July 10, 2015
Vol 5, Issue 13
Tom and Julie
March Forth!
Note From Julie and Tom

Dear One,

Since our last eZine newsletter, we have had the privilege of chatting with and serving many incredibly awesome parents during our Brain Games Program and no-fee Breakthrough Sessions!


The March Forth Family is full of parents just like you: Amazing. We see that you are full of courage, are a hands-on parent, and have a great desire to be equipped to bring real help to your child.


What a joy is ours to know you. Thank you for being part of the Family!


Up next in this eZine:

  • A Simple Tip to a Calmer Kid
  • News about our next no-fee Webinar
  • A brand new Blog Post - Does Your Child Know How to Play?

Be sure to grab all the love.


Admiring you,

Julie and Tom




A Simple Tip to a Calmer Kid:


Drink More Water!

Does Your Child Drink Water? Water is so important for LittleGirlWithGlassOfWater-pat138241-freedigitalphotos.net the systems in our bodies to operate well. Not enough water can cause illness. Do you have a child who will drink everything but water? Sometimes our kids get into the habit of drinking only milk, juices, sodas, sweet teas, or other liquids that offer very little nourishment. Some drinks of choice for our kids actually deplete the water in their bodies. Today's tip for a calmer kid is to work at incorporating more and more plain water into your child's day. Juices, sports drinks, sodas, coffee drinks, and sweet teas often have ingredients that are not healthy and could contribute to hyperactivity, obesity, aggression, difficulty paying attention and other behaviors that don't serve our children well. The problem with drinks laden with caffeine and/or sugar is that they are addictive. The more we drink, the more we want. It can be a vicious cycle. Get creative in helping your child to drink less and less of the beverages that are not healthy and more and more plain water. It will help to keep them healthier and it is usually FREE!


And there you have it, another Tip to a Calmer Kid today!



Don't Miss our next no-fee webinar:

4 Tips to Turn

Your Struggling Reader into A Confident Reader


Got a struggling reader at your house? You will want to check out this webinar. For more information and to register: www.MarchForthFamily.com/webinar



DOES YOUR CHILD KNOW HOW TO Boy Playing with blocks - photostock - freedigitalphotos.net PLAY?

Tom and Julie Meekins


Is your child over-structured? Think about your child's day. Is there any free time or do the scheduled activities keep him pretty busy from wake up to bedtime? If there is free time, how does your child choose to spend her time?


Recently we had the opportunity to observe families for several hours while serving as greeters during an outdoor 4th of July celebration for our church. In between downpours, there was a pretty steady stream of rain. We were amazed at how many hearty folks were milling about among vendors, rides for children, a small petting zoo, pony rides, and an insanely tall inflatable water slide in spite of the weather.

While there were planned things to entertain children, many were content to play in the puddles created by the downpours and dig in the mulch in the gardens.

That got us to thinking about children and how they play and what happens to a child's brain when they are allowed to explore the world around them and relationships with peers.

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