with Reading and/or Math?
  • Would you like to solve the problem from the inside out?
  • Would you like to get to the root cause? From a DEVELOPMENTAL point of view?
What you get: Six 20 minute classes will be available starting September 14. Two coaching sessions with Tom and Julie to get specific with applying the classes to your specific child. Early Registration until August 31st!, only $99. After that, only $149.
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September 23 - 1:00 PM - ADHD, Autism, Aspergers - Another Perspective
Has your child been labeled ADHD? Do you have a diagnosis of Autism or Aspergers?Are you looking for another perspective? Do YOU want to be empowered to do activities and exercises at home with your child that could give him or her more opportunities? Join us for this NO-FEE webinar.
For more information and to register, Click Here 

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