April 27, 2015
Vol 5, Issue 8
Tom and Julie
March Forth!
Note From Julie and Tom

Dear One,


We watched an adorable video of a baby this week. She looked to be about 10 months old. There was a dummy with just a torso, shoulders, and head  on the floor. When she spotted it, she crawled over to it. What happened next was amazing. This little girl began going through the motions one would do to do CPR on a person. She did chest compressions with her sweet little hands on the chest of the dummy. Then she moved up to the head and breathed into the mouth.


Obviously, this little girl had watched CPR demonstrated on this dummy before and began copying what she saw. This is what children do. They watch us. They study us. They learn from us and then they copy us. It always catches me up quick to think about children watching me. The question that comes to mind is: "what are they seeing?"


Always a good question, don't you think?


Because you are the parent that you are, I just thought that you might appreciate taking time to contemplate this question as well. No guilt for the past -- just a redirect for the future, if needed, which can start right now  :)


MACHE - We were very excited to be in Maryland on Friday and Saturday to participate in the Homeschool Curriculum Fair in Frederick. Welcome to the many new folks who have joined the March Forth Family! What a joy it is to spend time with parents who are seeking the very best for their children.


Have you been given the impression from outsiders that because your child struggles or has challenges, that they are broken? We invite you to read our new blog post below.


A new FREE webinar is coming! May 13, 2015 at 1:00. Join us LIVE so you can participate in the Q&A time. And yes, it will be recorded so you can listen again. But you must register to get the recording. Invite your friends!! Check it out at: www.MarchForthFamily.com/class





Turn Your Challenging Kids into Thriving Kids


Remember, dear one, You are precious to us. You are good enough. You are brilliant.


Much love,

Tom and Julie


Your Child Is Not Broken

by Tom and Julie Meekins


Your child is not broken.


You may have noticed that something is not quite up to par with your child. You may be dealing with a scary, discouraging, or confusing diagnosis. You may have even been given a bleak prognosis. We did and we were.


The words that come with these observations are often negative and overwhelming.


This may have sent you in a downward spiral.


We are here to tell you that your child is not broken. Your child is not "dis" (dis-abled or dis-ordered). Your child is not deficit.


Your child is precious, awesome, and beautiful.


Sit with that a minute. 
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