April 10, 2015
Vol 5, Issue 7
Tom and Julie
March Forth!
Note From Julie and Tom

Dear One,

Spring has sprung in Lynchburg, Virginia and we are loving every minute of it. Winter hibernation is over and we are enjoying the pinks and yellows and bright whites of the flowering trees. People are planting beautiful flowers in their window boxes and planters. Ahhhhhh. We even had a thunderstorm last night; two of them, in fact!

This is the time of year that we celebrate new life. We encourage you -- no matter what climate you are in -- no matter whether it is cold or warm, dark or bright -- to spring hope and joy anew in your hearts.

Take a minute to list all the joys in your life. After that, list all the wonders in your life. After that, list those moments you had in the last five days that caused you to pause with a smile. We loved the antics of one young child who poured mud all over her baby brother's head. Mom posted a pic on Facebook and we laughed and remembered our babies when they were young. These are treasure moments. Sure, they create a lot more work for already exhausted parents but you have to admit, moments like these are pretty funny in the long run. Memories in the making, they are.  Take a minute to be thankful. It will give even the darkest clouds bright silver linings.


Did you get our email this week about Critical Ear Care? If you haven't had a chance yet to read it, you might want to carve out some time to check in with the information there.

Don't forget that the Early Bird Special for the March Forth Family Ace Child Development Mini-Course is good through this Sunday, April 12th (Amy's 20th birthday!). Take a minute to check out the course -- it may be the very thing that changes your perspective on raising your child and on what to do next:

This weekend we are excited to participate in the Empower to Connect, a two-day conference for adoptive and foster parents, ministry leaders, and professionals designed to help them connect with children from hard places in order to help them heal and become all that God desires for them to be. We are looking forward to gleaning more tips and information so that we may serve you, adoptive families, even better.


Maryland and surrounding area families: In just a few short weeks we will be hosting a booth at the MACHE homeschool curriculum fair. Come visit us at our booth and bring your friends!!! This week we are deciding on what free eBook we will be giving out and what special we will be sharing there!  :)  We so would love to see you!


Got a bedwetter in your family? Know someone who does? You will appreciate the blog post below.


Know that we think about you every single day. You are in our hearts.

Much love,

Julie and Tom


Bedwetting Help

Julie and Tom Meekins


Sometimes our children just need a boost in opening pathways in the brain to make new connections so that the brain knows where the body is in time and space. This is called proprioception.

Here are some activities that work at the brain level to bring that awareness:

1. arm and leg squeezes -(two times a day for five minutes - more is okay, too) - Deeply massage all four limbs and the torso. Start at the fingertips and go up the arms to the shoulders. Start at the toes and go up the legs to the thighs. You can use your hands or a hand held vibrator.

2. trunk to trunk deep bear hugs (eight times a day - more is good!  :)  - This is good for all family members.

3. a weighted blanket, lap pad, or vest - this is another way to give the brain the information it needs to know where the body is in time in space.

It is important to note that all children are different and the time it takes to eliminate bedwetting will vary for all children.

One of our children stopped bedwetting by us consistently doing the arm and leg squeezes  each night for five minutes before sleep over a two week period of time. It really depends on what is causing the bedwetting to begin with. While investigating the root causes*, it may be worth applying the arm and leg squeezes and the deep hugs in the meantime. It can't hurt and it may start opening those pathways.

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