June 12, 2015
Vol 5, Issue 11
Tom and Julie
March Forth!
Note From Julie and Tom

Dear One,


Recently we sat down and said "what does our March Forth Family need today?" And then we began to think about your concerns and your struggles and your big hearts for your kiddos. Everything we do is with you in mind. If there is ever a topic you would like us to address either here in the Newsletter or in a Webinar, let us know. You are the reason there is a March Forth Family!

Much love,

Julie and Tom 


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And now: Content You Care About:


A Simple Tip to a Calmer Kid:

Teaching Our Children to Entertain Themselves Quietly

Get a timer.

If you have a child who is perpetually hyperactive, training them to sit quietly or play quietly will take dedication on your part BUT it is definitely doable.


First determine what it is you want the child to do.

Rest in their bedrooms?

Sit at a table and play quietly?

Sit quietly on the floor looking at books?


Once you determine what it is you want the child to do and the location in which you want them to do it, you need to communicate it very clearly to your child.


Even young children can be taught with the timer and loving firmness from you. Trust us. It really can be done with even the most active/challenging child!


You can do this. We are your cheerleaders through each of your action steps. Consistency and persistent input takes patience but it is so worth it in the end when your child is happily playing quietly and your home is the peaceful haven you so desire.


The first day you say to your child "I want you to sit here at the table and play with (whatever you provide)."


Some children can do that for one minute just fine. Some children AT FIRST won't last 30 seconds. Some children can sit for 3 minutes or 5 minutes. Start where they are able.


Set the timer for the time you allot.

Instruct your child (lovingly but firmly) that they are not to move from the table until the timer goes off.


Sometimes you will need to actually hold the child into the chair (firmly and lovingly) at the table for those 30 seconds. Make it a pleasant holding. The purpose is to communicate to the child that this is what we are doing right now; no other option - this is it. Once the timer goes off -- they get to go on their merry way.


Then...increase the time by however much you think your child can reasonably handle. In the end you can create several times every day where your child is quietly playing for 20, 30 or even 45 minutes at a time so you can maintain your sanity and maybe even accomplish a task. How would that feel?


Setup times during the day when you want quiet. You are the driver in this car, not the child. You clearly communicate the expectation and follow through.


If you follow this principle over and over the child begins to "get it" -- that you mean business, that this is the matter-of-fact way that we are doing life now. Remember to keep it all as pleasant as possible. Everyone in the family will be happier and more peaceful. Peace is a good thing.


To recap:

determine when you want quiet times,

communicate clearly to the child what your expectation is, train the child (with timer and by increasing the time each day) to sit quietly doing some project appropriate for their age.


And there you have it, another Tip to a Calmer Kid today!



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Very excited to be attending the HEAV conference (Home Educators Association of Virginia). Last night we met up with some awesome homeschooling families! We look forward to future meetings with them.


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